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What happens on double dates [Web Drama_Welcome to the Witch Shop] – EP.08

Yeah? Then, hold my hand. Huh? [Welcome to the Witch Shop] [EP.8 What happens on double dates] Eunah, what do I do? Why do you think Yuho asked me out? Why do you think!
Obviously, he asked you out on a date. I am certain. Last time you said you were certain
that he’s into me. Nope. I was only 92,7% sure then. Come on. Seriously, what should we do tomorrow? What do you and Taeil do when
you guys hang out together? Me? I don’t really hang out with Taeil these days. You should’ve used that healing item for me! Stay quiet! I see that you guys are hanging out again. By the way, aren’t you working tomorrow? Oh, you’re right! I’ve got my part time job! Oh no, did you forget about it? [Wicked Boss]
“The store is closed tomorrow”. Huh? I just got a text that the store
is closed tomorrow. Oh, wow. Maybe she figured out
that you have a date tomorrow and she’s
trying to help. Nope. That’s never likely. Yeah… Hey! Seriously! You just got me killed! What should I write? “Youngji, what are you up to tomorrow?” Hmm… Is that too random? “Youngji! I discovered this really nice cake place.
Do you want to go check it out tomorrow?” Do you… Check it… Hey, what are you up to? Let’s go. Let’s go check it out together. Oh shit! Oh shit! I just sent it to her
because of you! What the… Heading out first. [Youngji! I discovered this really nice cake place.
Let’s go check it out together.] “Okay~” This was the best cake I’ve ever tasted. That’s nice. Apparently, this is a really
famous place. Is it? Have you ever been here? No. This is my first time too. I’ve never been here, and I’ve never tasted a cake before in my life. I guess this is what a cake tastes like. It’s… It’s good. Why are we taking a dessert tour
all of a sudden? What do you think?
Cakes or macarons? Which tastes better? I don’t know. They all taste the same. Hurry, finish up.
We got to check out the waffle place too. Try this roll cake too. Why aren’t you eating though? – I don’t like cakes.
– I don’t like YOU. Should we order those two too? Then, we would be trying everything
on the menu here. Alright! Let’s get them too. Don’t you think it’s a little too much though? Are you underestimating me? No, I am not… Looks delicious. Let’s dig in. It’s on me. No! I brought you here.
It’s on me. Excuse me! Can we get one chocolate cake
and one strawberry cake please? Oh wait.
Can we get two of each? Huh? You guys! – You go first.
– No, you go first. Um… Didn’t you say you and Hyeji have
some place to go? Oh, right. I did! Didn’t you say you had to go somewhere too? Oh yes, I did! – Well, it’s a bummer.
– I know. It would’ve been nice if we could
hang out together. I know. – It’s so unfortunate that we’ve got other things
to do today.
– Exactly. – I will see you at school then.
– Alright. Thanks… No, I mean. Bye! – Yep. Bye!
– Yep, see you! Let’s go! Where are we headed now? Let’s go. You are so good at this! How are you hanging in there? It’s quite difficult. I think I might fall. Yeah? Then, hold my hand. Huh? Just loosen up and straighten your back. – Whoa!
– How is it? Better? – Now, slowly let go of my hand.
– No! Don’t let go! See? You are good. I think I might be a little talented.
Oops! I am so sorry! Hey, watch it! – Huh?
– Huh? – Hyeji, are you okay?
– Youngji, are you okay? – Huh?
– Huh? What a coincidence. That’s what I am saying.
How did you guys end up here? I followed him here since he told me
this place offers some amazing corndogs. I’ve never been here actually. Yuho? How about you? It’s my first here too. – It’s certain.
– It’s certain. He checked out the same blog. The corndog here is amazing. Yeah? Do you want mine too? Thanks. Hyeji, you take mine too. I am fine though. Thanks… By the way, are you two like, together? – Huh?
– Huh? I mean, it’s weekend and you guys are
hanging out together. How about you guys then? I am just here because he offered good food. Huh? Yeah. That’s right. I asked her to see me today. The cake…
It wasn’t so bad. The portion was a little small but. I know so many other nice places. We can go check them out later. What a fine boy, you are! In that sense, should we grab
another cup noodle? I got this. I will join you.
I will go get something to drink. Why is she so tactless! Don’t even think of stealing my corndog. Sungwoo, I feel you. Cheer up. [Yuho] Hey Yuho. Are you home? Hyeji, you left your purse! What? Do you think you can step outside
for a moment? Yes! I will be right there! Yuho! Here you go. Thank you.
You could’ve just held on to it till school. – Hmm, Hyeji.
– Yeah? I… I… I like you. What are the chances? What are the chances of your crush
having a crush on you? Youngji would…. Tteokbokki? No, hamburger… – Hey, Sungwoo.
– Yeah? – You fancy Youngji right?
– Yeah. How did you know? Good. What do you mean? I am going to tell Hyeji how I feel
about her today.


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