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William Birkin Resident Evil 2 Remake – (RE2 Remake Claire)

So with William Birkin having so many transformations,
it was great to see him reimagined in this new resident evil 2 remake. Showcasing the sheer terror of what the G
virus can do to any human being. With Williams subsequent mutations pushed
him to become a complete abomination, we resident evil fans had a chance to go toe to toe with
one of the most powerful B.O.W.s to have ever existed. Anyways what is up you guys this is HeY DeVuH
and in this video we’re going to be covering William Birkin and his many G transformations. Ranging from his third form to his grotesque
blob form by the end of the game. Were we also compare the events from the original
resident evil 2 to this new remakes, were it shows how william infected himself with
the G virus, to his overall appearance with each mutation, and his in game battle mechanics. We’ll also cover the differences on how
the encounters with William happens between the two resident evil versions and see how
the developers from Capcom gave us one of the most Iconic monsters in the resident evil
series. Alright so starting off, let’s discuss William
birkin’s moment of infection in both games. Were we see him in the original resident evil
2 marveling at his creation, but it’s soon cut short when the umbrella operatives arrive
to steal the g virus. But in this particular sequence, william didn’t
even fire a single shot but was thought that he did when one of the items from his table
dropped to the floor, which subsequently caused one of the operatives to shot william on the
right side of his body. But after retrieving the G virus, the Umbrella
Operatives left William to die but unbeknownst to them, the doctor was still holding a sample
of the virus. Were we then see him inject it into his own
body. Were as in this new remake, we the players
find these cutscenes from the videotapes that was being recorded from the perspective of
the umbrella operatives, as they ambush William in the umbrella secret lab. We’ll also get some recounts of memories
from annette birkin, as she explains to either Leon or Claire the events after William was
shot. Anyways in this remakes, William is more openly
defiant to give away his creation and attempted to shoot one of the operatives. But in a quick sequence of events, William
was shot down and was presumed dead. Leading the operatives to retrieve the G virus
samples from the doctor. All in all if we put these events side by
side, the overall conclusion was still the same but in the remake they gave it a much
more grounded feel to the whole event. Seeing how a normal person would act with
having their life’s work being taken by someone else and how operatives acted when
one of their comrades shot William on instinct. So shortly after being shot, we get to see
annette’s perspective when she explains what happens to william after the confrontation
with the umbrella operatives. Were in this remakes version, we see him stand
right back up but seemingly twitch a couple of times, indicating that the mutation has
already started to begin. But what was missing from new remake was the
events after leaving the laboratory, because in the original resident evil 2, we got to
see William pursue the soldiers until the sewers. Were one by one he would take out each of
the operatives, as they try to fend off the monster in front of them. In the end William will continue his rampage,
were we saw him massacre all of the operatives besides HUNK, Giving us players one of the
longer and better cutscenes in the game. But in this new remake we only get the last
moments from the perspective from one of the soldiers, begging William to not hurt his
comrade. As we see the new G monster eliminate the
soldier, with the last shot was seeing the rats licking the samples of the Virus, which
would subsequently cause the further spread of the disease. Overall, it was a great sequence in both versions
of the game to see how this G monstrosity came to be. But in this remake, it felt a lot more grounded
or “realistic” if we can put it that way, compared to the original resident evil 2 were
it felt more like a cinematic segment of events. So now after getting a quick backstory as
to how William infected himself with the g virus, let’s move on to the events that
happens right before his third G transformation in this new remake and how we can compare
this portion of the storyline and gameplay to the original resident evil 2. So in this new remake, we see william burst
through the ceiling, which was a nod to his entrance from the classic version, as we have
our protagonist leaving the west side portion of the laboratory. But what surprised me here was that William
was still in his second G form and then we have annette show up right behind us to shoot
william to what appears to be acid rounds. Then A quick exposition ensues between our
characters and annette but it’s soon cut short when we see William already mutated
in his new fourth G transformation. Were we see him grow one large arm in a split
second. But we can compare this events in the original
resident evil 2, were we had our characters waiting for the elevator lift to pick us up
but then we see william burst through the ceiling already in his third g form. But here it’s also noticeably apparent that
the large orifice of his fourth transformation is already starting to form, giving him a
grotesque overall look. We also have annette absent in this sequence,
were there wasn’t any kind of exposition or cutscenes that would have William grow
