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Wow! White Woman Blocks Black Man From Entering His Own Apartment

What you to picture this, okay. Yeah. Imagine you’re a black guy Alright or well or any guy imagine you’re you or whatever But definitely a black guy so you you have a long day at work you go home you get to your building your apartment building you go to go into the building and You’ve forgotten your key or you’re you or whatever there’s a there’s a discrepancy with your key. It’s not working or something like that So you can’t really get into the building. So you decide to use the numeric keypad to sort of let yourself in Okay, and there is another resident of the building an old white lady Okay old is she senile or she just old? No, I say old she’s in her forties. She’s not old Oh just a white lady. Okay Just in an AutoCAD say annoying white lady who won’t let you in Okay, and she is demanding to know which unit you live in because she doesn’t believe that you live there So that is what happened to this guy Over in st. Louis She just didn’t think that he lived there and I didn’t want to let it she would like decided to become the bouncer Well, I do happen to have video Oh, yeah, please. I mean if you want to partake so this video went super viral in the past like week Yeah, just because of this whole this whole thing of like white people calling the cops What’s happening? A lot is a lady to that there’s a lady in the supermarket and The like some woman’s nine-year-old son or whatever like bumped her with her backpack and she’s like I got sexually assaulted by a nine-year-old Then they had video of it and they watch it and he did not and the kid is nine, by the way Oh my god, and like she wouldn’t apeshit on this kid Like first of all, a nine-year-old touches her but that’s not sexual assault. That’s a nine year old being nine, you know names there and secondly God anyway. Yeah, it was on accident. It was an accident and they had the video of it. It was awful It was awful good times. Yeah good time to be a to be an annoying white lady. Yeah. Alright so before okay Let’s see this so this is this is the guy trying to get into it So it’s kind of hard to make out at first, but this is the guy trying to get into his building I just want to give like a little bit of context here I’m on the fourth floor. Excuse me. No You don’t have a key fob you were No No, if you have that then okay, ma’am, you’re not security you’re not the property manners, you know, like what I live here Okay, and I live here too. You’re not Mike hermit. You’re not Rick I don’t like the fact you have your phone in my face Okay, I don’t like the fact that you’re blocking me for I paper. Oh I’m asking is what you I don’t need to tell you that information. Maybe you want to come into my building It’s not your building. You’re not the owner The pay rate sorry, you walked up on a street. Yes. Yes, and I’ve already buzzed in Anything in a second ma’am. I’m on a walkthrough where I live at so that was just little that goes on for about six minutes congratula a Standing ovation for that guy for not just pile-driving that person. Yeah Wow oh, it gets better it gets better and he gets better so eventually he Walks through her arm barrier. I don’t know how arm barrier her. Yeah, her arm bridge. Yes All right, eventually, he kind of walks through I don’t think she resisted too much Yeah, I think he may have bumped her a little I don’t want to downplay it She didn’t make a big fuss about him assaulting her or anything But what she did do is she followed him got into the elevator with him Went up to the fourth floor where he lives with him. She lives on the third so she went up following him followed him all the way back to his apartment and he you know had his house key his apartment key and got in and she’s still Trying to do the harassment. She still like she’s still there. She’s still present She’s watching him go in he kind of tells her off a little bit like ma’am. This was complete you were wrong for this Yeah goes in his up goes in his apartment chills thirty minutes later police show no She came back with a pot roast and was like, I’m so sorry No No The police show up and are like do you actually live here? Is this and so he I got to know how he proved that he lived there? But he did she she not only called the police. She dialed 911 emergency line To get the police. I mean, why did the cops I mean? I guess she must I did over the phone in a way that the cops had to have responded yeah, I mean like yeah if they if they call a If she said oh, there’s someone breaking into my apartment building They’re gonna come over and that’s probably what she said Right an unidentified man came into the building and went into an apartment that I don’t believe is his how do you know? How big the apartment building was I had at least your floors? Yeah, so she’s not gonna ever recognize every human being that lives there. But what I Mean, I don’t like to drop the c-word but good guy likes, you know, that’s just awful What is it that makes me so angry man That makes me so angry even if like I can’t tell you how many times I lived in I used to live in a giant apartment, you know and you’d have friends come over or someone staying with you and you just give him a key and they Come in and your neighbors let him in if you don’t have a key. What’s this woman’s problem? What? Why is she so Overprotective of us and here’s the other thing She’s not even scared like you could tell by her voice, you know, she’s not scared She doesn’t think she’s just doesn’t once she realizes like she’s sort of in the wrong. She just doesn’t want to let it go It’s almost like an annoying like dick-measuring contest Almost, you know, right if she were scared She wouldn’t have followed him and got the elevator them know you don’t get into the elevator with people who you feel are gonna assault She it’s literally like whatever the female version of a dick-measuring contest is that’s what she was doing like no, I’m right It’s my place. You don’t get to do this sort of like someone when When something I don’t know when you bend the rules But it’s not hurting anybody and then someone just wants to be a dick about you know, like enforcing