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Ye Chacha Tabahi Macha Dega Bhaisab ⭐⭐ – Resident Evil 7 DLC End of Zoe #1

And welcome to End of Zoe Today we begin with End of Zoe, the DLC… So in this, we will be playing as Jack’s Brother, And all the issues in the family… Which they are going through, we will be trying and eliminating that.. His name is Joe baker and Baker family seems to be in a big trouble They have been suffering throughout the entire game… Everyone in their family has been suffering since the beginning… What this End of Zoe holds for us… And what you guys might just show us… So here we make the decision in the main story that… We choose Mia, i mean obviously, she is our wife… Otherwise, there would have been awkwardness in the house… We choose Mia over here… Okay Okay, Can you stop shouting now? She shouts a lot in the end.. I mean she must be angry obviously, she was going to die… She stayed back and we went on ahead To fight Eveline, after that what happens to Zoe… We will get to know in this one… Where was she roaming…? In the main story too, even if you save Zoe, it is a bad ending…. She died..? Oh brother… This is Joe baker… Why is he hitting them though? Oh dude..They could have helped you…. She looks terrible… God he looks Badass.. His personality is pretty cool too… He looks so much better then Jack i mean… At least he’s believing in him a little… Zoe can be saved… She won’t be saved i guess, she will die?… Zoe looks in a terrible shape man, she still looks nice though… The dress that they made her is pretty nice… So he was getting worried too… He was…He was fighting those people too…These people… Oh brother, and it says here that he punched them in their teeth… man will you be able to fight those venoms? You coming with me? It means i have to go here … What is this place i mean, is this nearby his house or something? This place looks dope man… I mean not kidding at all.. Oh so are there any guns…? All i can see are my fists… Do they expect me to take them down with my fist….? Oh well no issues, i will We are masters at punching down too and i think that his dude… Might be pretty bad-ass.. What is this over here then? How awesome, What happened by the way? I cannot use this but i can combine… So this are the nice trees… I should probably walk around looking at everything… Oh god dude… Wait a minute.. What happened? Who is making that noise? IS there someone in here? God this dude must be a boxer for sure… Anyways let’s push on for now… This is gonna be fun and i have my punches with me so… All right..All right, i heard something over there.. Not to worry… What is this? What? What did i just pick up? Looked like food… Come on… For real? This dude is a boxer… There you go buddy, had fun? This guy is dangerous… Much better then Jack, and this whole family is like that, didn’t you guys see? That Jack was bad-ass too.. He broke down that wall too, this Baker family is the real deal… Everyone is a boxer… Come on..Come on..You don’t really know who i am… And that who you are messing with… Having trouble son? I am going to punch your stomach with so many punches…. I am a boxing champion… You don’t know who i am… You do not know till now… Is that it? Die and screw you man… This guy is awesome..Too good.Too good… There should be one dude throwing down punches, till how much time will we fight with guns? We need to bring such kind of updates..In us… I have to go over here only… Oh how awesome… He is going to do everything by hand.. Good thing man, he is so dangerous… Now what is this thing? Is there anyone to face me? Is there anyone to face me? Who will come and fight me? Look at my punches… What am i doing? I should carry on… Zoe is dying over there and here i am passing the time… Why are you collecting food? I he related to Bear Grylls? You could have lit some lights or something, i cannot see anything? There is too much darkness? Who is this? Oh good god ,your situation is much worse… Too disgusting…Oh no… Are you going to get up? You won’t get up for sure right? For real? Why are you guys scaring me in the dark? You are much interested in coming in the dark and getting punched…. This was awesome, whatever this was… Hot stuff… Why didn’t i find this oldie first? Come on… You don’t know this guy..You probably don’t know this guy… My punches are enough for you…. This guy is so awesome…. I am having so much fun… I have infinite bullets children you cannot do anything…. I should have found him first, this guy is awesome… What..What..Why are you getting worried…..Come on.. Come on now, i am not scared at all… If Zoe can be saved it will be so nice… If i hadn’t saved her… Then also she would have been saved, and why are the trees falling…? OMG..What is… I saw this now, what is the deal with this? Stick her with the injection…Give it to her.. Maybe Zoe can be saved, i mean at least someone from their family must be saved…. I mean their family has been through a lot… Everyone of the poor souls died… Tell me honestly… Who set the fire up? Oh really? All right..All right… Oh stop..Pull him..Pull him… Oh pull him, you could have pulled him..Oh god.. Now i will have to…. Now i have to save him first… Screw you man, why are you scaring