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Words at War: Apartment in Athens / They Left the Back Door Open / Brave Men

words ad war moran the sickness and some ethics actually her secret homosexual office actually but dot at it sucked out the the national broadcasting company in
cooperation with the council on books in wartime presents another of the most
significant programs on the air today words of war dramatizing the most representative
books to come up with this world conflict tonight again where wes gets absorbing all of
the german character apartment in africa rerun you mean to actually ended germinal
spent time in the purpose is good policy then constant movement unions to suggests that but that’s all
the more reasons only than a million as a suspect already personal guilt this will be you’ve gone
over to the me web system mister than i am or perhaps it or whether wives and
children as much as i do closer only alex has this been too
easily twin your cousin to have nothing but content
for you so alex resolving they need no this proclamation today forces any greek
family to take in german officers we’re forced to it yes but if you make a friendly gesture
toward the enemy everyone will know what you know i mean disgrace without people congress i’d be so ashamed to be one of
these nazi groups in tahoe mind air and allow you hate the germans are not
exactly fun of them myself but they are human toll of they need
four lodging why is awake we could get forty marks
for the front room for remarks and place and i think that’s
enough for a loaf of bread where they’re going to realize that our problem is one
of sheer survival for the duration l we’ve used up all our resources i have a white internship what kind of a husband father would i be
if i didn’t try by every possible means to see that you would do survive not
worth the cost of aiding the enemy nicholas announcements reassert greece best by keeping alive
until she’s prenatal sadik the quartermaster corps manic street those officers an entirely different i
join their businessmen work long hours much better to choose one of them well
again and one of the other type inflicted on
this you heard the proclamation you know what’s going to happen you always make things so you still
reasonable liberia roland do you think of your
emotions a man has to keep a playwright man’s alex exciting leader again when
those grandparent hurtling towards so if you could you wear a they’re like fairy
tales to a common quiet unikom annalise going to be rather proud yeah fortunately is playing at war relevant
already he wants a minute i’m practicing what do you think well it’s an even war isn’t for two of
you emails think of it is as uh… bilirubin earthquake removed we compete you’ll be in prague make your my first
german nicholas make alexander standard injustices is always dreaming in planning so we’ll
try to make it come true in the germans will catch and then always haven’t haven’t we suffered
enough to run yeah i really a m look at my vague travel book on the top of
keisha pecan but with the for one thing you said want malnutrition
cause the famines getting where some the quartermaster corps controls all the
food and that seems to me there should have special privileges perhaps add one other officers’ lives
here if we treated well he can’t even give us good only conclude mechanics
indeed i’m going to see what can be done world progress every ounce forty plan form of
contraception or books and scholarly treatises once prosperous and on the statement civil court wives are important to me to children alex twelve we’ll send realities that was not a compartment of
resistance but problems but it was in your history on
the rebels fighting the mountain anyone going on since i was nine west is confidential not a good record dave and they suggest there is nothing against me personally
met maybe only because you’re bumping found out we know that you would be stick together eliminate certain managed to the new or
entitlement of your house on well your honor maya we have quiet
retiring people share struggling to survive present difficulties we take part in those subversive
activities that remains to be seen an inspector apartment was enough to
know and single dylan first localized sweeping only double beds now art but jonathan asleep on the ground won’t have agreed to speak on the floor and another man and with no one else massaged dot have entry doesn’t show it to say and asked
what sometime backing julia ramon international preaching here don’t take
it seriously it’s just the german lovable and how can
we sleep in the kitchen monmouth this captain had the sitting room as well as
the people studies at night and you know is eating alone is grand
jurors you’ll never notice how much we get a
visual development you’re such a good recruitment i can’t stand it if you were
his new book kitchen there’s nothing dissipate the worst if we’re attacked for them to our best
foreign you appreciate how can you be so it’s home nicolas you’re a big gentleman and
that’s not to bully treat you like a simple peculiar to override please past me i still wearing down and uh… don’t worry about it i’m here decided not to mention online declining unprecedented and worried about these madmen and no risk for nightmare we were in the
banking our target is sleeping we’ve had since july two times in our
lives these memories should sustain is now
things difficult i remember once when you and i wear working in the royal guard just before we were married and we would we were the greeks pension company bucharest
before i think you even consider sharing our prime issue with this new ceo stupid
and there was another time we wondered among the ruins of the parthenon i remarked in a bit of a good too that even the pregnant with the
president jim grease indicator inequality we admire but cannot including all these nancy’s nbsp
sold greece is about industry and every store of paid through distance between i’m very name as a political
significance to live in minneapolis its long description to karen is working para not specter as part of this is the best with rearming and have a couple all
along for in front of how this piece of cheese
mccormack wasn’t no sir put on a plate in my rom was the bread there is no bread getting
older many ford and as this house my soap
opera you atlantic reported to me for the next two hours i want that
cellular silenced usual quarter esteem their quartermaster your bookkeepers do
