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[Weekly Vlog] Setting Up a Home Studio in My Bedroom | Having Everything I Need as a Beginner

Hey, I just wanted to get this chance and ask how you’re doing lately. I know many of us are staying home and doing this social distancing and I really do hope everyone stay safe, well and healthy in every way! And since this is my 10th video I’m uploading on my YouTube channel, I wanted to say thank you so much for watching and for your support! It means a lot to me. I’ll keep sharing how I live my life more intentionally (and) consciously and how I feel, think and change along the way with you! And for anyone who hasn’t done so yet, please subscribe and hit the bell to watch my new videos every week and leave a comment so that I can say hi! Thanks! Hey Google, tell me about my day. So this is Google Home Mini and I got this from YouTube–Google. I’ve been using YouTube Premium membership for almost a year and one day they sent me an e-mail to redeem this one and I got it earlier this week. I’ve been enjoying using this everyday and speaking to it. Because of the coronavirus situation, I don’t really go outside that much and I don’t really meet people that much, so I’m kind of speaking to this one. And I ask almost any question! Hey Google, how is the weather tomorrow? Hey Google, what’s the most popular TV series these days? Hey Google, say “Hi Hee-Young.” Hey Google, say “Hi Saebom.” Hey Google, can you make me laugh? Hey Google, can you sing? Hey Google, do you have any scary stories? Hey Google, can you play My Music? Anyway, this week I’m going to complete setting up my home studio! When I got started with learning how to make music, one of the things I was advised to do first was to buy essential gear that’s necessary to make music and create my own space for it. So I asked for recommendations, watched product reviews on YouTube, and began to buy the equipment. And I received the last one today, which is my studio monitors! So I’m going to unbox and set it all up on my desk and it’s going to be my little, small home studio for now! So in order to practice making music at home, I bought audio interface, MIDI keyboard and a headphone. And I’ve been practicing with those equipment, but I heard if you keep listening to sounds all the time through a headphone, it could damage your hearing. And I thought it could be right, so I bought these studio monitors. It’s an affordable studio monitors called CR3. So my plan is to use this during the daytime and I would just use the headphone at night. That’s my plan. And I need to figure out how to use this. So I’ve been using these gear to practice– my MIDI keyboard, my audio interface and a headphone. And I’m going to connect the studio monitors. So I just turned on my laptop and my DAW software, so let’s test it out! So where is the sound? So now I have DAW software, a MIDI keyboard, an audio interface, and studio monitors for daytime and a headphone for nighttime. So I have everything I need! I just need to do it! So what I’ve been doing this week is not that different from the last 2-3 weeks, which is to get familiar with the basics of music production. So starting from learning how music is made and getting used to the software and the gear I’m using, I’ve been learning the basics. So for instance, I’ve been taking lessons from a music producer every week as well as watching lectures and tutorials online. I’m learning how music production works basically, how to use the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software, and how those famous songs were made, and how to do this and that… all kinds of things! I’m also trying to get familiar with the basic chord progressions by watching lectures on YouTube. I remember I learned about it when I was a kid, but that was a long time ago, so I need to refresh my knowledge and memory. And most importantly, I’m trying to get familiar with the DAW software by trying out all kinds of buttons and features, and listening to different kinds of sounds and instruments and by recreating/remaking a song. So the exercise I’m doing these days is to figure out what kinds of sounds are in the original song and try to recreate that specific sounds on the software. And in order to do that, I need to keep listening to the original song as well as all different kinds of sounds over and over again. So I’m kind of training myself these days. But I’m an absolute beginner as you can see, I’m not even able to describe what I’ve been learning like professionally. But I am and will keep working on it! So this is how my week has been like! Again, thanks for watching, stay safe and I’ll see you next time! Bye!

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