into a monstrosity. It was a pure and simple final boss battle
entrance in the original RE2. Anyways going back to the remakes version,
after seeing william finally in his third form, we get a great intro to the boss encounter,
particularly in Claire’s campaign. As we see her take command of the situation
and ready to go face to face with this G monstrosity. Alright so starting off let’s cover william’s
overall appearance and gameplay mechanics. Were here in this new remake, the developers
from Capcom have done a great job Of reimagining William Birkins transformation, making him
look ungodly with those 4 large claws and the protrusion on his chest area but also
the overall stature of this monster was highlighted in the later stages of his mutations. Showcasing what the progression of the G virus
can do in its later forms, the devs are truly taking advantage of today’s technology to
bring this monster to life. Anyways in this new re2 remake, william has
a variety of attacks in this particular boss battle. Were he uses his standard slash attacks that
we’ve become accustomed to from his previous boss battle but also it’s similar in the
way how he attacked us in the original resident evil 2. But we still had to tread lightly when he
does these attacks because it does have a far reach so the best option is to time his
slashes so that we can get away from him and start off from a new position. Also he’s able, at close range, to almost
jab at us players with one of his claws. But this is easily avoided as long as we don’t
corner ourselves in the battle arena. Alright so moving on to his next attack, not
only does it requires us to not only time it but we also have to weave past it by either
running towards the starting point of his attack or making sure we have a large distance
between us and the G monster. Because with this move he’ll give a momentary
pause before he lunges up in the air and attempts to slam our characters on all fours. But if somehow we’re not able to dodge this
attack, we have to make sure to have a disposable weapon so we can escape the clutches of this
monster. Because if we don’t have one of these items,
then this may happen. Alright so the next attack that william can
do is that he can run at us from a fair distance, covering the ground that we’ve made during
the boss battle. Also he’s capable of either picking up one
of the cylindrical containers or the piece of wall in the environment and either chuck
it at us or slam the portion to the ground. These attacks are fairly easy to avoid as
long as we either stand behind one of the walls Or keep our distance when he slams the portion
of the wall down to the ground. Anyways another great strategy to implement
when fighting william is using acid rounds to help stop his attacks. Which is both a great offensive and defensive
tool against this monster. Because we can time his attacks by the those
momentary pauses that he gives before his slashes or lunges, so we can shot him at these
particular times which would cause him stop and kneel for a short while, giving us an
opportunity to run past him or create distance. Also another great way to stop william in
his tracks is shooting those G eyeballs throughout his body. Either his main one on his right arm, to the
ones on his back and left thigh. Because if we happen to be able to burst any
of these eyeballs, this will cause william to stagger just enough so we can get away
from him. Also the added benefit of eliminating all
of his eyeballs is that he will be completely incapacitated for a brief moment, showing
his weakness in the middle chest area. Were a large clump of these G eyeballs are
exposed, giving us players an opportunity to deal a lot of damage to this monster. Anyways after he does take a lot of damage,
william will give of a massive roar, were we see him literally blow off steam from his
body and then we see him glowing from the heat that he’s producing. This overall aesthetic that the developers
added to this monster in this sequence was great, were it truly shows the continual progression
of the G virus and how it constantly needs to adapt, depending on the situation. It’s also great to see how the developers
for this remake built on top of the great foundation for this g monster from the original
re2. Adding so much to what we saw from his previous
iteration. But there was a difference with the original
and remakes version of william, and it was that we didn’t have the sequence of his
mutation were this happens. Seeing him on all fours, famously known as
his “dog” mutation, which was absent in this particular boss fight in this remake. But it was referenced slightly in the next
encounter with william, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Overall this version of William mutation in
this new resident evil 2 remake was amazing. Giving us a variety of attacks and the overall
feel of the battle was a grand spectacle. Because after the boss fight, if we take a
look around at the environment, it looks like it was hit by a tornado. It just goes to show the sheer brute force
that this monster can produce when fighting against our protagonist. Showcasing what the potential of what the
G virus can do, No wonder Annette in this new remake didn’t want it to be taken away. Alright so let’s move on to Williams next
G boss fight. Were this time he’ll make his entrance while
we make our escape from the umbrella secret lab. Were we see william on top of the turn table
car lift, as he looks grotesquely different from his previous form. Because now we see the protrusion from his
