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Was there a DEMON in my OLD APARTMENT? | Storytime

guys what’s up my name is Sarah this is
my channel and welcome back to it so for today I’m doing a kind of different
video I kind of wanted to do a series of these where I just have like story time
videos where I tell you about stuff so kind of different change of lighting
here I have a big cup of coffee here so okay so it was gonna be a lot hotter but
it’s good it’s fine I thought it was gonna like burn me to death so like my very first video on this
channel was about my apartment here where I’m currently living being haunted
and again I’m kind of a skeptic I don’t really believe in ghosts I mean I can’t
guarantee 100% that they’re not real but I’m like 95% certain that they aren’t I
think it would be really cool if paranormal stuff were real and I really
kind of like it do I really believe my apartment is haunted no but like some of
this stuff is kind of weird so even though like I might not actually think
it’s ghosts and it probably is just some sort of coincidence or you know
everything can be explained but that doesn’t stop me from feeling really
weird about it right so that’s just you know my take on things and so the same
thing goes for my last apartment where I live there was definitely something kind
of weird at my last apartment that I kind of always forget about to be honest
because again I just sort of explained it away but then every once in a while
like my family will bring up and be like hey remember that time your last
apartment and I’m like oh yeah that was weird but they bring up this time from
when I was in my second year of living in that apartment I lived there two
years but the weirdest thing to happen was in my first year of living there
actually honestly just maybe like a month after I moved in and that’s one of
the scariest dreams I’ve ever had and it seems like a kind of silly dream to be
honest but like again the way it made me feel terrifying so this was what I lived
in Buffalo New York and I sort of like to think of this as a kind of musical
apartment because the address is in like the street address was 1975 you know
like the band in 1975 and my apartment was 1d you know like the band one
direction and so I thought that was kind of cool that like my address was like
two musical groups and so this apartment building was built in like 1939 it had
like apple trees and it was like kind of cute it was in the city and it was
slightly older apartment but not like you know rundown it was a
kind of nice place I kind of liked it the structure of the apartment itself
was kind of creepy it was like a living room but then like it had this really
long hallway and at the end of the hallway you could turn left to go into
the bedroom or go straight into the bathroom and the bathroom on the other
side you know the bathtub on the opposite side of the door that wall
there was a window there and it was like frosted glass window but the light from
the parking lot would shine in and so in the middle of the night when it’s
completely dark that window would be like all frosted and lit from the from
the streetlight so it’d almost be very like luminescent and that was just like
a really creepy thing to just you know casually glance down that hallway and
see you know this light it kept I’ll corner your eye it would feel like you
saw like dark figures in front of it but again like you look down there’s
absolutely nothing it was you know just kind of your imagination 100% and I
don’t know though the whole we just felt kind of pretty
but the weird thing about this place and now the apartments aren’t that old but
what was on this site previously was way way back in the early 1900’s there was
the World’s Fair at this spot and this is where they Niagara Falls was so
crucial to developing like electric lights and electricity so this was a big
show of electricity and electric lights and all of that sort of stuff like you
know with Tesla and Edison and all of that going on in western New York at the
time this was the showcase for that well at that World’s Fair that is actually
where President McKinley was shot and assassinated and I know a lot of people
aren’t really familiar with McKinley’s assassination mostly people know Lincoln
was assassinated in office and people know that Kennedy was assassinated in
office but two other presidents were actually assassinated in office one was
Garfield and the other was McKinley and McKinley was actually shot at that
World’s Fair literally across the street from where my apartment was so when I
would go to the bus stop to wait for the bus either to go to campus or to go
downtown I was standing almost exactly where
President McKinley was fatally shot and it’s not just you know the ghosts of
McKinley and you know that actual death itself but there’s all the negativity
and the chaos and just the bad energy that’s associated with a major death
like that the death the assassination of a sitting president that’s insane right
at a World’s Fair like a major event like that he wasn’t just shot you know
in a little parade and he wasn’t just shot in a theater this was a huge
exhibition that was being hosted by the United States and they had put up like
this big Tower that was supposed to be super great it’s like electric Tower or
something like that and I mean other World’s Fairs included the Eiffel Tower
being a structure at the World’s Fair in Paris the London Eye was again another
