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WE’RE GOING SHOPPING LADIES in Fortnite Battle Royale!

hey guy today we are playing more fortnight #shoping in fortnight Hey guys, welcome back to the channel today. We are playing some more fork knife Today we are landing and tilted towers. That’s right. We’re starting it off with a little bit of salt Oh we should have went to salty springs too late now Tilted will make us tilted. Let’s do this guys, so we usually do pull a lot of W’s We’re not lying, yeah, if you know our channel, we’re like what’s so pro at this game like we’re amazing I’m landing down to grab that gun Is someone getting shot out up there Draco jump jump jump Okay, we gotta grab some of this I feel like someone is out here Are they still on the top? Gold’s behind me Funny they’re down the stairs Okay. Wait, let me get a shotgun with a shotgun I’m five times a little bit better Where they at where they Oh I see people getting hit Rainbow they’re gonna end game me Are you dead? Hey! They’re under the stairs. Get them get them they are under the stairs. We’re gonna close the door we’re gonna pick up Rainbow. Rainbow, we need to pep talk you We have a shopping cart and we’re gonna push you on the shopping cart. You ready for this? Okay. All right. Take me to the hospital Draco! This is Shopping time. Here you go Rainbow it’s shopping. It’s time for shopping Let’s go. Wait someone should push her. I might kill her Let’s go shopping this way. Oh, Gold there’s another shopping cart we could get that too. I got 5 bullets All right Do you hear that? Someone’s on the roof. I think it’s a squad. Yep. There’s definitely someone up there. So let’s grab this, you guys ready to get lit. Yeah! Where are you? Oh stink bomb! Oh, they’re really angry they’re really angry, you know what, go down All right, you know what? We’re gonna take another way. We’re gonna go this way Let’s get them up here. There they are Let’s go let’s go. Where you at. Did you just fall down? They’re down here! They went down, they’re hiding Where did you go? How dare you use our stuff? Someone’s down right here Yes! Wow! Yes Rainbow. Good job. Where are we going Gold? We are going to go kill people with a shopping cart. We’re called… the “Shop Drifters!” That is the worst thing ever. All right shop drifters lets head on over to the center. Is anyone here? Hello town people you’re kings and queens are here these shopping carts are so loud You know what I’m gonna take the shopping cart around town, let’s see where we could go. Oh there’s something here We got a treasure bus, a surrpistol. I will take that well not take that. Let’s go guys I think we do need some mats though. You guys there’s people on top. I’m gonna shoot them with this new thermal rifle Hello You dead too. Oh, they’re coming our way. I think they see us. Oh this thing is awesome. Oh it works. So good. Okay Let’s get these people. Come down to our level There’s no one here. I think they went down the hill Where you at? Oh right there. Oh, there’s someone behind us, Funny get off the ramp. Oh I think they’re shooting from behind. Oh But it was too late no, they’re down, Funneh come on. Where is this person I don’t see-they’re building they’re behind the wood plank. We did so bad in tilted towers that we are not landing in retail row where they probably have all the shopping carts Right, like that’s where all the best deals are in for tonight This is where you could spend all of your V bucks. Is anyone heading here? Let me take a quick look-see. We got a squad Yep, a squads trying to come for our deals. Okay, let’s kill him Let’s try landing a little close to each other just so we don’t die guys. This doggy house has some treasure Let me open this up Wait, he’s in the house. Okay. Well, let’s get him. Let’s get him. Where are you? Hello. He’s in the guillotine suit up the stairs They’re going in guys, where are they I’m gonna make them dance Oh You lied they were not inside they’re outside landing and tilted towers was a really bad ideas now We are heading over to retail Row where they have the best V bucks deals Let’s do this guy’s and the mine pipe talk hype hype I was so bad at height It looks like we have two squads here a lot of people young people want our deals I’m gonna lie on top of the silo water bin Hopefully this chest has Some good stuff in it. All of our teammates are dead. That is not good Jocko we have no guns Don’t use the door. I’ll break it down That was your magic trick Right. Where are these people? I’m gonna get you. I have no gun. Oh Yeah, I don’t know The retail row actually has garbage like nothing yeah, you don’t find any good deals I’m going shopping is anything good in there gold? Really? Nope, there is nothing good here Gold. We’re going shopping. Okay, let’s go this way Where we got shemail we are heading on over to the houses I See nothing, I see something I see a treasure box We’re just gonna keep pushing you and let’s open this up a bunch of useless stuff. Let’s keep going We are shaking up. This hell gold is shaking up this hell, but let’s go into this house buy The team game mad kit, nope Bandages I will take I will take this desk We are finding absolutely Garbage so far guys, we got garbage loot. Let’s go guys. So I saw these cool videos going around about Fortnight shopping cart stunts you want to do a stunt? Yes. We’re going to launch golden rainbow off that. You ready Drago. Let’s try You’re gonna push them am I gonna die baby. It is a little heavy here Wow Got you something better Wait guys, I think there’s a good deal up there. Is that a sniper that? Oh wait We’re gonna drop the old real quick, let me get that What it is a sniper rifle. Does anyone want my dancing thing? You know what? I’ll just switch it for this top 30 and we’ve been super loud throughout the whole mess and no one has shot at us Look at loud. Our carts are do you see anyone? Let’s go on this path guys. We’re a lot faster here Tell me if you see anyone. We will shoot. Oh, there’s a deal of a lifetime over here. There’s a vending machine stop. Oops You’re not no, nope. Nope Grenade launchers pretty good. Yeah This vending machine has messed up. We’re gonna go shopping somewhere else. Let’s go. Oh there’s a mushroom on the floor Let me eat this mmm Free anyways, let’s keep going. Oh, there’s also this far result out. Oh You just wasted my mushroom We got to eat these mushrooms quietly because I feel like someone is near buying mushrooms Just quiet guys you people gonna figure out That we’re eating