them for no reason I can’t think of an example right now I wanted to say parking in the handicap zone but like one mile over the speed limit kind of thing Yeah, but not as much not as much cops almost like if you if you’re waiting in line And your buddy goes get a cup of coffee and you hold this spot and somebody behind he’s like you can’t hold his spot in Line, you’re like eat a dick just eat get his giant a bag full of them Yeah, just a bag full of baby entire, you know. Yeah. I know he’s all these So it gets better. Yeah. Oh great really. Does it get arrested? They throw him in jail? No but that wouldn’t be better but the video by the way, but the well betters relative the video goes viral and She gets fired from her job good because of the way she acted in this video and her job believe it or not is a property manager or She works at a property management company. I don’t know if she’s Yeah, that is that interesting right a lot Wow, so, she was trying to be all Property manager about property madam property and now your property she was trying to flex I think is what she was well, yeah, she’s trying to flex and Let one like if you’re at a pool and you’re a lifeguard, but it’s not your pool Let the lifeguard at that pool do the right. Sometimes people got a Drowns let the pee in the pool. No, it’s not your fault. It’s not your pool. Ladies. It’s not your from your pool lady Yeah, so that’s that’s a thing now like if the wrong video of you goes viral They’ll can you you can’t be a bitch in 2018 Care, how about that? Thank you boy. You definitely can’t be controversial Yeah, or well and and put in a public way and keep your job That’s a that’s a new phenomenon as of the last couple years, or maybe I was even over the last two years whereas someone you know, think of the Roseanne thing when someone does something Controversial in their private life. Yeah, and then they get fired from their job because of it their job That’s not even necessarily connected to their their questionable actions. Yeah, that is I don’t know how to feel about that It’s yeah, it’s we are right because then you’re sort of never off the clock right? You’re never able to have Two separate lives which I do think is healthy. Yeah kind of important But I also understand the other stance of a company being like yeah But we’re a company and this make we’re a property management company, right? And this makes us look really bad But how many people know like the property manager of like three buildings over but probably what they think is Hey this lady manages a building that has 10 floors. Everybody in that building is multicultural They see this video going around long line Now we’re gonna be held liable when she uses that shitty Decision-making process right on our building and good on you go back some groceries. Yeah. Yeah I mean if that were my property management company, I’d probably You know politely let her go as well. Like look. Yeah. This looks really bad Yeah for us, you know, I changed the key fob on the building and be like you don’t have your key fob You can’t come to work. What is it? That was something I didn’t quite get what’s a key fob? A fob is like a almost like a keyless you wave it in front of that little box like a magnetic kind of thing Yeah, okay, so he did have that so that was the discrepancy with a key. Well, I don’t look like he didn’t have it Yo if he didn’t if he did have it that she has absolutely no reason to be doing Yeah did in a van it was like knocking on the door Maybe but not really. Yeah, you know, he even used the property managers name by name Yeah, like you’re not Nick or whatever, right? But also he doesn’t have to tell anyone really anything. I don’t know you lady What what department do you live in none of your damn guys? Don’t yeah, exactly not of your damn business what department do I what if it were the other way around what if what if what if You know, I was dead. I was blocking the door being like listen lady. What apartment do you live in? Yeah like that way it would be a different story Round of applause standing ovation for that guy for not just going Berserker on that lady. Yeah He has a lot of patience. So, um the story gets one level better. Oh great. So I saw an interview that a post Like viral video interview that he did on some morning show or something where they were asking him about the video and kind of what happened and First of all nicest guy ever super nice dude prevalent way way nicer like he wasn’t not nice in this video He was very patient, but you could tell he was annoyed He was way nice on camera and he was way like I don’t wish any ill-will on her. I hope people leave her alone It’s unfortunate you mean he was an adult Yeah, he was really like I hope this kind of I don’t I don’t want anything bad to happen to her I can’t I just hope this kind of blood goes away Was like just a really stand-up guy about all of it and I 100% Applaud him for that cuz he could have been him he could have bit. Well, he could have He could have been a prick he could have also separately from that like really really played into the You know, there is so much racial injustice Narrative which which is not a untrue thing to say, but he didn’t even play into that. He was just like it’s an unfortunate situation But you know, I hope he probably would learn and yeah It’s merrily realizes how dangerous it can be because of past situations where? They see this woman then they see her on the street next thing she gets you know Somebody throws something somebody keys her car or some stuff like that. I feel like that happens all the time. Yeah. Yeah So yeah, dude, this guy is my hero. What’s his name? Do we have his name? Yeah, I do D Ariane Tolls D Ariane toy yeah, I’m getting that tattoo on my thigh I saw it in writing and wrote it down I should have got like a like an audio version so I could yeah so I can understand it cuz I’m a dirt Oreo do your posture feels pretty good? Anytime like sorry feel like it’s completely acceptable just to go with first initial abbreviation like just come D date Well what it’s literally de apostrophe re on Saudi re on so I’m definitely gonna call him D what I’m doing I’m down with D. What update wait a minute. That’s Down with I’m