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Woodbury Heights Arlington | 1301 N Courthouse Rd | Courthouse Condos

Hello there my name is Matt Leighton welcome
and today we are looking at Woodbury Heights located in Courthouse. It’s got a great
location but it’s not really top-of-mind when thinking Courthouse condos. Well hopefully
we can change that as we take a closer look at the condos at Woodbury Heights. Woodbury Heights is located at 1301 N Courthouse
Rd just a few blocks from the Courthouse Metro station. The community was built in 1983 and has 170
units on a total of 18 stories. Condos here feature pretty large balconies,
some units have amazing views, and most units come with extra storage on the same floor.
Units are generally larger than normal, not always the case. Other features of residences at Woodbury will
include some open kitchen layouts, loft style living, there could be a fireplace, some units
have been updated, just all depending on what previous owners have done. Looking at the amenities at Woodbury Heights
for sale, you get a good amount of services and amenities in the community. Most notable
are the outdoor pool which is great, front desk staff again a huge plus, and you also
get a fitness center as well. Ok let’s take a look at the top 3 things
you need to know about living at Woodbury Heights Number one is solid construction. When you’re
living in a condo or even an apartment for that matter, your neighbors could create an
unfavorable situation if they are loud enough for you to hear them. Not the case at Woodbury.
Solid construction, no issues with noise between condos. Number two is 2 story units. On the 18th floor,
the top floor there are 2 level condos for the one and two bedrooms . There are no 3
bedroom units at Woodbury. Some 2 bed + den. But on the 18th floor, you will have two story
units and some will have amazing views so be on the lookout for 2 story units on the
18th floor. number three is the parking deck. So Woodbury
is a little qurirky with their numbering the floors. I will show you this picture that
details how the building is laid out. You enter at the lobby, then you actually take
the elevator past the parking, residences start on the 5th floor. And to enter the parking
deck, you have to enter on your exact level. Since the community was built on a hill, there’s
just separate entrances for the parking garage that makes it a little different than other
garages out there. There you have it the top three things you
need to know about living at Woodbury Heights. Number one is solid construction, number two
is two-story units and number three is parking deck. Thank you so much for watching. Guys and gals,
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