they like to pick up on things it’s our habit of mine we were going to live on the left of the
parenthood knows exactly what goes into everyday
she learns to come for everyone’s turn the tables really have to corporal
corporal ted resurrected absolutely damage grateful whom letters one must be utilizing newborn son used in the region and seems to be division german newsman greek looking at someone you know more or we ask them and there are you don’t and
i i’m not an intended you’re on my without any it pants back did you get a higher price and then one percent in outside on the morning but understand are he didn’t need to make up some
disintegrating charity there were three big ones surely won’t make a move to
demand this massive one image just look don’t say anything ornery duties testament protected
compact hughes pinnacle of the child levin’s met
losing their gorging pakshe hirsch tremon repeat which was just simply
didn’t fit the he’s just didn’t see the champs is a
white man derailment bonds he signed cigar who would like to play found ears illustration let me or give me a call the other the international the back and dot goldblum overnight mail improper knowledge uh… it kimono right box nomadic please accept my apologies captain so i wasn’t going to go away present yesterday who he’ll stand yes can’t help it after this please let me get a feel good
about myself we’ll take care of pete make sure permeability intelligent enough to know
you get away with it up this bread and cheese intake and i’m
kind of my company actually that mechanism nervous kauai playboy corporal punishment the only thing because it marked improvement over about
a mile in europe you’ll thank me for the trouble i think
what am answer if u excuse me nothing almost leveled hopkins wouldn’t you be admitted he
should be patient it’s going to be alive no didn’t mention standard analyst and
anything for you and the children that’s what happened alex tonight
there’s no worse than the beatings valuable isn’t going to miss
schoolmaster circuit that was really sticking point looked at the end of the heart pace then
remember it when you’re bowing and scraping internet open it we’re better off than people in prisons
in concentration camps the companies are protected from the
greater cruelties as long as we serve him website pat it
the yeah what’s the track record to be on the plane for germany twenty
minute deficit complained no evelyn again on that we haven’t gotten that dot
came on about being absent ideal alec could pete have can really prelim takes a little
time to get used to be a william get we won’t have it will lead the way and
everyone in the clever family liberia alice knows how to have a good time
somehow mhm when we had to be happy never too late who had pad arora you have that problem would protect them cauldron airfare went away on major uh… mine had been given him no
matter bloomed one of our greek user-contributed ironman africa integrated yourself when don’t go around and come up on the moon
you’re aware so i was always particular wouldn’t ask for that from the from old uh… don’t put more police crittenden economy in this area we’ve begun to plead innocent there is anything we can grab and mathematics who had never been sorry for you to i mean i think that uh… trial after this period compared to reduce the triple crown but he was back in germany remembered
all we’ve done for him and decided to be placed fortunately for us he’s a changed man
changed is adjournment output will be able to check uh… na na na na set out which i won’t talk for many many of us in our lives and
discuss things occasionally they catch it early on you wishing substation about the challenges yes it was a publisher venus what we have noticed your box
evaluable cloutier we do know that my cut any country and therefore you will read it economy
later talked like a democrat you have era helped make about yesterday asked uh… up our company quit making my will that is remaking i am competent and have always had an
awesome thing is that must be many new laws very well-informed mana within the
publishing business we pick up a great many are expensive informations isi i have no family no family mansions you know from now on however disposing of my mother’s fortune you’ll find a scandalous germans only a
soldiers the leaders vietnam susie loves science music yes indeed security
has been a great contribution to the arts and sciences is what i love this if things article that maybe next year next few years now demonization suffolk option worthy and allah dance islands everywhere right circuit where it would be poorer
and without german music leon and use it therefore my estate goes to the music
school much discussions pension plan that human securely pop servation ankit
you’ll have a home commission will come to rome isn’t being you something and mr he has me in your room what’s peculiar wagner when the pictures again regions of india p he’s changed his mind of a tentative he’s not a quarter you sent me you think so and guy there’s a glass of our our style is what
made him i thought you might enjoy it very much nevertheless thank you in reading an article by lilac weeknight placement wonderful driven frankness german defeat would be really
done a victory well how is that if possible would intensify the spirit of the nation increase the national through along very interesting argument actually come close oliver joking is he was so intelligent reconsider the most remote possibility fascism losing this present or that surprises you doesn’t it capricious wearing only mentioned incongruity that is why we got on the world who else was equal to the past if i am a suggestion earlier americans
are able wonderfully except that we had taken all inventions and we made something up would be americans out it’s generously being easy between wars could internationalist greeks who was
then that money when peacetime makeup germany about sentiment bacon has the latest to
do so you know we can lead the nations on your
intellect the americans help cost to prepare for
the next war against them lest there be another war in vietnam all are as the only way of life pieces of wood deadly once they’ve been doing time
costly if this is not the time we will have a
future were always his piano really honest forever and
forever it’s true and that the democrats hands will be when something like the interest
of delhi most stimulating made honorary lonely man these days the germans and great hots capacity sir anything we can do to make you more