read down with the day. I’m super proud of the D the D I’m glad the D did what the D does. Yeah, we can get these nuts in your mouth damned I mean women are always following the D around yeah. Okay be honest I mean look every time he is used to it but strange D walks up to your door Don’t let it in, you know Right, but if it’s got a key get the fuck out of the way and let Daddy do what the DS gonna do exactly Geez that D a round of applause that don’t call the authorities on the D the D. Can’t be tamed. It can’t beat a nice What is the matter with these people? so, uh Here’s a question where like what is this for? Not like sorry. I don’t know how to say it What is this phenomenon of like middle-aged white women calling? The police? Is this new is this a thing? That’s just getting more coverage Is it is there are there like eight stories swarming around? So it makes it feel like there are thousands of of Events like this happening every day or is it really just like a few isolated incidences like this one? Yeah I don’t know. I mean I I hate to make it a race thing because I feel like any person can be annoying, but I do feel like white ladies have sometimes a sense of entitlement that other races don’t and Less sense of Repercussions if a white dude is a dick to an if any dude honestly is a dick to another dude There is a chance you’re gonna get a beatdown. I Feel like there is less of a chance that with a lady and there should be you shouldn’t get beat down on advocate violence But there’s not that chance. There’s not that risk of physical altercation Now there’s risks walking them down the street and maybe I’ll get attacked or whatever There’s different risks, but in a situation like that the stakes are different for our lady than a man deftly are yeah so I think that sometimes That can play into it and also like I do feel like adults act like children sometimes when it’s just about a Power thing of who’s right or who gets who wants to enforce this? And what do I think is right and I Don’t know. I just don’t have time for that. You know, I don’t maybe I’m too tired. Maybe I work too much I don’t know what it is about this particular women are the women that I’ve been on phones lately. It’s hard to say Yeah, I I will say this there’s a weird. I know what you’re trying to say about the women not feeling threatened Yeah, but also they they feel threatened. Yeah, because there’s a weird thing going on where? women in general walking down the street I think feel more threatened than say a man would hunter person because they they don’t they simply don’t have the physical power to overpower a man or A group of men or or whatever and that’s been instilled since them in them since they were young of like be safe Be safe You know women who go on these tinder dates are afraid That the man is a serial killer and guys just don’t have that fear Yeah, but on the other hand if you talk to a I remember reading this testimonial of this this nightclub bouncer and I’ve actually heard this from other areas too and They said who do you have the problem with the most like do people take swings at you? do they punch you do they push back do they try and fight you and This bouncer and again, I’ve heard this other places. He said inevitably it happens Rarely ever. Is it a guy? No, it’s always some some drunk like chick some drunk white girl with a fake ID Yep, who thinks she can she’s gonna take a swing because she’s not worried about losing this particular altercation Yeah, cuz if if I hit her and take her out or whatever, she’s immediately The person who was wronged, you know, because she got punched by a big guy or whatever I have a friend who’s a bouncer exact same story. He’s a massive dude from Chicago my buddy. I would say his name I don’t know. I guess we shouldn’t say names in this but whatever Gus and He’s the exact same thing it’s always it’s always a drunk chick right and usually not a Minority race usually a white chick right? You see a trunk white super-confident and and I think it is there’s no repercussion for that because in that situation What are they gonna I mean you can’t hit her back, you know what I mean? I guess you could just remove her from the situation But yeah, I don’t know they’re not an equal trade Like I wouldn’t trade the risk of getting attacked in an alley with the non risk of getting in a fight with a bouncer But that’s just my explanation of it well, if you think about the story later on like so if I get beat up by a bouncer and someone says Hey, remember that time you got your ass kicked by a bouncer. Yeah, every time you got beat up like it’s an embarrassing Shameful thing. Yeah, but if I were a woman and someone said hey Remember that time you got beat up by a bouncer. Everyone goes. Oh my god. Oh, did you call a cop beat up by a Bouncer like like punched in the mouth. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a crazy thing I wonder if it would be the same way if it was female bouncers I wonder if I wonder if that would go because I I’ve never seen a female bouncer But I’d love to see it like a like a ninja. I’ve seen female security for sure. Never a Bouncer never like a proper standing at the door leather jacket like iron with his buddies. He’s had to be down Yeah, just paid to be big man. Yeah just pound pounds four pounds, but I’ve never seen like women’s security yet like Concerts or events and things like that. I said, I wonder if it’s the same sort of I Bet it’s maybe just more bitchy maybe more snide more like toxic rather than Aggressive, I feel like women when they’re when they have conflict with one another are more like trying to think of the right word like venomous or like snide rather than if a girl is Being aggressive to a dude. It’s more Overt and like loud. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah What’s the yeah condescending maybe or something? I see what you’re saying I can’t begin to understand the storms of emotions that go through these women’s minds I’m gonna trick my copy because I feel like I’m getting in trouble. Yeah, you’re digging yourself in a hole Josie if you were listening, I am NOT a part of this passion Red Kelly, I tuned out doctor five minutes ago. Yeah Lloyd just doing his thing. Yeah


