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WOW! Das Etihad First Class Apartment A380 LHR-AUH | GlobalTraveler.TV

Hey guys and welcome to a new flight report! Today we will fly with Etihad again but this time it will be the first class appartement in the A380 from London to Abu Dhabi. We’re glad that it’s a seven-hour day flight But first we will go to the First and Business Class lounge by Etihad in Terminal 4 Here we have the Etihad airways lounge in Terminal 4 It’s a small lounge located only in the lower deck but we are lucky because there is almost nothing going on And we’re even luckier because we will sit in the first row and I haven’t found another reserved seat in the first class until now So maybe we will fly completely alone in the Etihad First class to Abu Dhabi That would be so nice. But as I said first I will show you the lounge here in Terminal 4. There is a big selection of food and a big bar as well as a spa area And there are also areas where you can rest or eat. Maybe you already recognized it but Etihad has only one lounge for both business and first class. There is no seperate area for first class passengers. But if you fly from Abu Dhabi you will have a seperate first class lounge where we already have been. It’s pretty funny because we were there exactly one year ago and have been drinking delicious champagne and have eaten very tasty food. And additional to the buffet in the background there is a menue card available where I can order five different meals like lamb or pasta or prawns or even a beef burger. That is interesting for me because I thought there is only a small buffet with less choices So that is the Etihad first class appartement It feels like a living room Wait for later to find out what possibilities and features we have here But now I’ve got my welcome drink, a champagne I hope this flight will be awesome and I am sure it will be because he already starts very good So I’m hardly in the airplane but already got a lot of amenities like te amenity kit You got now a little introduction If not I will tell you again during the video what the Etihad appartement offers to you because it’s a big bundle, almost to say it’s a living room. By the way we have 3.6 square meters in the first class. Normally you’ve got only one seat which you can turn into a bed but here you have a seat AND a bed. Actually you can only get this when you fly with Singapore Airlines Not even the new Emirates first class has such a large space like in the Etihad appartement so it’s almost a privilege to fly such a first class. I am really looking forward to the flight. In addition to the champagne you get three fresh dates which are especially tasty. And not to forget the “cold” towel Also to mention that you get a WiFi voucher for the whole flight! That’s nice because now I can post some pictures in our Instagram story Do you follow us? If not, you can go on Instagram and search us under GlobalTraveler.tv so we can keep you up to date. Arabian coffee, very tasty Etihad has nine lockable appartements in their first class and one residence as well but that’s not the topic today because we will focus on the first class appartements in Etihad’s A380. very big by the way 3.6 square meters with a lot of storage space which I will show you soon I now finally completed my order for my meal By the way today the German football team competes against Mexico in the FIFA World Cup and we have the possibility to watch this game via “LifeTV”. Our meal should be served during the game so we postponed it after the game We will watch the game so maybe you will see some pictures of us in the lounge when we start to cheer for our team Apart from that during the flight there are two sorts of champagne available, brut and rosé champagne Do you know what i think is a pity? Etihad doesn’t have their nice boarding music anymore I got used to it two years ago when we travelled several times with Etihad Then one time last year and not again until now so anyhow, I miss it Maybe you recognized that there are five seats against the flight direction like mine? Dominik has a seat in the direction of travel The A380 has four of them. What’s your opinion to that? I know I asked that before but maybe you changed your mind? Do you like it to fly in the direction of travel or either against it like travelling with a train? I personally don’t have a problem with it By the way we booked this flight only with Etihad guest miles You need 175000 miles, unfortunately I had only 170000 miles. But I still have my American Express Gold card which is free of charge I collected a lot of membership rewards points so I can easily transfer 5000 points onto my Etihad guest miles account which makes this flight completely free of charge That’s a good way to save a lot of money There is still a small ammount to pay, 200 Euro per person for taxes and fees which is not bad because look at it. What do you think? You can find all information about the American Express Gold card in the video description Just click the link to get more information Wow, we just started, can you here it? I’m sure you can’t It is so quiet