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Woodinville Wine Country Estate For Sale

I’m Sean Reynolds the owner of Summit
Properties NW and today I have with me Mr. Nathan Morello and he is a
Summit Properties NW broker and Nathan you’ve got a really upper-end
unique listing coming onto the market yeah why don’t you kind of walk me
through and tell me a little bit about that about that home yeah it’s gonna be
about 7,000 square feet of custom high-end luxury home and it’s really
pretty close it’s centrally located here in the Woodinville area it’s gonna be a
Gregerson homes custom built home from 2000 as a fantastic huge detached shop
all high-end amenities that you can imagine and no expense was spared
whatsoever in this home it is absolutely a dream what is the price point and how
many acres is this lot? We’re coming in right around 2.7 million and it’s going to be
on 10 acres secluded incredibly private it’s overlooking the Duval Valley it’s
actually really pretty cool because not only do you have the mountain views
there but it’s one of the only areas in the state where aircraft pilots can do
custom stunt work so you can get to sit on your back deck enjoying some of the
back enjoying your wine from the Saint Michelle winery and enjoy a show watch
the aerial acrobatics absolutely so Nathan we are situated on 10 acres
yep you go down a private driveway yeah you open up to a private gate yes
tell me what’s beyond that you’re gonna be coming down and some about an acre of
manicured landscaping it’s it’s show ready it’s fantastic there’s a circular
Drive the covered entry way through the entryway the first thing it’s going to
hit you is heated marble floors throughout the living areas in the main
level there’s a fantastic formal beautiful huge dining area circle it
around through the past the butler’s pantry into a chef’s dream kitchen it’s
the highest end stainless steel gas electric appliances it’s got quartz slab
countertops in room for a family of 10 or 12 it’s fantastic when the owner of
this property was working with Gregerson putting together this home they decided
that they wanted everything big so we have nine-foot doors we have huge
ceilings there’s a ton of space everywhere you go through even the halls
are oversized so it’s it’s fantastic tons of elbow room and light and bright
and open a feels homey and then on top of that custom woodwork in the office
the paneling of the where it goes floor-to-ceiling all the
way around it’s beautiful space it’s pretty crazy because even when you when
you get down onto the the lower level there’s there’s a fantastic rec room
there with pool and a full bar and a Reading area and even though you think
that it’s in a lower level all I gotta do is take a little step out under this
huge patio and you saw have the same expansive view as a tester it’s pretty
cool yeah very cool yeah so walk me through a few more features tell me
about the car storage oh I tell you what not only is there a two-car attached
garage but right adjacent across the Drive all connected to the same property
is a 2,400 square foot detached shop so there’s like a biggest delight car guy
any woodworking hobby anything out you imagine what you want to do out there
it’s a clean slate for you

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