Kings of Influence

Oct 10, 2018, 5:25 pm Reply


…you bastards


Oct 10, 2018, 6:27 pm Reply

So much patience, i d step through, over, under, above her and any other way possible

Kalimullah Nasary

Oct 10, 2018, 7:11 pm Reply

It’s because black people usually Rob people

Affirmed Broom

Oct 10, 2018, 7:42 pm Reply

It gets better.- Rays number one segway during every show. ? #ohitgetsbetter


Oct 10, 2018, 8:32 pm Reply

My dude should have been like Mcscuse me bitch and punched her in the cooter???? Jk he handled it like a bawsss. A freaking Saint. ???

Ayris Jeanmard

Oct 10, 2018, 8:44 pm Reply

i dont think she was racist because that implies she had some sort of fear which does not seem like how or why she acted the way she did. my conclusion is that she stereotyped a black guy for some ulterior motive and needed a reason to confront him. however i do remember a study being done that concluded that people actually can be subconsciously racist because of traditions and their environment. she made some assumptions and reacted accordingly which was inappropriate but not racist.

Jonathan Pegram

Oct 10, 2018, 9:17 pm Reply

What a piece of shit…

Southern Son

Oct 10, 2018, 9:22 pm Reply

if i was him i would have called the cops on her.


Oct 10, 2018, 11:01 pm Reply

love this podcast

Matthew Nardelli

Oct 10, 2018, 1:33 am Reply

Just watched the video, feel so bad for this man ! He seriously got harassed


Oct 10, 2018, 3:17 am Reply

No key ? No entry ⛔️
If you live here present your key and open the door. I wouldn’t let you in my building if I didn’t know you either. I don’t care what colour you are.