comfortable should not connecting don’t put yourself into the mississippi and i’d like to go nicolas you’re unreasonably swinging at
the major during the conversation b and the comings brain it’s a great step
ahead what he has inspected the kitchen object
on the phone for two weeks leading matters or use germans are very clinton
weakness they invite your confidence is by pretending to be in there’s expose
came down this was realized her some things from him there were tears in his judgment living on my mansion nicolas you’re more
of the child and alexander an explosion war and i played being a
philosopher superior war zone you are always ready to believe the best
of everyone there never tested german newsweek’s cover right you don’t think i always agree with the
maiden whom or why don’t think that the strongly that yourself absent minded
being sometime they won’t thinking you’ll see
the rupee one very careful very discreet and kindness always based never wasn’t
gesture anywhere because pre-med consumer company clueless please don’t
cut any summers understandable okay he cannot congratulate now to make a stand on semi shut the door to trade doctor what’s already i think what possessed i’d better go back to the people said or if you will headquarters as yet if i can do something for you saw it
makes them you’re a good time and time here that map belong began in office and it was discovered
judgment about i think it’s the end of everything and and about it thank you that i can see record how much help passes tank deadly time you greeks and the other or a nation until blasted concede you’ll recall that
something that was on the outside not so are going to make it you will this is what happened department head on the job and i have a
son who was a fighter pilot quach what what a tragedy almost every time and it was something
about that what i was on my way home my house and
clinics aquifers platinum and rain anoop suffered all this in a silencer mac i got home i don’t have some spirit in russia young boy queens soldier and uh… for three days my wife and advantages company for the death of her
son p restored my faith in the future one on boot and she died words cannot express again same time and your children you
you’d understand song weeding out this morning and quite mom cal hallam at or how intolerable it is between the two men with too much power
in about all this tragedy of honest about women really want and if you’re a little
shit out there mr bailey about victor the mitigating it was okay would oppose the agreement that we used
our own are it’s quite like your known milestone prescription rationally angela more intelligently and you know what comes next entries deleted handout telephone the military police
kept coming and taken into custody fortunate when your him galway right here yesterday on us and chapter than the money dot permitted to minutes private
property up and a higher rate of thirty we have in a moment belongs annex an expansion your mother’s been right all along mineral terribly and paint them i don’t know i know you
die here on if i need you need to be proud of him alex tonight i want you to steal out of
the house an accurate amount you know when i present because the orchestra primary when we come are moved to yank you think you wouldn’t you think never
trusted genocide remembered every moment reasonableness in the military man in german was seems to have gone soft it’s a hard lesson in europe what is a lesson that makes print jim arrow it the tonight on where the for we brought you
a dramatization again way west coast novel apartment in athens radio dramatization was written by
phyllis park in the past wendell holmes played early on those because they are was captain called her medicaid was really alex was paid by ronnie less leader was played by jean elkins words at war car there this is the story of a man of simple hai went out and did something about freedom and justice indecency he did not rest his foot on the radio
and found words into a market he claims to syndicate interests and
moved in rap against the forces of evil some people who knew bill donaldson people in his home town in regina canada others in england they think a bill was a boy who
disgraced his family but for those of seniors so as i have he’s one of the great unrecorded heroes of our time a hero but he said there’s nothing else i can do it i’m going to the search british army activity was in here and you will see why when i told you the story up my brother national broadcasting company in
cooperation with the council on books in wartime presents another program in the
widely discussed series words at war many of the books that i a stunt this
program deal with the issues which have
stimulated considerable controversy it is not the purpose of words that war
or the national broadcasting company to take sides on these issues admitted to bring you the most
representative books to come up with this great world conflict our story tonight is based on a portion
of l_s_d_ shapiro’s book at the back door open mother always said that bill was typical
old country my sister betty and i had studied and worked to make a place for
ourselves in the new world does still belong to the crowded
poverty-stricken slums of glass cover well there’s all kinds has to be to make
a world and i’m one of the kind that e_c_’s satisfied yeah go it all over
again he was also interesting one and is that bad here it goes to gain
stink breath a little bit that’s up fine thing to say betty marking the barry country that gave you
a puzzle i was just joking joke england something to joke about them poses something to thank the lord for
everyday of your life yes it was the only thing really becoming bill
simple-minded level two p_m_ britain was a religion implant was the greatest power of the
decency freedom on the face of the year run suppose that the world have stopped
spinning through the years if it could have been riveted to one
time there would have been one of the
happiest admin is chosen level let the world as a way of doing this for
this morning’s and in nineteen thirty five great poverty fell on the canadian northwest high it added up to be whom bottle grumman thing at all has such a thing as a job of us i can’t seem to find this wins and military and and you’re bound to get some look don’t think so it’s more than six months now got to do something and going to england hui hai well mobile there’s no call for you to
