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Vlog day out, Flat Tire, Starbucks, Bronco comes home

Hey everyone, it’s qcknd, and I guess I’m vlogging It like kind of happened on accident, but I’ll let you know what happened So I got a text from Josie this morning. That was like, “Can you work?” So I was like fuck and just put on Camo pants and got on my bike And came down here, and then Josie meant tomorrow. So I’m glad I’m downtown. Like I was supposed to work on a video at home today So I thought I would bring you guys a vlog I haven’t vlogged in a while I feel like they’re very personal and I wasn’t ready to be like so exposed but I think today’s gonna be fun I’m in a really good mood It’s great weather and like I feel better like I feel like the bags under my eyes aren’t even bad I had no time to put on makeup for This morning. Got a little hoodie on! So umm I went to Starbucks and – I know, drama going to Starbucks in Philadelphia but so if you go to Starbucks and ask for a Sip lid for your iced drinks. This says cold foam lid. It’s not made of foam though, It’s made of plastic. So It’s like that. A lot of stuff settled at the bottom cuz I guess you’re supposed to like stir it with your straw But a field trip was in line before me like literally a field trip So I felt bad like if I was the only customer in there, she probably would have like shaked it up and stuff But I literally had to come to this park You can see like some field trip action. I don’t want to vlog and like have children in it and Go to jail, so Um while I’m downtown now, cuz I like never leave my neighborhood, here’s my bike So, let me tell you what happened with my bike Like two weeks ago, I had a late night class at my salon and It was a weekday class, So I’m there pretty late. If you’ve ever been a model for me for one of my classes I love you, but those classes generally get out around like 3:00 p.m. This one was pretty late night So I came back to my bike and there was no air in the tires, and I don’t normally park it outside But for this like it was just casual, it was breezy out. I parked it outside. I came back, and there was no air in my tires So I keep an air-pump at our salon For the girls and me John got me like a mini one for Christmas and I just keep it at the salon in case any girls need it to encourage Everybody to be bike life And so I had the pump, pumped it up kind of put my ear to it and I didn’t hear Like any air coming out? Rode home and it was okay. So I was like, okay, let it sit overnight – the next night No air had come out so that leads me to believe Someone let the air out of my tires and that’s so lame, but that happened to John’s truck a few days ago So I’m kind of just like girl That’s Philly for you which is so sad, so a little history on my bike The last person to service it like rye, ryan, like my friend ryan, you know him He’s dead. So at his memorial so many bike messengers came He used to like really do a lot of bike messenger stuff. Not when I knew him But he was the last person to work on my bike with me. I haven’t been to a bike shop in Probably three two or three years. Um well, that’s not true- last summer like a weird spring came out of my bike and I happen to be by bike shop and They were like, do you want us to pull the spring out? And they did for free, so I just tipped them but I haven’t had my bike like actually serviced So I’m in the neighborhood it’s super beautiful I know I can order like a new tire My bike is a retrospect so I could order a retrospect tire. So it will like match and be white but My tire is like completely bald. I need a cap for this And my girl My bike – so I had a flat over the summer. If you follow me on Instagram story and remember me complaining about it It’s a hundred years ago, but for reference, I had a flat and Ry and I fixed it with a patch But he was like this patch gets really old, this is only going to hold you over and That was like last summer So my plan is to take my bike to the bike shop tell them that whole story and be like hey, I Might have a slow leak or I might have a stalker who’s letting the air out of my tires But I need a new – Letting the air out of my tube. I need a new physical tire, like wouldn’t be the worst. It’s something I put off like I know I used to be this way when I had a car if something was wrong with my car I worried about it the whole time I was in the car and the second I parked it and got out I was like, what was I worried about? Why am I sweating? Let’s go inside I’m the same way with my bike like once I get home and Beyond me So anyway this lid you have to ask for this lid when you order and When I ordered it, I was like, do you have that cold sippy lid that you don’t need a straw? so she wrote it on there and Then when it was time to get my drink those lids aren’t out for the barista She had to like go underneath to get it. I’m not sure why they’re not promoting it or how long they’ve literally had them um I don’t know what Starbucks is up to lately I think since the whole like Starbucks controversy in Philadelphia I’ve had Starbucks like twice but John and I went to that Starbucks because it’s like pretty central in Philly and They had blinds and they installed blinds and the blinds were drawn and now there’s a police car stationed outside of it at all times so that’s just a little taste of the Starbucks drama from my end in Philly I feel like I have no right to weigh in on it, so I’m not going to but I’m always happy Not when a company fucks up But when a company takes accountability to become better because then as society we get the better company So like I don’t- did they come out with these sippy lids all of a sudden? I’m not sure but sippy lid’s dope and Everything