in here like Etihad used a special insulation for the first class cabin I can’t see it but I hear almost nothing I probably could use my GoPro because it has not the best microphone and you could still hear me very well We started so fast that I could not explain what I have here around me in my appartement. I already wear the slippers but not the pyjama because it’s a day flight We start around 3 pm local time in London and arrive at 1:30 in the night but anyway we will watch the football game and eat something so we won’t need to sleep Here we have the amenity kit I will show you the details later You get the menue card quite fast after the boarding Headphones I know the noise cancelling headphones by Etihad Airways very good and I explained them a few times in my videos It’s already a few months ago but look at our channel or just click the “i” There you can find playlists from our first and business class flight Scroll down a bit because it’s quite some time ago since we had a flight with Etihad but it’s still current It goes on with a stylish cushion which looks pretty nice On the ground we can find a lot of storage space including a bag with the bedding as well as a pillow and a bed cover I will show that later when the flight attendant makes my bed On my left hand we have two stylish compartments with some things hidden You can use the first compartment for you mobile phone and other small stuff Down here we have a little fridge with a cold coke or some water In our so called living room cabinet we can also find a make up mirror A very big one even in the cabinet doors If you want you could unpack the amenity kit and sort it into the small compartments So you will have a real bathroom mirror like at home And when I want a little more privacy I just close the doors Just push on the right side and then left and it’s closed like in Emirates’ first class Only difference is that we have to close our doors by hand. But in the end it is the same result That is the actual seat in the appartement But we also have an ottoman in front of me which transfers into a bed I want to show you how the seat works Here we have the lounge position which makes seating a little bit more comfortable That’s it It’s not much and it’s the only point of criticism about the seat I can’t recline it more than that which could make it even more comfortable I’m pretty active on Instagram right now so my accu is almost empty Very useful that we can find even two USB ports and one HDMI port One port for the headphones And that is the remote controller for the IFE which has also a touch screen monitor but that’s too far away The ottoman has also another remote control in case I want to watch when I lie flat On the right hand we can find the table in case you have wondered where it is Just push and it comes out Push again But actually you don’t have to do it because therefore you have a butler. Nevertheless I will show it either That’s it So I changed my clothes for the football game to watch it live in the Etihad first class appartement For that I have a rosé champagne, some wasabi nuts, olives and almonds What do I need more for a relaxed flight in my living room? It feels like home As we said before we will eat together because there is so much space in here Even with two passengers in the appartement we can spread the table which will be done by our butler who can take care for us because the residence is not booked so he will help in the whole first class cabin By the way it is 1 for Mexico and 0 for Germany That’s our laid table and we are waiting for our high end dinner But first cheers, I don’t know why but the glass empties pretty fast Dominik’s glass is already empty so I have to cheer with myself Because we have the same tast we both ordered the Arabic mezze We have to order it whenever we fly with Arabian airlines like Qatar airways, Emirates or Etihad All three have a fantastic Mezze Here we have hummus I don’t have a clue what this is Is it basil? – No, it’s parsley You have to try it and then evaluate whether it’s tasty or not because that’s the main thing I really like hummus And I love herbs, especially parsley Now we have our main course, it’s the recommendation of the chef who is responsible only for the food and it smells awesome We have a chicken breast with some sort of mashed potatoes Buckle up! We have some turbulences In addition we have some healthy lookin’ food so we have a low calory meal I turned the light on so you can have a better view on this great bed To be honest it’s not my appartement. That’s the next non occupied one but it’s mostly the same I’m pretty sure that I will have sweet dreams in here The bed is longer than two meters wider than any other first class bed I could test so far What a shame that I won’t sleep here because it’s a day flight but it would be perfect for a night flight Don’t be angry with me but even I want a little bit privacy so I will close the door now and relax a bit It is absolutely insane how comfortable it s in here I’ve got massive space not only in the width but also regarding the length of the bed I guess every giant could have a wonderful