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Working Person’s hostel and Serviced Apartments

Hello last day in the last lecture we discussed
rental housing and employees housing in this series of lecture we are discussing every
options of the housing typology which can create affordable and formal housing in this
series today we will discuss the two more options of formal housing and which can offer
very goof affordable accommodation that is working person hostel and service apartment. Now please recall the discussion which we
had in the last lecture related to employees housing and rental housing we had the discuss
that in rental housing and employees housing it is for the short duration and to create
community to have the community in a better and to reduce the travel time between your
work and home this kind of housing options are encourage now this rental housing and
employees housing both are basically consider in terms of for the most of family so whenever
a family comes from one city to another city for the transfer of the job or for any other
purpose. So for the may be for the new job so the employers
can provide them the housing like apartments are nay accommodation in the city so those
kind of accommodation is possible for the family similarly for the rental housing the
rental housing can be created from the private side also and it can address the further formation
of the slums and squatter by delivering many numbers and many verities of the rental housing
starting from very small to medium and to large like there could be rental housing like
one room unit like one room kitchen and toilet units. Now apart from this tow options where employees
housing and rental housing was discussed we also discuss that for rental housing and employees
housing we can do that by allocating land at the housing strategy level by taking this
take holders at the strategy formation or the plane formation in place also we can do
that by creating compact development more denser development high density by create
giving more affray by promoting mix thing so that the corporate house. So the companies or the organization we can
have some portion of their campus some position of there office there building for the residential
purpose so all this strategies we discussed to promote or to carte the employees and then
rental housing now think about the situation for a single person who is coming from one
city to another city or from village to city and he needs an account he does not have the
time to cook their food and cook to maintain their house so for those kind of requirement
where a single person or may be one single mother with her own child they do not have
the time for maintaining the full fledge house but they need an accommodation. At the same time they need some amount of
safety security to stay there so those kind of and also another factor is always there
that is affordably factor they cannot afford a bigger house they do not have the time to
search for the house and not only that because of their changing habits or changing style
of the working pattern of the office and the livelihood they are no longer have much time
to look for the new house and get the portable house. So for those kind of requirement one option
could be thought about it and this option is not new this is there in the various cities
like the working persons hostel. In this option basically you are having a
accommodation only room and one toilet facility and probably may be one balcony that’s it
but you do not have the kitchen facility whereas the kitchen and the other facility like laundry
and all those facility are basically commodity level that means it is a common kitchen run
by the authority or run by some agency some NGO and or some private entrepreneurs. So kitchen is the common and around the kitchen
there are multiple rooms like hostel so tis becomes a very good option as an affordable
option for this small family so working person hostel is suitable for singles or for
single mother or parent it could be suitable for short duration, short to medium duration
up to say 5 year and it can also suitable for irregular timing of your job profile for
example those who work in a BPO or those who work in a 24×7 kind of schedule in office. They do not have time maintain their own kitchen
or their laundry service so for those kind of irregular timing of the job profile they
can have the working person hostel and also it is provide affordable options because the
scheme is you get the accommodation and you pay a premium per monthly basis and you get
the accommodations so it is not a very costlier option like a full fledge rental housing or
full fledged market provided housing but it is affordable options since it is getting
only the monthly premium for the room. And the kitchen facility kitchen and cooking
is on payment so on payment basis it is available and also it ensures the
safety and security. So for those kind purposes the working person
hostel is a very nice option which can be run a single simple family also. because we have know the term like paying
guest in the bigger city but the paying guest which is nothing but the converted position
of a or a converted condition of a regular residential accommodation. But the concept of paying guest can be elaborated
can be transferred in a big little bigger scale and hostel like situation can be created
to off work affordable and short duration accommodation for singles and single parents
that is the objective of the working persons hostel. Now another options are available at the cities
that is serviced apartment the employs housing and the institutional
housing we discussed it is for the people who are staying in a city or staying in vicinity
of their work situation and they are getting their housing or accommodation from their
office from their employs. But think about a situation that you are send
to another city for a business purpose or business meeting and you have to stay there
for one week or maybe 15 days so for those kind of situation for those kind of duration
