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Westminster Studios Accommodation Tour | Oxford Brookes University

Here at Brookes who mostly offer our students single-study bedrooms But if you’ll be coming to Brookes with your partner We recognize you might prefer something a bit more private and with a bit more space. So we offer studio flats at Westminster Hall on the Harcourt Hill campus and we’re in the kitchen of one flat now. You’re welcome to take a look around This flat is totally self-contained. So the kitchen is only for yourself and the person living with you to use And there’s plenty of space for the two of you. You’ve got an suite bathroom. So in here you have a toilet, sink, shower and a large mirror as well. And then lastly you have a double study bedroom. These are extra spacious as there’ll be two of you living here. As well as your double bed, You’ve got a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and you’ve got a study area. If you’re interested in a studio flat your very welcome to ask us any questions by getting in contact with us That is also how you request a flat as well Simply email us with the subject heading ‘studio flat’ once you’ve accepted an unconditional offer from Brookes and will be pleased to help you out.

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How much per month?

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