do that determined anything they’ll do for the below that justin that garland behaved treated me fine figured it out something else to that would be granting want daily sending my foot some sort of britain something i’ve dreamt about all my life
mein to be in england and sadness majesty that one on the same time could be most people and see we’ve big deal to stay with us but we couldn’t answer islam soldiers’ lives love of security and the
simple existence combined that et cetera sticking
imprinting did you read the sum total of bills
demands on line so bill worked his way to liverpool and
signed up for a six year hitches a private in the british army at an amazing development took place in
bill his letters that was startling long an eloquent detailing every moment of these new
existence looks like child in the land of batters dean mom if you need to home weblogic i’m on my first ethan and we do you
think of that printable with jesus did you infantrymen you won’t be
interested to see linden well i certainly never do unproductive
to it as we grow old with alex france buddy of mine want to believe i was so excited for the first night i
couldn’t sleep at all i set up all night looking out the
window and waiting for morning what you get out that bilkul mapping out translate that so thinking of seemed bummed tomorrow what you think you’ll find set default molded all the things i’ve only seen in
pictures alex waterloo place nelson palace westminster expectancy taking out lisa glad to be british aspect it mid-level film another dream for bill doing these london scenes you go to deep
satisfaction in the sense of homecoming a few months later dil closed one of his letters with an
important announcement you see even developed a sense of climax it is right just about to say goodbye mister he has been used i didn’t seem to the
body and we still have training for indian and managing is donaldson going
to india like an empire green deaconess didn’t pick each ten you even more emphatic my mexican as
it would be in well i guess bill is found his niche in
life at last and it’s a healthy life too a good life two ways of looking at that john he’s a soldier when all is said and done
he may have to fight some beaming and more nonsense mum illinois will have to fight them well nobody wants would do the job
nobody nobody wants and i guess and it won’t be any either thanks to broaden his tune well sensible man really you believe in certain things but come
see not fun a look at the tangled situation in
ethiopia uh… instituted does seem to be avoiding a pull some of that aa seeded appeasement so carefully
nurturing our whole state moritz flower in the summer of nineteen
thirty six today was derived from here sketch acting prostaglandin lester the streets
bills attention because he made no mention of the many flowers devoted his training for india andy mention one other thing too shins payens team but she’s meeting a hair is blonde real
blonde and piled on top of healthful now if that isn’t built for the new if u
cheese pale empty and excuse me and he didn’t want bruno week or you know i ask you it’ll be just as easy to fall in love
with a substantial bilko mom i’m sure these is getting nicer he wouldn’t taken to a it was only
joking being too support teaching immigration hooking into being hosted by motherless
children since she was twin and saddled with a father who can’t work isn’t that terrible well have been written reported biel no ever that was only the beginning of
bills trial bar in october eroded leasing become seriously ill loot whose just heard you said when you do oxford hectares of me everytime missing these hot won’t take no for an answer doctor says you’ve got to quit your job
and quick to will attempted what happened to be found in prime kids it’s not too sure on the peking to the
continent when get marriage that’s why i want to tell you something the grandest that’s not a good man netscape after cny on vietnam not going to listen at all consciously i’ve been nothing but the badminton sick
behind him at piedmont began bed bed seemed to happen it’s middle sixties password is new quit the factory will be well and
all time and it’s in my mind to take you out of that place will be married an extreme i guess those determination was brave but help
us lisa died a few weeks later with her body build a radius tragic woman but not his rank or the conditions which
draw the line he wrote this early in the draft burial
promo why simonds felt good reading he’s a million times better off
promotion it beyond a face these fluid going to be hard for him soon when you do now five little might feed nothing but uh… bill doing newt couldn’t be worse no more than it is being you’ve got to
do something then whose kids and stuff something’s got to be done proof foreign key we wish to receive young man investor prediction it over and we’re all going to soumya
might lose then rightfully just like it did mine and i’ve sort of new alban reading both spanish situation i think it’s a terrible thing because in the early months of nineteen
thirty seven build began to ponder in his simple
puzzled manner apply to the spanish people do you think maybe move the meeting up
with left wing from helping somebody or he would have mentioned it before let’s not write that song republican government was elected by the
people of spain it was their government what does this man frankel wants justice of the things seemed all wrong
to me looking back at it now i can see pretty clearly the link that
explains bills disturbance of the screen amused breathing tragic romance and the pitiful condition of lease his
family an overtone still sounded in his mind it made a kind of communion with being
suffering of the spanish people i think just imagine time to britain
takes two hands thing it’s no more news do you think and you can think you’d do jerking just
she had every time in history report you’ve got to be stopped and we’ve just the boys to do it anyway i think he hoped we go to spain speed
india and evelyn p it wasn’t it has gotten into overbuilt he’s in for a big shock if he thinks
we’ll meddle in spain yes there was active in a serious note
to build the document spanish card and he didn’t give it to himself is not
a whole southern he will decide detailed account of an angry discussion
you had with another soldier i tell you what’s just a matter of time will never let frank owen what we do it only dot i dot communist you are in the british army on what happens in spain is not a lot
business i thought to forget how you listen the british will never let them
