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Wildfire Relief – Helping California Families Find Home

I was kind of still in bed,
and I looked outside and I was like wow, that looks like a really, really orange sunrise. I didn’t really think anything of it,
but then when I looked outside I realized that it wasn’t a sunrise,
everything was on fire. And it was the first time in my life
I was completely helpless. Once we got into Chico
there weren’t any emergency services. It was literally strangers helping each other. And you know I got in touch with Apartment List who kind of like walked us through the whole thing. Come on down, you’re in it. It’s like we have an apartment in San Francisco. The people that work at Veritas,
they didn’t have to do it, but they chose to and we’re grateful for it,
and it is a huge help. That morning somebody was pounding on my door. My neighbor says we need to get out,
we need to evacuate. My mother just called and her place is gone,
and we need to go. Equity just did a great job
and you know, it’s just amazing. I walked in and they had
everything that I could ever think of. I was really grateful that I was able to
have Sadie because she’s my service dog. I’d never heard of Wag before, but now I have
and I’m very grateful for what they set for Sadie. I walked out of the deli
and I saw a huge plume of smoke, and it just made me really nervous
because it didn’t look like it was that far away. We were watching the satellite pictures of the fire, and realized that Seminole Springs was in the middle
of the fire and the fire had already passed our house. It was clear that our house was probably gone,
but you still stay hopeful. It just dragged on like this uneasy feeling of not knowing
where we were going from day to day. It felt like it’s been like that
up until we moved in here on the 29th. To come in here and to see this
beautiful furniture and every detail. And the bed, the Casper bed,
and to be able to sleep on that bed. It was the first good nights sleep I had
had in almost two months. My sons birthday is January 4th,
and to be able to get him somewhere, and to have cake with him
and to actually buy him some toys. Yeah, and have him open presents
that was pretty, that was very cool, very cool.

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