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ZOMEKIT for Apartments Demonstration

ZOME, smarter homes smarter buildings
Smarter Cities ZOME converts conventional buildings into smart buildings ZOMEKIT
retrofits your building with smart devices such as thermostats and hot
water heater switches including smart thermostats and switches into common
areas. A ZOMEKIT gateway is installed in a secure location, all devices throughout
the building are connected via a wireless mesh network a mesh network
connects through the Gateway to ZOMECLOUD for advanced artificial
intelligence based energy management ZOMEKIT provides building wide energy
efficiency and allows building owners to generate revenue through demand response
programs. ZOME saves and curtails energy automatically however with the ZOMEHOME mobile app tenants can control their smart devices and opt into energy
conservation programs, building owners can actively market to and retain
environmentally conscious tenants. As building owners transition to solar
panels and batteries they can turn their buildings into sustainable micro-grids
and sell excess energy into the wholesale energy market. combining
multiple smart buildings further leverages solar storage and curtailment
generating even more revenue among properties save money with energy
efficiency make money curtailing energy usage and selling excess power with ZOME

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