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Why Do so Many New Apartment Buildings in Seattle Look the Same? | PNW Explained

A lot of the buildings
that are being built today they look cheap,
they look cheaply built. I think what you’re talking about
is larger-scale, mixed-use, multifamily buildings. There’s a material called
HardiePanel. It’s a great product, actually. And now it’s overused. It doesn’t exude a sense of permanence. It doesn’t have a whole lot of texture
and interest to it. You compare this to say… our traditional, smaller scale, brick
apartment buildings. They don’t feel nearly as flat. I, for example, have
real estate investment in my retirement portfolio. And that’s what is building
a lot of these projects. And the goal of investors is to maximize the
rate of return. We desperately need more housing. We have a lot of land
devoted to single family houses. Almost all of the new construction
is happening within land that’s devoted to
mixed-use, multifamily. And we have very little
in between those two. Things all looking the same
when they’re being built now… that’s a bad thing. Things all looking the same
when they were built 100 years ago… that’s a good thing. That said, we need to
be building better buildings.



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thats all?


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Shortest good video on a modern urban trends!

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