get away with a crime like that just you wait and see training pretty hard depicting india life it was you remove one of the first
even as we move more into plus com minds room is that the loyalists had been
receiving secretly from the british it looks small thing ever monitoring may
be sentenced and understands the loyalists are in the right everybody admits that a losing battles one after another why don’t they send us all governments must be a street asked we could see spaniards leases guy school system x campus can schiavo you give to them some of what’s your complications
catholic it is hard anna there is nothing else i can do i’m going to desert from the british
army the cantons under destructing the british army announced today that
they are seeking the arrest of william donaldson regina canada charges a decision to avoid farms have
assault he’s done it who want to hello what is goin to india who should you want to go to stay what’s it’s do it here albright i will be across the border and no one doing the right thing and i’m sorry if mom feels i’ve brought shame to the
family client explained to her really fighting for britain and that someday she will understand ad and manuel noriega biding my time he’ll probably laugh i’d tell you what
i’m waiting for a rifle mckinney i can’t send me to the front until another man turns from fighting
with a rifle guide here as the last letter we have received from
you we wrote again and again the guidelines meanwhile the fascist shadow broaden the
length and over the aliquots of spain the frankel wracked and harder and
harder and the breath of resistance began to
run out of the spanish words finally human cutting-edge reach the limit if
it’s endurance and on march twenty eighth nineteen
thirty-nine just came off the medium term straight-talking think teenage steve outside didn’t know then with the bill was alive
or dead don’t thousands of loyalist prisoners in
french and spanish concentration camps all legal was that bill might be among
world dating back to inform you that in some
ballerina amanda mackenzie packing a division no definite information about him is
available however we will continue to make it by yet by the fall of nineteen thirty nine we begin to a just to the idea that we
might never hear anything of the road we’re a little distracted to by the
ominous clouds rolling across europe justin on these clouds bust michel at the de tocqueville on the
people of britain it was the fruit of the spanish tragedy overhaul of the second one day late in nineteen forty while i
was with the canadian on in england i received a frantic letter from betty music people mckinsey panel people wrote that he was
wounded in spanish hospitals for many months his frantic as you can imagine must try to find i was stunned i couldn’t understand it how could they ll be alive not written
all this time well identifying whom should ask you don’t listen no wonder they would never heard of him no konjevic had a name and phone and face coming the other pure captain that we can do the relentless today metro dade fans a republican state bill don wilson of close i knew amy was
one of our great fighters it’s you died on the field and on allison to shut either i hope i have lists nothing but a flickr
anytime going on with my purpose knocked out
from under me i wondered aimlessly to the streets of
london darkness was falling when i came across a cue of people
settling into the underground shelters for the night suddenly problems almost simultaneously
outside packing my stuff payment and the shots handles doing night as i looked around at the white conflict
is racing to the doc night cut the screams of pain and watch the great
fires i was glad does not get sick does britain was no longer mask destiny i felt suddenly that illustrate was not
entirely without disputes the the k squeeze my way to the following palmer sitting space beating a donkey
astrakhan woman how one leg again hello detector dispatched make room for me on
aristide canada this dot that’s great happen every night london they’ve been getting us a packet was
every night three months three months dot uh… these you’ll be able to go out and they should be less redistributed around
taking holding on a crutch basically fan fair france out my brother fought there too because a couple of division won over by himself what you think illegality so you know what’s he doing now he was killed atrophy in spain bill donaldson stuck in the canadian high state wise across somewhere that might be he was in the hospital friends with me delivering to the following day taipei
visiting right here in london tell me where for heaven’s sake i was shot he was dead with what can i find it i wouldn’t know i tell you what i’ll do the you give me
a name and address gestational astronomer some of the fellas i find out where billions all right the load week after week went by where it came to the one negative thing then one day killed in the latter it was not intended no sign ikram bill donaldson is living at one three
six strapless pinkney london docs handwriting was not does imagine the state of mind it is the
train race to london waves of heat no cold equipped over me
is a taxi rolled slowly painfully to the address and the docs disagreeing with chevy two-story house the landlady chillin shakers came to the door dallis brothers in his first name is bill is more
instinct have selected lasted two minutes to del
mensaje dates and yes yes our way sectarian dimly lit power every one of those minutes had await
activity one of the doorbell rang night jumped up
off my chair and relaxed turned out to be the postman the raid
one and the front door banged shop without
the benefit of a ring oxidant do you work on it which have a and uh… that we would agree with you mindful about her decision on the amount
of brother i must be some story my mistake i was looking for a mp brand-name bill
donaldson was told he lived here i handled almost and you will meine name is john
donaldson there was my brother he was missing out of the spanish warner i was he i’m sorry i know you must be i definitely going to stay please icon delay the disappointment you’ve had uh… maybe i can make up for debate what do you mean well you see i poured in spain to i’d like to give you some things about
your vote republican governor you knew him i’m happy to say i did people we’re getting is mixed up in
spain same named but coming canada in fact i often lived in his reflected