if you want to take a hotel and if you want to take a costly accommodation like any hotel
or any guest house it will be must costlier than the for the company which is sending
you for that business purpose so for those kind of little long situation business trip
like usually business trips for one or two days can be taken care of by the hotels or
the guest houses but if the business trips are more than one day or two day it may be
one week or two week for those kind of trips they concept of service apartments could thought. So service apartment are basically the apartments
of like one hall kitchen one BHK 0.5 BHK 2BHK or it can be more than two also BHK based
on their requirement, so this type of apartments with their hotel like service for example
the food facility the laundry facility the security safety the cooking ventilation and
the heating ventilation and the cooling of the whole apartments all these services are
available in this service apartment. But only difference between a service apartments
and the hotel is that a hotel runs on a commercial basis per day bases and the service apartment
runs on a minimum week duration basis so an another thing is that the cooperate offices
and the companies they can higher this service apartment for like in a less period of say
one year. And between that time they could have a frequent
basis of their own official and people on the stuffs. And they can stay there for one week or two
week and apart form that it can rented it can given on rent or it can be add for duration
like one week top one month for another organizations, so working persons for still an service apartments
are even better for the small for the short duration visit and this is much more affordable
then the service apartment because working person who are still run on his single on
a individual bases and an individual person can come to another city and take a working
persons have to do. But he service apartment basically are run
for the officers and for the commercial establishment by and lard and it can be taken or it can
be avail through that route only, now let us see some of the other salient points how
we can strategies and how we can promote this plan for this two kinds of housing typology. The firstly the working persons hostel is
basically single or small family who cannot afford regular rental apartments and house
that we have already discussed. So it is for only small family like single
person or single parents, and it is required for small to medium duration one month to
one year it can be up to five years in some cases so that can be a good options for those
kind of requirement. The community kitchen on the payment basically
is provided apart from the kitchen the service like laundry, service like safety security,
or service like washing all these facility could be provided by the authority that also
I possible. Or the private delegacy on payment bases so
other faculties where as we told can be arranged on payment bases. This is one of the affordable options for
working women and other person’s accommodation. So what working persons hostel can create
a accommodation for working women’s accommodation because usually working women’s when they
shift from one city to another city, they may not get or the bachelor may not get the
accommodation in the normal rental housing group they do not get the rental housing. So this is a this could be a very good option
here we are it I made for the working persons. Where people are coming from one city to another
city the city for short and medium duration, so at the city level we can provide the spate
lenses for the working persons hostel like we can allocate few lands size is with varying
sizes like say up to 2 hector we can keep for working person hostel we can keep smaller
length like 500 square meter. And also we can take a strategy to promote
incentives the private development and if you come up to build the working person hostel. As a part of their private development there
group housing or other development. That is also possible so both kind of strategy
may be taken like creating a new housing project new land allocation can be given and also
adding working persons hostel as a part and parcel of the commercial development or part
and parcel of private development. Both are possible at the level now let us
see the features of the service apartment so service apartment basically is suitable
for office accommodation. For short duration office accommodation is
suitable for the people who are coming for the business trips and will be staying for
one week or two weeks also and it is better for those kind of trips. And they it is affordable in comparison to
the hotel facility and but it is not that much cheaper like a working person hostel. And working person hostel are given for one
year also I mean for regular staying and regular residential accommodation. But it is not in a very good residential accommodation
it gives you a short period accommodation or short period stay service. Some additional services so it is a small
to medium apartments which can be 1BHK, 1.5BHK or 2BHK with hotel like facilities it is relatively
costly as done in the hostels. Hostels are much more affordable like in today’s
time we can have the hostel in bigger cities like 2000, 3000 rs for a month. You can have the hostel, whereas the service
apartment will cost you like say ten thousand for a week. But the hotel will similar service to get
the similar service in a hotel will cost like 5000 or 6000 per day. So you can see that where hotel is a commercial
establishment and it is much more costly service apartment is in between and these working
person hostels are much more affordable for the single person. And here better service and maintenance required
so they could be because service apartments they take little more premium and little more
cost from the people who are taking on lease. Then the working persons hostel so that is
why service apartments expect more service and maintenance and mechanism in place. So the better service hotel service maintain