nap on this bed And here is how I said in the beginning the second remote control which I can use easily for the touchscreen monitor when I lie flat That’s nice because who would like to stand up just for changing the program It’s really private here due to the high walls where only very tall people are able to take a look in here The walls are even higher than in Emirates’ older first class in their A380 or Triple Seven As you know the new Emirats first class has completely closed rooms but it is still very satisfying in here Here you can see our seats, 3A is mine, Dominik has 4A so we can travel face to face when we pull back this little privacy protection In case of flying alone I can shut the protection to gain more privacy which means when I take my seat nobody will be able to see me It’s amenity kit time That’s Etihad’s amenity kit in the first class Now we can feel one disadvantage when flying against the direction of travel. Everything falls to the front…. We have a leather bag which is different from last year when we travelled from Abu Dhabi to Tokyo in the Dreamliner which was around 8 hours in a private suite which had not even half of the space we have in here So what else can we find? A lot of creame’s Ear plugs, eye shade and socks a shaver with shaving cream a comb tooth brush and paste and a so called sleeping relax kit with ethereal oils which you can place on your pillow for a relaxing sleep So that’s all we have here The usual things in a first class kit By the way Emirats provides a deodorant and Swiss provides a mouth rinse as well But each airline has their own perception what should be in an amenity kit guys, it’s shower time In the A380 you have the possibility to take a shower during the flight The one and only shower is located in the front on the right side Next to the shower we have a toilet but the shower has its own toilet It’s significantly more narrow than in Emirates’ first class shower So let’s get ready, I only got five minutes to run the water and 15 minutes to stay in here but no one else wants to take a shower so I’ve got a plenty of time It’s always a nice experience to take a shower in an airplane We can also find a lot of different amenitys like various cream’s and air refreshener sanitizer hand lotion cups and towels Let’s head back to our seat since we have only two hours left I need to enjoy the time because time is running above the sky Anyway I couldn’t really enjoy the flight because I filmed a lot and I hope I was able to show you a few things from Etihad’s first class which is one of the best flights I ever had Especially due to the emptiness and the quiet atmosphere What a refreshing shower! Only two hours until landing so I think about doing a little nap in the really comfortable bed or shall I eat something? I’m not tired at all so why should I waste the time with sleeping? Oh, we even have three hours, what a luck Guys, I asked for amenity kits and they gave me one for men and a different one for women which has the same content which means I won’t unbox it I probably will give both amenity kits to our followers on instagram but I don’t know how exactly I will do that so subscribe to our channel on youtube and instagram (GlobalTraveler.tv) so that you don’t miss any news It’s now time to walk a little bit around in the airplane Until now we stayed in the first class appartement Behind the galley we can find a onboard lounge so let’s go and pay it a visit That’s the good thing about this lounge, you get in touch with new people very fast Just have a little talk and enjoy some champagne And now I’m alone in the lounge which is not comparable with the one from Emirates which has its own barkeeper But you can eat and watch some live TV Abu Dhabi is coming closer and closer, only one hour left so it’s time for a little midnight snack I’ve chosen different things from the menue without being bonded for a complete menue Just a steak, medium rare, and a fresh salad Now the football game is over and Germany lost to Mexico What a pity….but I didn’t have enough time to watch the whole game So for now I will watch a movie for the rest of the flight That’s the monitor from Etihad’s first class appartement You have a lot to choose from movies, current blockbusters or even kids movies You also have series and some older movies and I already saw a lot of them Hard to find anything interesting for me but if I want I can also play some games or listen to music Apart from that I can watch live TV as you have seen before and different series So I could watch something during the complete flight without getting bored Oh, still two hours until we arrive That’s it guys pretty loud here I hope you can hear me, we are now heading to our hotel, the Hilton Abu Dhabi I can only say it was a brilliant flight very tasty food, a seat which I never expected to be so big even in the A380 Etihad did a very good job with it So I am curious to compare Etihad with Singapore Airlines and their new first class So we arrived safely and I hope you enjoyed the video so we’ll see us in the next video, bye bye



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