us? Chill man..What did you throw? He just threw him in… Zoe…Come on..Come on..Come on..Come on..Come on..Zoe..Zoe..Zoe..Zoe…Come on.. You have t agree, Zoe still looks good… (Face of every single guy using Tinder) That dress of here and… God, what is this dude… No..No..No..No..NO.. Get out…Get out…Get out…Get out… Brother that was nice…. I swear that was very dangerous…. (Bye-Bye count=7) This is one bad-ass dude, that is why he seems to be getting so much stronger venoms… Ge out of there man… Do i drive..No he is driving on his own..Cool… These guy don’t think i am capable..I mean what is that thing? He looks dope… He looks the like the guy in Pirates of the Caribbean… That octopus dude… (God damn he really does..) This oldie is totally awesome man, how fun… Zoe can be saved, i will save you…. Where that helicopter landed, their base be somewhere around there only no? The people…Must have put it here man… Just look at his hands man…. Do i have to get down over here, so do i have to leave Zoe over here? Zoe should be free from any harm now man… Zoe helped me in making the serum so she should be saved…. She totally deserves that much..Right? Anyways all of the Baker family is dead… Mom, dad, the brother and now this one is remaining… For real… That i will save you, now are they going to come here too? Because these guys tend to come from anywhere so.. That dude was pretty dope too, the one who came from behind, The one with the face of an Octopus… No one is coming..No one is disturbing us, Well, it is a good thing… No one should come also.. Man.. Really? So those are the… The crocodile types..Cool..Cool… I understand..Nope… No..No..No..No..No..No..No..No….Let me climb up.. Yes..Yes..Yes..put Zoe here.. Awesome…Awesome..Let me save it… So now talking about these gators…It is a good thing that they have included such new content in the DLC… So do i get a stick or something, i mean my fists will be enough…All right gators come on.. Hey gators come on… Do you wanna fight? I am the master in landing punches…. I will land punches on you if you trouble me… And this is kept open..How nice… Is this guy doing push-ups? Is your training going on? He is literally not afraid or anything.. Ethan is nothing compared to him, this is the guy… This is the real bad-ass dude… Are..what are you guys doing here, some kind of training or something? Doing push-ups or something? Look at him? How worried he is getting… See..How dangerous this dude is… What did i take..This guy is full on Bear Grylls… Totally..He keeps on taking insects and stuff.. Anyone here? We did not even leave Spider man… You guys are nothing in front of me… You guys are not strong enough… Is there someone in here..Cause i crushed the other one right? How cool… Oh goody you did a back flip..Nice.. Good… Spider man seems angry… I am going to give you so many punches..Dead..Did you die? Had fun,can you pick up the spear? Did it just disappear? This is a wrong thing… I have many punches… Want to break down a steel gate,oh my punches are enough… I am very awesome..I used to drink Complan(Indian supplementary drink) everyday And Horlicks (Another indian supplementary drink) everything at once… Bournvita too, everything mixed up… Why am i getting these weird dolls? Why am i getting them? Really? How nice, is there sch a thing as this? This is nice man, i can make my own med kits, very cool.. This should be continued, how do i climb up? Oh climb up, don’t take more attention.. Anyone here? I am ready to fight… I was from the beginning.. So we can’t the medicine be exposed or… It will be worth less then… It will be useless then, that’s why we have to paddle boat… Oh god, what are you making me do? What is going on, what is this machine? Leave it..Let’s move on.. Do i have to go here? No, i have to go here… Who is there? Who is making that noise? Okay.. You don’t know who i am man.. Who is that by the way? Oh god… Oh brother.. I don’t think you know me bro… I will punch you in your octopus face… Had fun? Why were you messing with me? Well he does punch strong punches too… Very strong punches from this dude too.. But i am a worthy opponent too, i train a lot too, i do push-ups and stuff so you better move on back.. Will you stay back, how many more punches will..Oh you are dead… (Every boy after getting a match on Tinder) And to think they were messing with me, i am the punching master… This dude is just awesome… You woke up? Die…Die… Die..I will just keep on punching you.. Take my combos… Take my combos man..Take my combos.. Dead..Had fun? Did you get a heart attack enduring my punches? This guy is gonna get up again, run away… Run awayyyyy… There..Oh dude just stay down no… What is his deal? I don’t know what i am picking up anyways..All the insects i presume… Okay guy so i will now… I am very excited to continue this but we will… Continue in the next episode, i am telling you guys for real… This DLC is going to be fun because… This character is bad-ass… And i like bad-ass characters very much.. They should have made Ethan like this, that would have been killer… I would have dropped that Eveline by just punching him to death… Anyways if you liked this episode then.. 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