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what if shinta jadi petani squishy – squishy dares indonesia – home sale squishy

Hello, welcome to my garden Squishy garden are consist of fruits and vegetables Onion squishy, carrot squishy, pear squishy, peach squishy, eggplant squishy and others Ok now I want to hoe first You know, if you are famer is so tired guys, my waist is sick and a lot of sweating out This is my mango tree squishy Now I want to harvest I pick one by one hmmm… its smell so good Ouch! The weather like hot Here I have done harvest the mango Good evening miss, is this after harvest the fruits and vegetables? You right Last, I saw you harvesting vegetables then I came This fruits so much… Yes There’s Lombok fruits, I want the fesh vegetables, can I pick up from the tree? Of course I want to buy pare squishy, oh how much the cost? All item 2000 Oh 2000, okso I take pare squishy 1,corn squishy 1, mango squishy 1 Wow mango squishy is so good Is the apple’s price 2000 too? Yes, that is the best squishy Oh, so this the best one I want to harvest the carrot,onion and starfruit Can I harvest the squishy now? Oh, of course Oh, where do you know my garden miss? Last ,I did from my friend’s place, and I saw there has harvest squishy, so I came I see the fruits is so fresh Ok, now we harvest it Ok I want 2 carrots squishy, I pick by my self Wow, this is the fresh carrot I want onion squishy too Wow, its so good. What fertilizer do you use? Its only use manure Oh manure, do you maintain chickens? Yes, that’s the chicken Ok I want to pick starfruit squishy Sure, please harvest it Ok, here you go Thanks, lets we bring there Ok, so , how much all of them, let me count first 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 last 2000 all of them 18.000 Next week, what fruits will be harvest? All vegetables will be harvest What’s vegetables? Eggplant squishy starfruits, squishy big Lombok and peach squishy Wowits so big the peach squishy Next week I will ask friends to come here, can i? Sure, I will give discount Wow, that’s good here’s the money i give you 20.000 Thanks for let me harvest in the garden Next week, I ask my friends to come here don’t forget give us the discount Please wrap the order, wow my children will be happy to eat starfruits, so carrot will I make soup The colour of carrot is so bright Thanks a lot shinta Sure Next time, I will come again, Bye bye Wow, its so cool be squishy farmer, you can get money Hi, good evening miss Wow, there a lot of mangoes I’m cravings 9 months Wow lol I want mango squishy and peach squishy from the tree Sure you can, I take the first Wow, there’s so many of fruits garden , right mis? Yes Here I have been take the plate Now, I often nausea. I want to eat something sweet and sour I want this, mango and peach. Please cut it here my plate How about to cut this one? just cut it Let me cut it Wow the mango is delicious Last time, just picked mangoes only 3? No, theres some have been pay Hmmmm the mango is perfumed We cut first, have you try this mago mis ? Yes I have I try first The taste sweet and sour May be a few months I have give a birth Please pray for me miss Wish the baby is health and safe Amin Its delicious Now, I want to cut squishy peach Sure you can Wow the colour of peach has cooked Peach squishy … a little difficult to cut Its sweet peach squishy Hmmm delicious lol The mango is not cooked so the colour is like this So how much the cost? I want take a home Free for you Is that free? Thanks you Its free for the baby Is that free ? Yeah, bring it Ok, thanks. I want to eat in the home bye bye bye Bye Hi miss do you remember me? Who are you? I don’t remember What? Don’t remember?The pregnant women last time Shanti wants carrot shanti love to eat carrot Shanti what do you want again? This is chili squishy That’s behind pear squishy tree Shanti lets search the fruits The health baby is cravings Yes now the baby has grown, she is girl named shanti Hi how are you shanti? Is this garden increasing fruits ? Is this harvest a half? Yes it has This is pear have cooked Yes, the colour has been yellow Later want buy some chilli squishy Last, shanti bought mago squishy here That mango squishy still available Ok.now we want go home. we ask carrot squishy please This one first Ok with pleasure Do you want it santi? lol Shanti be careful with your hand Ok thanks guy for watching What if shinta to be squishy farmer Bye bye Shanti shake your hand bye Ouch my waist is sick lol Wrong scene Hi guys welcome to my garden Squishy garden’s shinta Here I plant vegetables and fruits There are carrot squishy, onion squishy, there are red Lombok squishy eggplant squishy… and behind peach squishy There are mango squishy then starfruit squishy and behind there squishy… Cut cut forget lol

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