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WSU Apartments | Single Student Apartments

[MUSIC PLAYING] – Living on campus is
really fun and really easy and really convenient. And I think I felt more
connected to the university because I live on campus. – Because of my major, I spend
a lot of late nights on campus, and I don’t have a car,
so it was really easy. – Both Jimmy and I have
December graduations, and we are not tied
to a year-long lease. – Yeah, I’ve lived off campus. It was more difficult
to get to school, more difficult to get motivated
to actually make that longer walk to school. – We both have
individual contracts, so we don’t have to
rely on the other one for making sure our
payments are on time. – Everything works
great, and you know maintenance will
be here in a snap if you have something
going wrong. – I had no idea who I was
going to live with here and I went on the
thing and looked through who needed
a roommate and he was like the first one I saw. And I sent an email,
and super convenient and worked out great. – It’s a really flexible
living arrangement, but also really safe. – We like living on campus. Everybody’s goal
is still school. – You meet them more and
socialize more than I think you would outside of [INAUDIBLE]. – It would be hard
to find a setting with a similar sense of
safety with similar quality, similar convenience. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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