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Wondering what is like to live in residence? This video is for you!

My name is Andrew D’Alessio, I am a
second-year police foundation student on Algonquin College. I’m not from Ottawa, so,
it was an hour away from home and I didn’t really know the big city because
I’m from a small town, so I thought, personally, it would be a good idea to
move into res and it’s been the best decision I’ve made so far. It’s easier to
make friends and res because you get to know your floor and your neighbors very
fast. if I were to live inside of an apartment
it would definitely be harder because you wouldn’t really get to know your
neighbors as much. You might know people in your program but that’s about it. There’s two rooms and then a bathroom and a kitchen area, so it’s definitely nice because you get your little sweet escape
and you get to hide in your room if you want. I’d do that I’m like a hermit,
but then you can chill, relax, open your door, have a conversation with your
roommate and not, you do have that sense of privacy, but if you want to be
more social you can leave your door open. I kind of added my own flair, I put up
posters, I put up, brought things from home, like, games that I like and music
and stereos and stuff to give it that personal touch and feel like it’s my
place. Me my grandfather, when he was alive, we’d cook all the time and, so, I
keep this little medallion of him as a reminder of all the cooking we used to
do, so, every time I cook I reminds me of that special moment we had when I was
growing up as a kid. If you’re not from a big city like I am, it’s definitely a
transition that you, you don’t even think about, because you’re excited to go into
a new environment. Residence offered me and, as well as I can say for anyone else here, an experience. An opportunity to, learn to make friends and to become more of an adult.

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