glory he did a good job in one of the best estimates of job out of the d_n_a_ no matter what happened bad times defeat doctor defeat under there was always cheerful laughing all the time and he hated the fascists the waitress to being buried deep in
very strong inside but you know what happened to him uh… they’ve got to tell you it must be around the middle of march
and thirty nine you know what is happening to the since
train them who have done for a minuet on one of the last days of situations
really desperate dept was all around us escape play on the across the bridge
border withdrew a hand in my ring officious do
you but was hoping i mean one course if a small portion to carry out of
thinking action against the settled just enough to distract the enemy and the rest of us would be able to
peace in the breach they made while india’s record for and there was a good section step
forward they had nothing to give them but if you
grenades paupers will be in the way of arms and
ammunition but don’t cash it in separate dropped
from the brunt of a tree gave the grenades jasmine been in broad daylight he laid his section against the precious he was last seen cunningham and bouncing in a machine gun post club you here club against machine guns krupa bill donaldson died in the way that will
never be forgotten not by the spanish peasants he’s one of the blood of the house are and on are don’t send flowers they lose grave is unlocked unknown unrecorded but there are monuments all around if you want to say a prayer in the might dove allied forces
everywhere in on ships and planes and others battling the enemy the same man i mean mayo all monuments that common hot and courage got my brother build on those guy the tonight and waited for you heard a
dramatization based on a portion of m s b shapiro’s book they left the back door open the radio version was written by edward
jurist john donaldson the narrator was played
by ben sergeant and palm and was bill donaldson the music was arranged in played by
william needed and the production was under the direction of anson and lead to restate something we’ve said before
many of the books presented on weds at war deal with controversial issues and it need hardly deported out that the
views expressed in the loop i’m not necessarily the views of either words at
war or the national broadcasting company worded wars offered only in the spirit
of putting free discussion and thinking join us again next week for another
important program this area is brought to you in
cooperation with the council on books in wartime by the national broadcasting company and the independent radio stations
associated with the n_b_c_ network and this is the national broadcasting
company yes he had used up his chances on the island of the eight before
abreast of jeff machine gun fire ernie pyle america’s best-loved war correspondent diet has so many american boy he’d
written about anytime was killed in action hand pad the national broadcasting company cooperation with com songbooks in wartime presents words of war dramatizing the most representative
books como discreet our original schedule called for the
presentation of another book the death of pretty pile in the pacific made his brave man the time is program
we could bring tonight and so we bring you the story is pretty
powell wrote about the american fighting men the songs they sang together here is a tribute to the little guy who
held the love and affection of every american soldier he ever met is very piles last book untitled with his simple elephants brave man in and mowers unlike the farm battle one of the think about mother brain i’m not afraid of the physical part of
dying that in the way it is emotion is on the one of almost desperate reluctance to give up the
future to give up such things as seeing the old
lady again going on in college and getting married
in holding on uni just wants to kill you never seen becoming the championship miniature
attorney and five minutes cold front from kansas city once more reissue saying in this sunday in the south side of the
house it’s these little hopes and ambitions for some bright tomorrow that makes up the sum total over the
worry and anxiety in the hearts of the waiting room i don’t think you can ever fully understand the ties that grow
between men and women savagely together relentlessly communing
with at times of great strength is a sense of fight delegate to each other in a little
or maneuver endured so long andrews hopefully and can be so smart lieutenant colonel dissection i’m supposed to go back to risk and
tonight would go to attack connect content and planning things that medical prostate meaning course any given priority george and i want to go pledges to sendspace nine over thank god that’s an autocrat ball i’d hand leave my buddies milind handful even my buddies time off for a long somehow on and a long way from home this was a middling sergeant mark cowboy from idaho came back with a group of long-time is
among my list and you thought he was leaving for ever railway bad i guess i’ll be going that left me alone thanks caller get yourself a good rest pierre amending on fridays you may recall and knowledge the airline chuong everybody good luck to you as frank spark today need uh… movie gears and made me a blanket julian noonan on local muslim mom on and a long ways home loan and it was very late in the mail is
responding at this moment artillery both sides black mumbled around arriving including doctors was every informally i worked with buck to the waiting dot can keep his eyes on the ground and i think you might have tried to get
him out cava their first battle avenues with us today kiddin wishing i feel like a dessert more i went back and lay down on the ground
and i have a friend waiting for the night or is too much alejandra darkness thinking terribly touched by the great simple devotion of
that soldier who was a cowboy drinking millions of people far away at home would remain for ever unaware of this feeling of the
soldiers chris conrad you know what’s a person and i do when i
get home i’m gonna fix it so my kid won’t have to
fight annexed more are you going to do that first of all i’m gonna take ’em up on a
garage roof on put ten pound weights in his hands are making me jump off set out
a breakdown the artistic no and i think i’ll feel a little ground glass every
now and and to give my bad stomach that ought to make a bora bora idea and i’ll
make them read by candlelight tour on his eyes when i get there with the mail
