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What to Check on an Apartment Walk-through | Allstate Insurance

New apartment? A walkthrough with the landlord can help you
identify any needed repairs or other issues before you move in. Be sure to take photos and notes so you can
refer back to them later. Safety check! Where are the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Do they work? What about the locks? If there’s a security system, make sure
it’s functioning properly. Are the outlets, doors and windows OK? A phone charger can help you test the power
outlets. Also open and close all doors and windows
to see if they function smoothly. Make sure the bathroom is in good condition. How’s the water pressure? Are the sink and tub draining properly? For the kitchen, let’s make sure the oven
turns on, the stove gets hot and the refrigerator is cold. Don’t forget to turn off the stove and oven
before you leave. Any problems in the bedroom or living room? Keep an eye out for stains, chipped paint
or damaged carpet. After the walkthrough, follow up with an email
to your landlord outlining any issues he or she agreed to address. Want more apartment tips? Visit allstate.com/blog.

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