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Youtuber finds paranormal activity in her new apartment

Hey guys! It’s HannahJob69… and Pedro. So in my last vlog I was talking about how we’re moving into my new apartment. It’s a really old, creepy building. But I love the way I decorated it. This is Pedro’s corner. Say hi! This apartment is so creepy. All kinds of weird shit has happened here since I moved in. Like over here… One time… I found an old beer can sitting on this shelf right here. I didn’t put it there. This is my kitchen. So some weird stuff happened in here too. One time… I was standing right here. And I opened the door to make myself a sandwich. And all of a sudden I felt, like, really cold air coming out. Like it was a cold spot. I think there’s a ghost in this kitchen. It was really cold. This is my new bed. This is where all the magic happens. It was so weird. The other night I was, like, falling asleep and I thought I felt, like, a really hot breath on the back of my neck. And then I heard like, it was like a rustling sound, and I turned around and there was like 15 candy wrappers right there on my bed. I hate candy. This place is so creepy. I mean, I really like decorating it, but… It’s just really scary. This is my hallway. So, the scariest room for me is the bathroom. One time I was taking a poop and I heard this really weird grunting noise. It sounded like a fucking gorilla. Oh my god you guys! I’m so fucking scared. Oh my gosh! Ah! Who are you? I’m a ghost. Ah! You’re not gonna believe this, you guys. Remember how I said my apartment is really creepy? Well, I just saw a real fucking live ghost! So fucking scary! I’ll keep you guys updated. Subscribe to my channel. HannahJob out.

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