structure built for the World’s Fair so World’s Fair structures are pretty
monumental and to kind of give an idea of like the effect World’s Fairs has
this is like a big event and for a sitting president to be assassinated at
that event just imagine what chaos would have
ensued and what worrying concern for anyone alive I wasn’t alive but anyone
alive during Kennedy’s assassination like that has to be huge there has to be
so monumental that has to be just the energy involved with that death the fear
that people have of just in general there’s like an underlying fear they’re
not necessarily afraid for themselves or even afraid for their future but it’s
it’s all it’s an act of terrorism and it does terrorize and so all of that
negative energy that gets associated with that event especially at that place
think of all the fear at that event right I mean imagine being at a big
event like that and there’s the President and then the president gets
shocked imagine the chaos that goes down with fear that everyone would be feeling
it’s insane so there’s so much negative energy probably associated with that
place and with that event now I mean you don’t necessarily feel that negative
energy like when you walk around right and not that I necessarily like believe
in energies but I don’t necessarily you know walk around
and feel that it’s creepy or feel anything bad associated with it yeah you
know I mean it’s not not too bad but I heard about it when I first moved in
when we talked to the groundskeeper and he sort of told us about the
assassination of McKinley but I didn’t know any of the details or anything like
that it’s not something like McKinley he’s not a major president you learned
about in school so I didn’t actually know much about it until like I said
later like a year later but when I first moved in after about a month I had the
most terrifying dream I’ve ever had and I mean part of the problem might be like
I was sleeping I think I had my TV on and I was sleeping out on the couch
after like you know years of sleeping in beds so I can get home maybe I was a
little bit uncomfortable a little bit on edge in a new apartment
sure but this dream in this dream there was a
demon that was like attacking me and it was this like black creature like
actually you know what I know what it looked like so I was actually just
trying to like catch up on like Kingdom Hearts now that the third game was out
there’s so much hype about it and I remember watching the original trailer
and being sad that I couldn’t play it and you know I was like oh time to catch
up now the third game is out so I was just waking to parts and actually the
little like black heartless creatures that’s actually a lot like what the
demon in my dream look like a little bit different maybe but like just comes to
mind right now if I had to pick an image to show you guys about what this
creature this thing looked like that that’s it so this thing I don’t know
what it was trying to do to me kill me eat me possessed me just I have no idea
but it was so scary and it took place in my apartment right and it was chasing me
around my apartment and like I knew I was done for however I also knew that
this was a dream and I also knew that like this thing was in my dream and I
knew though that this thing was real everything was a dream but that thing
that demon creature was real and I was so scared because it seemed like there
was no escape from it like what are you supposed to do right like I kind of knew
it was a dream but then also like I still in the dream was still in my
apartment so it still felt very real it felt like I was in my apartment and I
had no idea where it’s supposed to go and like what do you do when a little
demon thing is trying to like eat you or something like what do you do right what
what what do you do and I mean obviously I should have been like a little more in
the moment you know get some salt or something right you know classic classic
demon a demon these stuff go get across throw it in space you know like there
are things that I should have probably been doing but I was just so freaked out
because like it’s one of those things that you don’t think is real and then
it’s not gonna happen like that’s that’s not a thing that happens but it was
happening and somehow I knew that none of that was gonna help though like I was
like I’m done for I’m done for I and it it’s just and it wasn’t even that long
of a dream it just was so terrifying it is literally the scariest dream probably
I’ve ever had which is really saying something because the haunted egg blue
dream from when I was three and then later again when I had it when I was six
or seven now that recurring haunted igloo dream that
was a scary dream that haunted igloo is ominous I’ll probably talk about that
one in a later video so there’s that and now cut to like months later almost a
year later I don’t know I pretty sure was the summer after I moved in so I was
in my apartment for almost of almost like a full year at this point and I I
forget what I was doing I think I was know I’m on my computer or I don’t know
something and I touched the back of my neck and I felt a scratch a big scratch
on the back of my neck and like I think I even took a picture of it and like
showed you know my family and was like what on earth is this scratch from do
you think because like here’s the thing guys I don’t have long nails like