all of the mushrooms in this forest. Okay, 20 people alive We kill to know what nor did we see anyone? Oh So more mushrooms all you flipped it. Oh We gotta use our vehicles that make us live oh And others center button, come on rainbow pick up that car let’s go shopping. Ooh more mushrooms. Oh I saved you Okay, technically that did you this two of them? Wait, wait the right there. We got a build guys yesterday all about building big this year’s Yeah Well, okay. Well, I meant there’s super see. Yeah, I Missed her head seven times shot Okay, let’s get him, oh no not died up there he’s not Got Iron Man it’s almost dead. Come on guys we could do this. Okay. We just gotta a new Launcher. Well, yeah, we could’ve got soccer net launcher. But now we don’t figure out strong thick that They’re running. They’re hiding shot. You guys shoot me though. Oh, they’re behind me, buddy So got people who stood up people though, okay, listen who cares about that guy meter maid We’re gonna ruin your game who the borders closed again disclose it And Oh Wait, we’re still missing one guy. I’m Not careful, I ran man. I Know you still live out it man Good job guys Southeast 150 we got a bunch of people fighting sweepers to be fire fighting you lied to them. It’s too far to fire I mean if you fly to them It’s kind of epic. So yeah, let’s fly to them. This could go very bad. Well or very horribly Honestly, I’m gonna probably go very horribly. You got your fly. It’s time to fly Let’s go I just remembered I have enough not Good they’re definitely trying to kill us coming close We’re in risky realz because we mean business who was that at all? Hey blue, Preston Let me get you and jump down all her teammates man. 14 base triggers. It’s a John wick. It’s not a John wick I’m gonna end game you anyway, cuz Is a John wick? No, John wicks are scary. I Know why we’re losing so much. It’s my skin. It’s too cute I need to change it to the Canadian a soccer player skin. That’s right, and we’re gonna change. Yeah I’m gonna put on my squeaky hammer and my cube lady and My retro sci-fi and now I will be annoying as possible guys. You ready here a minute. Yeah. You know what? You look like what your captain Canada? Your ia I’m captain Canada If you guys are wondering why I have the skin it’s because I accidentally purchased it But look how on sync we are look at that snow your hair is yes Thank you. Rainbow unicorn a fabulous dance with us. Oh I Wonder pickaxe that is a beautiful pink ass. I’m Salty now, so we’re going to salty springs So let’s go. Yeah, I’m so sorry We keep dying Over and over a lot of people have landed here So we gotta hurry up and run and pick up stuff Oh someone’s coming from the roof. There’s nothing in this washroom. Terrific Well, I have one gun Ewa sky Rainbow, we’re ready. I have a star. I’m powerful. We got gold I’m trying to know it’s days guys. Let’s hide under the stairs like trolls. I do not like that Chakra lucky throw a nice but beautiful here. I’ll be a distraction. I’ll just hide out here and Are you sure that’s a good idea so you get a gun I don’t have extra for you. Let’s bait them here and let’s put on the left like the last Line we go forward. They are so boring They were like, I don’t want to play with these noobs. Oh I see them over west 285 a lot of magical stuff has happened in them. We killed everyone here I think we deserve to dance dance. Yeah Gold to stop eating popcorn. Oh This looks like death. Is it death? Reap you know what we’re both going to run off. This thing was just like oh Wow There’s not enough drama I want some drama there’s none you want some drama you want action Let’s go find you action then all someone’s up there at door you’re running down the snow burr drama Drama, follow me. Hey, let’s see if we could get them on our cart right for a kart shot Oh Okay, let’s follow them on our cart we’re cart chasing them that person ran away from us How dare you I wanted to try my shopping cart tactic. How dare you let’s get them money to your wife Who I see him I see him. Oh I Almost did something cool if it was one person. That would have been caught Everyone said oh I am a chicken alarm everyone Okay Just roll me down a hill and let me go and then I’ll be like a diet. Are you sure that’s a good idea? You want us to watch it go? Alright fine, I’ll find you a hill and I’m gonna roll you all the way down People here that’s Extremely rude You shot me in the pizza He shot my pizza backpack. Okay. Be careful. Oh wait. No, they’re coming back up. Oh, he’s up the stairs Why am I always dying first? It’s a curse for me From a curse no matter what Gockel you got this they’re coming down We’re gonna play 50 V 50 and we’re gonna land on the enemy side We’re gonna land on the evil side the mat is split 50-50. We are heading over to shifty shafts I think this is gonna really trick them. I think our whole team is heading there actually My perfect troll outfit on I got my pizza backpack my cute glider that people can see from afar It has googly eyes. It’s so adorable. Oh, that’s alright. Where is the people? Oh, We got it before me there’s someone up here Upstairs I can hear that hue I see em, I see em. What are you told? There’s Elvis the new item. Hey Don’t god I did Really the fest gasps salt them Oh No TV we were gonna give them the power of salt. Oh, it’s a Candy Girl Candy Girl Candy Girl Shoes i’m reaper bang-bang That was so sad no one saw that cover that up cover that up did not take the foreign aid launcher Well, she had so much stuff. Come on ladies. We’re renting out of time. Like actually the board is coming in Let’s go this time We aren’t going to let Drago build a giant ramp for us to get shot at that was a very dumb idea that we did With the shopping cart here. It is guys. I see a moment you’ve been waiting for so much people We broke our okay, okay. Let’s try sniping people. There’s a oh, they’re leggings so bad. There’s a guy right there Knocked. Oh, wait didn’t not knock. I think they might start taking notice that we’re all the way up here Oh, hey guys. I am stuck on the hill. Are you actually stuck just build them? Jack up. Yeah, I don’t have material. Oh Okay, well that yeah that is an issue then No, oh Look at Jack. Oh, he’s just throwing grenade Oh Drago is on the floor. He is I want to die Well guys that went worse than we expected we hope you enjoyed for tonight If you did smash the like button, don’t forget to subscribe to join the crew Thank you so much for watching and we will see you guys all in the next one. Bye guys


