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Will’s £1,250pcm London Apartment / Flat Tour | That London Life

Well hello there, come in Hello there! This is my friend Will Carne
Will: Hello I’d like to introduce you to him and also his
apartment today so that you can see what another apartment in London looks like.
So let’s dive right in! As you walk into my apartment the first thing you’re
probably going to notice is this, it’s a replica Friends frame. I got it from
Etsy for my flatmate for her birthday and we love it, everyone let’s take
pictures with it it’s like a little photo opp, and you’ve got to imagine it’s
here but it’s currently down here, this is my pride and joy. This is my authentic
Jubilee Line tube sign from Bond Street Station. I did buy it
I didn’t just rip off the wall but it’s waiting to go on this wall. It was very
expensive that’s all, it’s SO COOL This is my kitchen, welcome. This is where I
cook many microwave meals The main features that you need to know
and this is what I’d recommend I can now not live in a flat without one,
a dishwasher. Eleana: Yeah most London apartments
do not come with one They don’t, I mean when we
were like looking at apartments I open this and saw there was a dishwasher
and I was immediately not going to go anywhere else and we also have a wine
rack which we have filled with squash because we’re actually children Balconies! This is our wonderful garden,
as you can see I can practically it’s like arm width, that’s official
dimensions. We’re just going into spring when we’re filming this so we haven’t
got any flowers yet but it’s going to look really nice
Eleana: And it’s got little lights! Will: Yeah it’s real pretty
Eleana: Can you sit? How many people can you fit? You can pretty much fit one person lying
down, you might be able to fit a little table Eleana: Lying down?! Will: You know what I mean, lounging.
I wanted to get a massive bean bag to put on this so that you could just like
it take up the whole balcony and you just like to lounge on it but then when
you- when it’s not on the balcony there’s nowhere to put it. Eleana: So how did you find this apartment? so we found this by looking online we looked at so many different flats all
around the like south of London and we finally came across this one on like one
of the online sites RightMove and we came to visit it and then yeah decided we
loved it maybe like 10 we looked at Eleana: How many places do you think you looked at before you found this one? Will: Maybe like 10? We looked at quite a few so this is our third flat
since we moved to London so we’re quite used to like the way London flats work
it’s very intense and like they go in like one day so we kind of signed up with
loads of estate agents and looked all around and then eventually we got this
one. The key is to like not quit too soon, wait until you find one that you
absolutely love and then quickly nab it TOP TIP! Welcome to my living room
this is where I live this is actually the second bedroom but
top tip if you spend most your time in your bedroom which people do in London
the living room is always bigger so I decided to switch my bedroom into the
living room and then this second bedroom became like a tiny little cinema space
so it’s really cozy but there’s still enough space to kind of have everyone
sit around. We have a TV, we have a tree, we got this tree at Christmas and we
thought it looked so cool we’re going to keep it up until the clocks change Eleana: So what do you do on the regular day? Will: So I am currently a film student I also worked freelance as a videographer
sometimes and I produce films so I mainly can work from a laptop Eleana: And how much is this apartment per month? Will: So this apartment is £1,250 GBP per month and it’s got two people living here so it’s
£625 GBP each, that’s not including bills Eleana: And that’s actually not typical for this area is it because the average 2-bed apartment seems to be £1,400 GBP, so it’s quite a good deal! Will: It is! It was really cheap, we
basically, us and the landlord, got on really well when we came to view the
property and so they kind of gave us a really good deal so be a nice person
and you’ll get a good deal but yeah most flats are a little bit more expensive Eleana: And what about the decor here
because it looks pretty cool but we’re noticing some interesting pieces Will: Yes, so actually when we came to the apartment it was really nicely decked
out, the landlord I think used to live here so it like had really nice white
walls which is nice because so often you walk into an apartment is beige but yeah
we’ve slowly added lots of little features. We bought this sofa which is
probably the most adult thing I’ve ever bought an actual sofa and we’ve slowly
added little touches like this little filing cabinet which we keep our like
DVDs in and the Cogsworth and Lumiere my mum got me for my birthday and they just
look really nice, and this is because we got flowers a few days ago and we
don’t own vases so we’ve stuck it in a teapot because we
are British Eleana: Artistic! Will: It is Eleana: Did this apartment come unfurnished or furnished? Will: It came unfurnished yeah so everything
in here is ours and it’s all stuff that we’ve gathered slowly, as I say we’ve
lived in London for about four years and everything has come from different bits
like this is my mum’s that she was getting rid of her sofa so we nabbed it
and then she like knitted this cover for us it’s really cute, this is like our Gran’s
that she was getting rid of, that’s our Aunt’s like we just have family heirlooms of
stuff they were gonna throw away, and over here is where we keep our programmes, so we
see a lot of theatre as you can see and we’ve got in this weird little habit of
keeping the programmes of every show we go to see and adding them on the pile
so our guests can read through them No one’s ever done that. This is my favourite
one; programme-wise, the show was just okay Let’s go to the bathroom which is next
which is all the way through here. As we go past look at this. This is space-saving at
its finest: a door shoe rack Genius. Would recommend it.
£10, not spon [sponsored] This is the bathroom, we have a tree Oh this, this is cool, this is like
a nice feature. So these look like tiles but they’re not, it’s actually a picture
behind like a sheet of glass and so it’s made to look like really fancy tiles, you
can just wipe it clean This is literally a picture, it’s
actually the same in the kitchen if you cut back to the tiles in the kitchen
they’re also this. Heated towel rail as well, the features here are just amazing.
So now on to my flatmate’s room which is this one. So she has a second biggest bedroom Eleana: So this would have been the master bedroom? Will: Yeah, so this would have been the master bedroom That’s why it’s at the back
She wanted this one because it’s a bit quieter because she used to be on night
shifts and there’s a busy road at the front Eleana: So how did you find your roommate? Because that can be a struggle in London Will: It was actually really hard, so I
was born and she was there. No, she’s my sister and so yeah when I finished my
first degree she was looking for a place in London as well so we’re like let’s
okay let’s move in with each other we’re siblings and yeah we actually
really got on really well Eleana: Shall we go and see your room / the living room? Will: Yes let’s, come on through Da daaaa, so this is my room
as you can see there’s lots of yellow I used to film a lot in here so that’s why
especially this but it looks like a bit of a film set I think because it was
designed to be so Eleana: So this used to be the living room, did you have to do anything to turn it into a bedroom? Will: Not really no, the only thing is it has the internet in
here, that’s the only thing that’s different otherwise no we just whacked a
bed in it, boom Eleana: So as a film student I imagine
you’ve got quite a lot of equipment and stuff so how does that work because it doesn’t even look like you’ve got an awful lot in here Will: Yes so I really- I used to have a really
messy room with no storage and I’ve slowly tried to find
ways to be able to like store stuff so everything’s hidden away so that I don’t
have to look at it all the time but this is my camera cupboard and it’s currently
half empty cuz as elsewhere but this is where I keep all of my equipment that I
can grab things Eleana: But not clothes? Will: Clothes are in here See? Wonderful. And also Top Tip – gotta make
that a thing, I’m expecting a graphic Space-saving in London, everyone should
have an ottoman bed, that’s where you can put all of your things that you
don’t want to show. There’s like a proper yellow theme as I say going on. Slowly
added stuff over the years, the one thing I want to get to finish it off is I
really want to separate the like bed and working area so I want to get like a
little net curtain to put down here so it kind of makes it a little bed section, and
then this is where I sit and work and edit and do most my work, and then when
I’m tired I come and lounge here on my chaise longue, this is the other adult
purchase I made and I absolutely love it would recommend for a bedroom, like a
mini sofa. Another feature is this, now I am so unorganized
I always walk out the door and forget the essentials so I’ve made
this like a little setup for my wallet my Oyster card and my keys and when I get
home I’m supposed to remember to put them there so when I walk out the door I could just
grab and go. Top Tip! Organization Eleana: That’s actually amazing
Will: I know right Eleana: So what’s this on your screen right now? Will: So this is my film ‘Dear Will Carne’
I’ve been working on for two years and it finally comes out and it is out right now Eleana: And it features beautiful scenes of London like this, would highly recommend Will: Subscription alert from Norton not included Eleana: So that was a tour of Will Carne’s apartment, thanks so much for taking us along
Will: You’re welcome Eleana: And hopefully found out some interesting information there as well as being a little bit nosy like I am, I really particularly love his apartment and I kind of want to steal it
whenever you move out just let me know Will: I wanna steal yours, let’s swap Eleana: We’ll just swap. So if
you’d like to see more apartment tours let me know by giving me a like or
commenting or something so though I know that this is something that I should
continued doing, I will see you very soon Goodbye!