be doubled for after all if i didn’t know yourself well i’d say you don’t
like it over here call you know me better and that’s i’m just love this election might
imagine i’m not going listen if i ever get home lappy catch me
to bring me back here or and you’d be home a couple weeks and read about us
over here remember these bull sessions dot dot blotting you’d be psalms a
farewell just a minute chance at so i just give me the chance me with gun gun than that pretty high and low waller while long poland and and and and premium really high and low lonely along
lilongwe but they tell me that a lot of american
soldiers who returned to america do get homesick for the front they get in to get ready all old miserable life a disgusting
theological yearning to be back again in a place they hated i’m sure it’s true what i know a lot of
soldiers who would like a chance to put the ferry to the test it behind me is a distinguished and
unbroken record from being sick and every pancreatitis i’ve been in sicily five days and i’ve
decided to get sick and get it over with where they established in the clearing
station finally decided i had planned to the you don’t diet and you just think you will as i began to feel better i became aware of the wounded in the dining room and constantly being brought into the field i feel ok i think you make it after costume we all
right recollect coloring fingerprints well now i want to go there’s nothing wrong with me dot you don’t want to scratch anything let
me i a m going to take care of that news sam gonna send it back to the hospital i do i go to any hospital i want to get
back to my account that you wouldn’t be around for any good right now son you’ll
go on to the hospital i’ve got some good looking nurses there i don’t care about me measures i want to
go back to work belongs to take it easy so just take it easy it was flabbergasted to me to live and
hear what it meant custom begged to be sent right back into the fight question and i wondered that depended on the severity of their wounds
and their individual personalities gestures it wouldn’t be standing but the main impression i got from forward with their wonderful spirit and thoughtful inattentive attitude of
the men who cared for eventually after having indulge myself
long enough to keep up my sequestered i got back to the front frontline conversation covers almost
every topic in the work you know something but twenty five bucks out you got
double-edge razor blade now what do you think of that i wouldn’t give it to be
how you can do it anyway and then you just put up twenty five bucks not show
you talent to examine the inside of my mouth after what i did do it ideas to
mark the midland by bugs nha well when you get all pitching in book after he got double actually
somebody to all up and swallow it down now what you say any really good terms can hurt me now used to be a long time for the walk
i was offered a job in a carnival as that the only how bout u puttin up twenty
five books knows and i think i’ll wait and see if reqd who believes that the
carnival to i watched what twenty five bucks to see a guy you get double-edged
blade parker there one that will ever get those
colossians they’ve promised they’ve been promised us that lives for
a month what you all of the lies used to keep my feet drying might determine
drive a six-week they didn’t think of that allow the
kodiak they sell in naples added value stocks for his bottom token though i’d sure like some garages
hapag ethical actually excited talk about that lacks what’s the matter you
got to talk about something anyways thats it like to go down to
three twenty six weeks what you mean civilized what’s there went back home we thought we were still
ask whether it is a lot better an event two months and i don’t believe
you many people think too many women with maybe they do i dreamed about bad so when i got home among almost ashamed to admit that i didn’t average more than one bath a week
overtime i was there maybe what we’re fighting for the right
to be israelis replys that’s made bit always randomly inventory but we
never date got mad abound on his cell one day but that
doesn’t make and model and lateral off along the start of the
normal reaction of the day there was a lovely day bestowing on this
issue men were sleeping on the sand non-muslims leaving for ever men were floating in water but they didn’t know they were in the
water or they weren’t there on that beach lake spend its a patient
man than mechanism for a small many were gone for every man anythin reporter we could afford it because we had a total now we live order with managed and on monitors rear moral owners on the soldiers and along there was so it is packs dockers comprise so impressed by her letters from home snapshots of wises sweetheart staring at
that it was very daughter de marco island
beach now still looking pitifully christmas cheer bebop feeling what every so often robo
alvarado involved with approval nelson himself unwanted red-brown backed away
from the rain for his own people who’ve been removed
it from where those uh… and is on whom bone where the water is darker a_d_r_ where our bodies i live here where along with her on it’s grown swell and i’m the only coastline shit could be john goodman’s nvb they carried so body without z later they covered their heroes dinner they uncovered i walked around what seem to be a couple
of pieces of driftwood sticking out of the senate but they weren’t there they were soldiers to feed d_i_a_ shoes printed program and become so far to see which he saw so briefly wattage of talent why don’t you tell i’m back home when
it’s really like fall a hero bothers a lot of victories
and glory stuff they are not every time we advanced
somebody gets killed fine tata through nigel in that was when i don’t know the
land to this so there was fed up he was filled with bitterness yet you days arrested they could all of
them he didn’t want any credit glory for
himself he just wanted to be sure the folks at home realized that men who are nothing also home big big dinners lane while poland’s they give us some there leaving oh prosecutor it’s a little baby rabbit a rabbit needle into that again i thought was stepping out of my nose
music you can do we he still could look well don’t ever do
that again see here need this info some great how will it take you back and get
instant came nearly that maybe we can talk about the within a year anytime strange little things happen on the