Alondra Rivera

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Funny you should not be upset you you have sweaty soccer skin

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draco is so funny

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Mary Browning

Sep 9, 2019, 12:51 am Reply

Did anyone notice that funny was in a candy outfit

Area 51 Gacha

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*Funneh*:Guy's don't forget to build
*Me*:I didn't know this is minecraft

Albi And Bryant Channel

Sep 9, 2019, 12:52 pm Reply

No ur not its ninja who is pro!

Lunar Wolf

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Logan Vlogs/Plays

Sep 9, 2019, 4:40 am Reply

Hi funneh here’s some stuff I do in fortnite in weapon slot 1 I put a assault rifle slot2 I put a shotgun slot 3 sniper slot 4 explosive slot 5 something to heal for healing your health or shield you minis they quickly fill your shield it’s helpful when your in combat. If you get to high ground use your shotgun there’s a better chance to get a headshot. Next when I kill someone I don’t use an emote to troll them because karma happens. Last build a wall if you build a ramp it takes longer for players to destroy it. That’s what I do in fortnite

Nervilyn Jenkins

Sep 9, 2019, 3:28 pm Reply

Its lol not lul

Xxchloeyyygachaxx Anna opp :p

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I know the boys are offended by what the title says lol XDD maybe even Draco lol

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If they wnat to be pro they should watch ninja's videos

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Put a fork and a knife together bam you got forkknife

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tilted like uranus

davaasuren murun

Oct 10, 2019, 5:49 am Reply

You guys are so’’PRO’’ At FORK KNIFE??????

It’s_ Krystal

Oct 10, 2019, 4:04 am Reply

Funneh do you know why you are so bad at Fortnite you need to try out the gun before you use it

Thatonerandommewtwo Pokemon

Oct 10, 2019, 9:27 am Reply

She said that tildes wasn’t good 2 times

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So you took the bandages but not the med kit?

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i kist got fortnite :

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s not that u have a curis but u sucked


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At my dads house i can get some games like minecraft im only nine!!!! 😀 love you 😀
maaybe hit this for tha krew?

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Where is a

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Draconite is bad at fortnight

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The (W-WIN) made me cringe

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Oct 10, 2019, 7:34 am Reply

OMG FUNNEH I FOUND A ''Dark hole'' SECRET I WATCHED IT ON YT ITS ''Fortine black hole''

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