at all okay like I don’t I don’t do nails I I do a lot of typing I play
piano violin guitar like I don’t I don’t have time for nails buddy chances of me
scratching myself I mean like I can scratch things I have enough nails for
that but the chances of me scratching myself also I usually don’t like touch
my neck very often so I don’t know why I would have scratched it or how and I
can’t imagine like where I like what if what would have been near my neck to you
know to scratch it and it was really really weird and it was like a really
weird scratch and I don’t know I just it it was it was very strange and so you
know I was talking to my family and they were like oh well maybe it’s something
you know you know I’m like okay you know maybe
it’s like a demon or something and they’re like well nothing but like it
did actually kind of remind me then of a dream I had and I was like man do I have
like something in here that’s like scratching me like I don’t know I don’t
know there’s potential for a lot of negative energy at that place and like
weird scratches cuz I think I actually maybe had like another weird scratch at
some point again I just kind of rolled that stuff out as Oh must have been
coincidence right if you have like weird scratches on like your neck or your back
or something like and I’m like just you know accidentally
scratched it or you know maybe I didn’t realize that I scratched I don’t know
you know it but with weird scratches and like really really weird scary
horrifying dream and then just the kind of dark history to the place that I mean
the apartments themselves aren’t too bad and it was across the street where
McKinley was shot but like that’s still very close especially if we’re talking
about not just the event but the energy associated with the event oh I forgot my
coffee but like all of that put together you
know kind of suggests that there’s potential for something really really
dark there and I I don’t know I never really got to test it further
I didn’t download my ghost app until like I had already been in this
apartment for a year you know just playing around with it messing around
with it I really wasn’t super into spooky stuff
in my old apartment I mean kind of like I’ve always been into Scooby stuff right
I mean like that’s just I wasn’t raised that way but I you know really didn’t
think to download a ghost app and at my old apartment so there’s you know I have
no idea that they picked up anything honestly I don’t even think those apps
work but you know just on the off-chance just to see just to you know have
something to say for it right if people are like oh I think
there was some sort of scary demon there and I could be like well and like also
maybe the demon is responsible for the initial negative energy that created the
assassination right because like a lot of times demons can create those sort of
events right those demons they’ll make that stuff happen they will possess
someone or convince someone to do something or work someone emotionally
into a state into which they’ll do something right so if McKinley’s going
to be assassinated perhaps a demon was responsible for that on the walk and
that demon in my apartment so just a little bit um
a little bit creepy and I just thought I would share that I know it’s nothing
like major but for anyone who can kind of relate if anyone has had really
creepy dreams like that or has gotten like weird unexplained scratches or
anything like you might kind of get where I’m coming from it’s definitely
creepy and you know I mean it’s not necessarily demons but not saying it’s
not demons right it could be not demons there’s a lot of
explanations that it could be that aren’t demons but could also be demons
and so that’s why I like here if I were to talk about like the weird stuff that
happens at this place some of it feels like it would be like a ghost type of
person I guess and I will make a video about that at some point but basically
the idea is a ghost here I would say like a ghost maybe if like a military
doctor of some sort I have sort of some theories about that if there were ghosts
here but like there’s also the potential for like there to be something else here
because according to what I was getting on my phone there is like you know
potential for something else to be here because not all of the messages on the
app were necessarily friendly right I mean just go literally
look at the thumbnail for that video it said fear me right that’s terrifying
nothing friendly ever says fear me unless it came through wrong and the
audio didn’t pick it up right and it said hear me but that’s a whole other
thing and of course that’s only if like I mean the little app on the phone works
which I definitely don’t think it does even if I were to believe in ghosts that
app working is like even less likely so I might like five percent believe in
ghosts but like one percent believe in that app maybe even half a percent but
anyway just wanted to have a little a little chitchat over some coffee and
share my my little story I kind of like to do like little story times we’re more
like personal videos chitchat II type of videos reaction type of videos things
like that I like to aim for Mondays I’m still trying to work on getting my
schedule down so yeah but then here’s one of them but anyway guys thank you
for watching subscribe for more stuff like this and I will see you guys next
time peace



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