Oct 10, 2018, 3:30 am Reply

Wow… good video man. But I disagree a lot with what a majority of people see this as. From what I could tell he was trying to piggy back off of her into the building after she buzzed herself in. He’s right he didn’t have to give her any info to her but she didn’t have to buzz him in. He also lied about keying in the first time. Which comes off as sketchy. Also he was holding the door so she couldn’t close it. Which is why she was scared initially. Especially since he was refusing to do the simple task of buzzing in himself. Most secured apartments have policy’s about making sure the door closes behind you but he got the door before she could close it. If he would have keyed himself in there or assured her in anyway that he lived there then I think this may have turned out differently. He as trying to bait her and make this into a race thing. She did get creepy when she followed him but still. Also don’t know where Ray got his info about her calling the cops or him typing in his code to get the door open because I can’t find that anywhere. And if the cops thing were true that would be in all the headlines associated with this. Imagine you are coming back from waking your dog in the middle of the night and you key yourself in. All of a sudden some random person try’s to follow you in without keying in. Most people probably wouldn’t care. But the few that follow the rules that help keep the building secure would try and stop him. If he would have said he forgot his keys or something like that I think this would have ended differently. He was purposefully trying to be sketchy and bait her. I don’t think it was about race at all. Also she is married or was married to a colored man. If that matters. Sorry for the long comment. If you could comment and give me your feedback on what I said I would appreciate it. Thanks

Helmi K

Oct 10, 2018, 5:29 am Reply

omg i saw that video and it made me mad too!! people are so STUPID -.-'!!!

W Eric

Oct 10, 2018, 7:52 am Reply

white left


Oct 10, 2018, 4:27 pm Reply

Blocking residents from their apts Becky did not fear this black man at all. She was all too willing to let him know that if he was lonely and wanted company, she’s on the 3rd floor, door 3xx. She got on an empty elevator, alone with him. She even went as far as following him to his door, and waited to see if another woman greets him. She called the cops afterwards because he wasn’t into her, hitting on him in a sly way, she felt slighted or rejected.


Oct 10, 2018, 2:35 pm Reply

First of all if you watch the video from a start you'll clearly see that the door was already open by the lady so why would he still use the key to open it? He just want her to move out of the way so he can go in and if she didn't want to she can politely tell him, sir I don't believe you live here so I'm going to close the door and if you live here then you shouldn't have any problem using your key to enter.. instead the whore wants to act like a whore and follow him to the 4th floor, see him open the door with his key and yet the fat turkey neck beluga whale still call a cops on him.. fat turkey neck deserve to get fire and if it was me I would've choke the shit out of fat ass.. fuck that bitch

Comic Strider

Oct 10, 2018, 8:26 am Reply

Lloyd: that makes me so angry man!!!

Me: dis rap coming?


Nov 11, 2018, 11:08 am Reply

Guys, she just wanted to smash..exposed

Infinity MFG

Nov 11, 2018, 2:53 pm Reply

I totally didn't recognize Epic Lloyd! These guys should have done a rap battle about this.

Free Spirit

Nov 11, 2018, 9:48 pm Reply


jim boy

Nov 11, 2018, 11:08 am Reply

Well if you think about it she was right to do it. He didn’t show her pass and it could of been anyone who csme in to the building it’s strict rules made by the building people


Jan 1, 2019, 2:21 pm Reply

Doing security and bouncing where I live, over 15 years I only knew 3 female bouncers, they are rare, i only worked extensively with one of them and she was a godsend with difficult women, no qualms about getting rough with them, whereas as men really are softer on belligerent women compared belligerent men. I've manhandled women out of places while they are drunk as hell and screaming "you killed my baby" over and over at me because pretending they are pregnant and I killed the baby by stiffly walking them out of a door while they throw their body against me and shout that, was a place where they'd go so its nice when a female colleague will put that same women on the floor, pin her till the cops arrive and make the situation way less stressful and take the power away from the offender because they will not act the same way to another woman. And yes, all the women that caused the problems were white but I live in an area that is 99% White so it stands to reason.

Y Mit

Jul 7, 2019, 2:00 am Reply

He is an asshole for not proving to her that he in fact he is a resident by showing his key.
She was not supossed to let anyone who doesn't live there in as she is exiting the building. It looked like he was trying to sneak into the building behind her.

Jermaine Edwards

Jul 7, 2019, 2:08 pm Reply

But it is a race thing I don't understand why people are always reluctant to go to racism when something clearly is other then that great video guy's.

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