chest area from his previous form completely enlarged. Showcasing the many G eyeballs in it, while
at the same time his overall body has shown the uncontrollable mutation that he’s gone
through due to all the damage he received from the previous boss fight. He also appears to have lost the two extra
arms in this version as well. Also if we look at the models between his
third and fourth form side by side, we can see the distinct differences between the two
versions. Were in his third G form, he appears to be
whole and more uniform with his overall body mutation. Were as in his fourth form, he appears to
have overly mutated and his bodily features shows the grotesque aspects of this transformation. Alright so finally let’s move on to our
battle with this monstrosity. With its initial move is to jump off from
the top of the turn table car, trying to pounce on our character. But this is easily dodged at this segment
of the game. Anyways william in this form has a variety
of attacks that we have to be wary of when going up against him. Were he uses his standard slash attack, but
this time he goes about it in a more chaotic and wild way. Just trying to slash away anything in its
path. His next attack is when we see him get low
on the ground, were he readies himself to lunge at us from any distance. Also with this particular move, he is very
fast at running towards us, so the best course of action is to get into an angle behind the
turn table car so he doesn’t hit us. Because if we fail to put ourselves in an
angle that is lateral to his attack, then we have no choice but to get hit by this monster
due to his overall speed. Also on a quick note, this attack of william
is the one that I referenced earlier that pays homage to his “dog” form from the
original resident evil 2. Were we see him in all fours and can run at
us players from any distance, but in this older version, he can either swipe at us or
catch us by his orifice and chew on us like a piece of meat. Alright so moving on to his next move, were
we see william start to climb up on the side of the environment, giving himself enough
height to literally cannon ball towards either our location or on any portion of the map. But what I did notice is that if he does land
on top of the turn table car, he’ll again try to lunge at us from that height as well,
so we just have to be on our toes when he does so. Anyways once william takes enough damage,
he again like from his previous boss battle, will let off a lot of steam from his body. Indicating the next phase of the boss battle. But instead of upgrading and becoming a more
potent version of himself. We instead see william almost groveling on
the floor, with his main mode of mobility is to drag himself with his enlarged arms. Which in a way almost seems like his final
resort to try to eliminate our character, even if it means barely hanging on a thread. Overall this boss battle with william in his
fourth G transformation was great. Seeing his progression to this point of his
G virus mutation is something to marvel about. Were we see his overall chaotic movements
and a small tribute to his “dog” form form the original resident evil 2. alright so let’s move on and finally cover
william’s fifth G transformation during our escape on the train. Were we can also compare this overall form
with his previous iteration and how the events occur with this particular boss battle as
well. Anyways so with this new re2 remake, we get
to encounter william when we see Leon, Claire, and Sherry Birkin attempt to escape the umbrella
secret lab. But this is interrupted when they feel a tremor
and one of our protagonist has to check out the back of the train, to only find that william
has completely mutated into this massive blob form that consumes the back portion of the
compartment. Also in this new remake, the developers added
so much detail with this overall form of william. Were we can even see the walls of the train
consumed by the flesh of this G virus monster, giving it a distinguish grotesque look. Were we can compare this to his previous iteration
were we see him consume the wall of the train as well but highlighting those tentacles more
in this version. Anyways in both games, the overall boss battle
is the same, were we just have to unload as much bullet into this G monstrosity. But the differences with each version of william
fifth transformation was the large G eyeball that would show up in the new remake, after
william takes enough damage from our attacks. But once we finally are able to beat this
version of william, instead of melting like he did from the original resident evil 2. Here in this new remake, we either see Leon
or Claire stab william’s large g eyeball and then disconnect the part of the train
that he was in. Giving us a quick and swift ending to this
G monstrosity. Compared to the original re2, were we get
a full blown cinematic ending, seeing our characters attempt to stop the train because
it was close to self destructing. But at the same time having william follow
them to the front of the train, were we see one of the best moments in the resident evil
2. Anyways with williams many G transformations
and the overall gameplay that ensued when going up against him, which was your favorite
and why? Please feel free to share your opinions on
the comment section down below, I love hearing all the other resident evil fans perspective
on these monsters. Also if you guys enjoyed the content, please
feel free to leave a like and subscribe. Anyways Thank you so much for watching my
video and as always you guys have a great rest of your day, and this is HeY DeVuH Signing