battlefield by the bill was confirmed in writing effective tenderly the reminder there was quite a little rather bad hopped around everywhere to escape when
the distance got too far with co-op them back to the pup tent to snuggle up to
escape blanket well the boys are crazy about it then asked about a week we found the rabbit
did on the crash deprived whiskered whose own life was in the balance every
day felt awful bad about that little rabbit there are no way to clean up in this
story when we can get fucking enjoys south how pots then didn’t come from celebrated win they were heroes favoritism few seconds park infused excitement remain dying faces instinctively pathetic to me they weren’t warriors were american mere chance of faded wound up with them and sleeping at
the catholic instantaneous friendship it signified only unfair they are afraid there was beyond their power to quit they had no choice esto right fairness and tail light national here sound like it’s still a lot of yes history citizen repair did you put my name and planning family initially compassion
donated the land they are on the here k first-class centennial even with the bullets winding down the
street soldiers will keep you from the feelings scenarios hide out from under you know they’ve
been injured her means season one little drama grandson screen to defense pillar much cooler in the job they’re doing where’s my stay in its own mares they’ve got no time for glory in the
infantry they’ve got no use for praises loudly
sound all they’ve got no overtime remotely in me and injury all they’ve got no use barbara is is all
of this sunday blood in the stole his partner in all
the three even john splaine means line the name of a
rider a young man call it a man with a live company does right-hand man just bring a ends may nine is only caught in the and we’re still the salon and bloody
rifleman pollen peers mollen didn’t need is due it’s the man riders here mean fault and i have all of the many months
ago mom livelier elastin courage on the include three was good lonely alone riley on the uh… on nomura joachim this song standard symbol in that they need the solid call all the song on me sleeves on mon sleeves on manner in members will you know they got no time for the lion they’ll settle for a mention in a guy’s
newspapers allen just so the folks at home now now a final starring i’ve told you the feeling soldiers who
faced death to get ahead for one another the feeling those who stayed at home
will never be able to comprehend this takes me back to italy the captain henry p wasp though a bill
from texas i have never crossed the trail of any
officer so beloved by the men under him after my became next knows that uh… first always want to back first i’ve never
knowing dealing hang on i was at the foot of the new trail in my
favorite catherine was gunned down you could see far american friend dead man have been coming down the trail
of the last on the back and they lay down across the facts and ahead stiffened legs sticking out or put it in i don’t know who the first time repeal small in the presence of dead man donors silly question this one’s happen again burdened road seemed reluctant to leave means turned around i’ve had since been moving one-by-one posted at the last word not so much time i think if to say something confined now it is eyes to the first time ever tenants were convicted camped in space design the office and they do it’s a very thin rooms so he said replacements climbing down from isn’t there looking in the debate camp by me but regional gently straighten through the captain scott prearranged detective agency agreement
form walked away down barn just rule would there and you’re here gravel in the loan ms world of for all and there is no less there’s sort of modine them then ryan new rule the hai searches of are full of profanity in
this ghastly brotherhood something that all they are fighting man
or fully understand out thousands of these men will be
returning home before long they’ll be changed they’ll have to learn how to adjust
themselves and all of us will have to learn how to
reassemble our broken world into a pattern firmer and so fair that another great war cannot soon be
possible fail the simple truth most of the
children friends don’t pretend to know the right answer or we can do is and try it once more trying of the memory of our english n_b_a_’s tolerant of each other’s we
came memu he didn’t want to go more second emanate in the brain when he came back from europe he said
that if he saw one more dead man he feared he would lose his mind he said this would be his last invasion you’ve probably never but if he had lived it wouldn’t have
been at last vision because although any pile feeling
confessed his beer than azhar of killing would go along with the american boy who
had no choice that over the world yes he wrote his wife this would be his
last in beijing after this he would write stories from
headquarters but no gee i believed he would have done
that benny powell would have gone on life
along with there was one american boy who had no choice but to go on g_i_s who loved him went out in the face
of enemy fire to bring back the body of any power from
the spot where he informed and the g_i_ fashion the wooden coffin
for any and laid him beside his fellow fighting
now no need to write a nap after any powell it has been written idea unapproved would mark the withstand over
his grave on the death but i love hearing the okinawa it reads simply at this part the seventy seventh infantry division
off the bus anytime april eighteenth nineteen forty-five hide on the uh… on our no new you’re joanne than most are women standards and more and more on the malone to the head of that they need the sunburn loan mothers harlem ny sleeves on man just leave some animal contribute to the memory of america’s
best-loved war correspondent ernie pyle words of war has presented the dramatization of his
last book brave man larry radio adaptation of great man by ernie
pyle was by jarrod holler carla swenson whispered as ernie pyle
others in the past were martin walt sommers narrator jim bowles water
consult palm and larry gains jeffrey brian carl cameron on ballad singer was tom glazer organ music was by william media
production ghana garrison words it was presented by the national
broadcasting company in cooperation with the council on boats in wartime next week at the same time a
dramatization of another important warble manner this is the national broadcasting


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