Andy Hartley

Apr 4, 2019, 6:26 pm Reply

Nice film product placement! 😀

Ellie Berry

Apr 4, 2019, 6:29 pm Reply

Seeing that dishwasher makes me weep joyous and jealous tears! ???

Jennifer Garibay

Apr 4, 2019, 6:45 pm Reply

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Friend Jamie

Apr 4, 2019, 7:27 pm Reply

Call me biased… but he’s beautiful ? also… he still has a very messy room. It just has storage space now ?

Rita Espadinha

Apr 4, 2019, 10:27 pm Reply

he's so cute!!! Loved the apartment!

Ross and Bek

Apr 4, 2019, 8:37 am Reply

Love the top tip dance move! Seems like a really good value apartment!
We're fellow theater lovers – I would totes read the brochures on your coffee table lol! ?✌

Matjaž Winkler

Apr 4, 2019, 11:52 am Reply

Can you hint what area is it (for this price)?

john bowersox

Apr 4, 2019, 12:10 pm Reply

What a nice flat. I love the kitchen. I’ve only lived in one small studio apartment that didn’t have a dishwasher ?. It wasn’t fun ?. Thanks Eleana ?.


Apr 4, 2019, 9:28 pm Reply

Nice cozy kitchen

Emily U K

Apr 4, 2019, 6:15 pm Reply

you seem a nice guy love your flat

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May 5, 2019, 8:58 pm Reply

Nice kitchen


May 5, 2019, 7:08 pm Reply

Where did you get the light ballon in your bedroom?

Juliana’s TV

May 5, 2019, 8:56 am Reply

Please, where is this in South London? It has a separate kitchen! Everywhere else I’ve seen is bloody open plan. Closed-plan is the dream!

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This was such a fun video to watch!

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Jun 6, 2019, 12:56 am Reply

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Jul 7, 2019, 9:05 pm Reply

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Jul 7, 2019, 1:54 am Reply

Loved this vid. Flats have come a long way. When I was renting they were atrocious.

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