that’s gonna happen in the future, I don’t know but it sucks, like that’s how shit happens Like there’s so many more bike lanes in Philly because so many people were hit by cars kind of shit Grimm. I don’t want to talk about that I want to talk about why I look like logic, can someone could someone ask that man if he is of Croatian decent Because I look like him Okay I’m excited I am gonna guess that all this bike work maybe costs like 30 to 40 dollars, that’s my like estimate And like where I’m willing to pay I don’t know how much of the physical tire costs itself. I have a good back tire That John put on the bike Um like last year or something John can do all of this stuff like I could buy all the supplies and we could do it together and I really oughta but I just want someone to tell me if my tube has a leak or not. And I’m in this neighborhood and my bike hasn’t been serviced for a long time. Treat your bike? All right I know I’m being such a tourist right now, but look what are those things called? They’re not gargoyles, but look how cool this one’s like dogs This is all the like historical, It’s called society Hill. This is all the Lake Historical Society part of Philadelphia But oh, yeah logic, I know one of you guys really loves logic Could you- because you sent me a bunch of merch that you made in my p.o box? I love stuff like that I love when people are just passionate about the thing they’re passionate about And you’re like, I’m just gonna share it Good morning Which is cool. Did you guys watch that uh Shane Dawson, grav3yardgirl video That shit was- I was crying. I don’t know I grew up like watching bunny and ugh I DM’d her. I know like DMing her is like just I don’t know like throwing pennies in a fountain but Maybe she’ll see it. I’ve been going through a lot of the same growing pains and Raise your hand If you’ve ever heard me say like well grav3yardgirl blah blah blah. So I blah blah blah So when that Shane Dawson thing, John and I watched it together and he was like, is this really hitting home for you? And I was like, yes So when I worked at the swan boat rental This was the street I would take home cuz if you see the bike lane is really wide, so Just take that bad boy all the way home no issue So you can see all these buildings are like nice brick And that’s because this is this area has a Historical Society so you need a bunch of permits and permissions to like Change anything about these buildings if you were like doing construction or whatever like even these seem pretty modern but I’m sure they needed like a ton of Allowances and stuff but that seems like very modern that like, whole glass feature So they probably had to do like ill permits but See that knocker And like all this nice iron work You’ll usually see like Those little things where you like can scrape your feet before you walk in because they’re like, I don’t know the streets used to be… Isn’t that cute? Like the streets used to be covered in horse shit or whatever Like look at the little spiral the like half spiral stairs You don’t see stuff like that anymore because it’s not up to code So a lot of these things just get grandfathered in which make them look even more special and valuable This door is crazy Like here’s one, not to just like touch something that doesn’t belong to me, but whatever that is They’re pretty common, John’s parents had one outside of their house, but It is like a historical thing. So one used to be there some may have stolen it So here’s an installation They have things like that throughout the city I have some from a long time ago But this one we say like I will pray for and that just says I will pray for men there’s some chalk but stricter gun-control no animal cruelty praise be So fun qcknd trivia, I actually had a photo shoot in this cemetery a long time ago and in the photos I have like no eyebrows at all and I don’t know what I’m doing and it’s like a photo shoot from Craigslist, but it’s this cemetery I should go back and make different memories here Have you ever seen South Street so chill with just like nobody on it There’s Lorenzo’s that caught on fire when I worked in South Street This place is called John’s when I worked on South Street we used to have like business meetings here, but I was straight edge So I just felt really awkward okay, my review of this cup is When I have an ice drink I usually like inhale it and Because this was harder to drink from it took me a while to drink it all, I kind of like that it may be like a dribbling mess a little bit, but like That’s always Whoa, I didn’t know the Lorenzos girl was tatted up Hey everybody, I am back and my bike is repaired and you can see I have a black tire now, so I’ll explain you what happened, I don’t know if you care But let’s see, hold on a second So they like opened up my wheel and I ended up paying for a completely new tire, a new tube and a new strip that goes inside of the bike that like The tire- the tube sits on inside and they said, you know if they open it up and it’s an acrylic like little piece they were like, well your tube could be sitting on that little acrylic strip which adds a lot of friction you know to the whole thing And they were like, but if it’s cloth we won’t replace it And if we do replace it’s like $7, but it’s not any additional labor cost so they opened it up because I was like I think someone let the air out of my tires and they really no they didn’t So he opened it up and it was an acrylic strip but they said it was three pieces of strip held together by duct tape – electrical tape, and I’m like Ryan. so so they were like, what- did you buy the bike that way? and I was like DIY or die? And they were like Ok, so we got rid of that So everything came to