are ensured. And it is mostly located near the commercial
and business areas. So now number of service apartments is not
very huge like rental housing or employing housing because service apartments are hired
on lease bases by the company. So it is possible that, that in a city it
is a central business area. In the last discussion, we have discussed
that if this is the CBD area where basically you are having your office accommodation,
office accommodation in this location only service apartment could be accommodated. Whereas the rental housing employs office
we can create different kind of plan in between this central business district and the periphery. There could be various lands for rental housing
but here the service apartment could be accommodated in the central business district area because
it will ensure more business time for the people who travelling for the business purpose
and also it will enhance some amount mixed land use in the commercial area. And which will create a vibrant lively environment,
even in the business area. So that is the advantage of the having the
service apartments within the business district. And service apartments are provided on the
lease bases like as I told 1 year or a 2 year. It can be given to the lease bases to the
bigger cooperates but apart from the lease small company, small cooperate or a small
organization they can higher from the market these service apartments as well for short
duration like, 1 month or 15 days or 1 weak. So these are salient features of the service
apartment so usually for the service apartments we do not provide separate dedicated land
but yes we promote mix use, we promote compact development in the business restricted area. So that the commercial officers, cooperates
officers, who are coming here who can develop their office can have their service apartment
for their business stream, for their facilitating their accommodation of the officers, official
and non officers that is possible but usually we do not provide the service apartment as
a separate housing dypology in residential area. So the different between the service apartment
and working persons hostel are both are providing residential facility. Further the hostel is giving the permanent
residential facility for the specific duration of one year, two year, three year or four
year or five year but the service apartment are giving residential facility on a temporary
basics. When a person is coming for a business stream
or any other stream for short duration secondly is that serviced apartment is having an essentially
a hotel like services and immunity but not pricing like a hotel room but it is much more
affordable than a hotel where as in the hostels only the common kitchen and the cooking and
the mess facility is available but it is much more affordable then the service apartment. So service apartment, where the service apartment
is meant for the business person and the officials and the working persons hostel are meant and
developed for the people who are coming to the other city and staying there for longer
duration and they cannot afford the other rental housing and the market provided group
housing. So that kind of purpose the working person
hostel can be developed. One of the issue in the working person hostel
and service apartment are the especially for the working person hostel is the poor quality
of their structural quality, maintenance quality. So it can omitted and it can be taken care
of by making a mechanism of maintenance and repair and providing better service on payment
basics that can be worked out by various agencies. The city authority the urban local body, they
can take action, they can promote, and they can encourage people who are organizing or
who are basically giving the facility of the working persons hostel. So they can provide better facility and maintenance
for the people. So that kind of strategy can be taken at the
local level definitely. So with this way I conclude that the working
person hostel and serviced apartment both are very important option for very short period
to medium period by the people and by the cooperate people for the business purpose
that is possible inside the city now I have not showed any specific example, I request
you that you please to go the websites and see the various examples, are available and
see what kind of examples, and possibilities are their staring from the location land value
their pricing mechanism, their design and their problems and issues so that you can
at least understand then how it is look like and how it can go for available option. And wiper affordable housing potion for the
people so with this we are concluding the formal housing part may be in the aim when
will be summarizing the landing of the housing will be touching few more options but next
day and the next lecture we will discuss the basically the informal housing, so far we
have discuss the core city and the new housing areas which is basically formal areas in the
core city. We have discuss that we renew the infrastructure
we generate the area but in the new housing we have discuss group housing plotted housing
corporate housing the commodity development in the new housing areas and today and then
we discuss rental housing employees housing and service apartments and working persons
hostel. So next day we will discuss that informal
housing, the housing which is generated through the informal mechanism that does not have
the formal transaction likes any formal housing. We discussed so those kind of housing we see
in terms of urban village in terms of slams squatter and the authorized colonies so what
type of planning and strategy can be taken what kind of schemes can be interning to this
kind of informal housing what kind of planning strategies and the concepts we can undertake
approach you can take for those kind of planning that we will discuss in the next class. So thank you for today.

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