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Carpathian Tortoise

Feb 2, 2019, 8:38 pm Reply

The fact that William Birkin is voiced by the original Frank West in the remake made it all the much sweeter.


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It's too bad the bosses between first and second playthrough is similar with Mr. X as an exception for Leon.

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The old version of Annette seemed like she cared more for William being shot as the new one in the remake she seem like she didn't even acknowledged that her husband was just shot instead she seemed more focused as to why he injected himself….he did it to live and to get revenge thinking he was gonna have control of G in which he did in his first form but in his second form he had little control and once that second head grew replacing his human head that was when William Birkin died


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I feel that William got a little shorter in his 4 stage of his mutation but a bigger body


Apr 4, 2019, 12:12 am Reply

If you look go to the concept art and look at William’s 5 stage you see that there’s 2 faces on both sides of his blob body,and there’s a head on the right side of his body in the boss battle of his 5 g stage

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I've always wondered if any part of William was alive in the final form of G? could he have been aware of what he was been used to do?

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I like Willam brikin and eye ball and caws and killing sloders

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I like Willam brikin and eye ball and caws and killing sloders scene


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G-V was always going to suck, I cut Capcom some slack though, it's a blob of eyes and flesh there was only so much the devs could do with it. Design-wise G-IV was for me a let down, when it runs it looks more clumsy than primal, and if didn't know it was G-IV I would've guessed it was an Uroboros mutation.


Jan 1, 2020, 6:33 am Reply

I was hoping you would cover this. 😁💖
What originally attracted me to the series was seeing actual figurines of Birkin's G forms. It was love at first spook.
The RE2 remake took a lot of creative liberties and I personally was not disappointed. I was beyond hyped for Birkin's mutations, so seeing them look so badass was a treat.
My favorite forms in the remake are his G3 and G5 (where he looks like something out of The Thing.)


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Frank Campbell

Jan 1, 2020, 9:04 pm Reply

in the original fight you used that was his G4 form in the middle of transforming cause you fight G3 form on the elevator platform in story B


Travis Touchdown

Jan 1, 2020, 3:53 pm Reply

So William can use Gear Second. Someone needs to tell Oda about this.

Max Attax

Feb 2, 2020, 10:59 pm Reply

"Blob form" totally not a design inspired by vagina dentata

miamat15 The gamer

Feb 2, 2020, 7:13 pm Reply

It's hard to belive that it was a HUMAN

Drew Thompson

Feb 2, 2020, 11:59 am Reply

I love how hunk just chews that dude out drill Sargent style.


Mar 3, 2020, 3:54 am Reply

Claire says "This ends now" and fights G. But you're wrong claire you still got to fight him 2 times smh. Plus no sane person would choose to get lowered down on that plate form to fight him like she might shoot him z
Some from above but theirs no way she's gonna choose to just go down their and fight him leans at least makes sense where he doesn't have a choice besides that moment with Claire I loved this game so much tho

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