about $60. Um Which like really isn’t bad at all because my new tire was 45 But it matches the tire on the back and they said it’s the best tire to have so when John put that back tire On my bike like last year He got me the best So now I have two matching tires, which is cool because my front tire was actually a little bit bigger than my back tire. I was just riding it that way anyway, which is fine um And then I paid for labor and a new tube and a new strip. So that’s where that $60.00 cost came from I didn’t realize that the street I’m on, they’re working on it. It’s all like that So I’m gonna get another flat. Let me get out here So while I was at So while I was at the bike shop, my phone was only on 11% and like, yeah I’m vlogging But I also haven’t been using my phone as often which has been paradise So I asked if I could use like their shop charger. I was like, I’m really sorry. I know this is a fucked up request And they were like no, it’s ok. You can leave your phone here. Your bike’s gonna take 1 hour So I was one hour without my phone, which is also what I’m vlogging with. So it’s a little bit Like a little bit of a bad move, but I didn’t know was gonna vlog today so I went to retrospect vintage And I got some really cute things for summer I know I’ve kind of been shopping a lot lately, but if you follow me on Twitter, you know I got rid of a ton of my clothes too so I got some cute stuff and then I went to infinite body piercing and I really really think I want to get my nose repierced I was talking to a girl there and she was like it kind of looks like your nose Piercing is still open We can check for you for free And I was like, I don’t know like I don’t want to I don’t to make like a crazy decision right now I don’t want to make a crazy decision without my phone while my bike is in the shop like on a whim but To be honest, I’ve been thinking about getting my nose repierced a lot. So You can I mean, I’m on my iPhone you can kind of see each side And she was like, do you want both sides repierced? So, I don’t know I kind of I Don’t know I kind of like Like I took off my qcknd necklace like two weeks ago and I have a really hard time wearing jewelry, even though I wore the qcknd and necklace for one year um I don’t know. I don’t want this to get heavy but it’s like a little symbolic But I took that off not a big deal And then I thought like it would be cool If I got a nose piercing and I could like change it all the time and have like jewelry that I would honestly Interact with because I always fall short like I only wear my Like my cobweb ring Just like if I’m going out to eat or something like special occasions the bar is really low like we could be going to get Chinese food from the corner and I’ll wear it but I don’t know. I really do want to get my nose repierced. I just had to talk to like one person. No one in particular. I think I just I should come downtown to do it. I shouldn’t do it on a whim like that’s advice I would give to somebody so that’s advice I’m giving to myself anyway, I’m on a street that is like I’m on a street that’s against traffic. So I’m gonna test ride my bike. So I’m gonna go two blocks down So I’m going with traffic and ride downtown To the house John’s working on and just say what’s up. The Bronco comes home today. So the Bronco has been at the shop for like almost a month We redid all the interior the other day. I went to a junkyard and I used power tools and Going to a junkyard was such a trip. I like there’s like rules like you to pay to get into the junkyard This is gonna be all white white out, I’ll wait a block How’s that? a little dark So we went to the junkyard and you pay to get into the junkyard because John said sometimes people just go to look around Which is totally true, I think it was $4 to get in So we went to the junkyard. I had my little like boots and construction pants on and We found this Bronco that was totaled, but the interior was mint So however the car got into an accident it may have just been totaled like if the frame of the car gets bent They’ll usually total out cars especially if it’s an older vehicle because it’s just like not worth it. Um We got into a car accident in our truck a few years ago and they totaled it even though the truck still ran Because the frame got bent anyway so rugs, side panels, light fixture, the interior of the doors, the seats, we took everything from this Bronco and it only came to like $70 But you can’t drive your own vehicle into the junkyard, I guess it just like Prevent stealing or confusion or whatever so they have a junkyard truck So I drove the junkyard truck full of this like Bronco interior like seats, like literally the rug of the truck not even like little rugs that you put by your feet like we literally strip the rug because our Bronco didn’t have a rug just like a plastic floor Which was good because we can sweep it So I’m like in this junkyard truck. It’s so funny like whipping it around the junkyard this like old man with a cane who was just walking through the junkyard was like Oh you taking the interior like you should get spray adhesive and lay that down before You lay down the carpet and you guys should get a shampooer so when we got back to the shop, I like draped all of the rugs Which were like all ripped up I like drape them and I was just like hitting them with just like a 4×4 to like beat all the dust out and there was really just like Literal dirt like ash and dust and then I vacuumed them and now they’re super plush Its took like all day but it was really satisfying and like I felt super accomplished and like I was using a wrench and a screwdriver and all that stuff and it’s like Literally, you can just do that stuff. You don’t have to go to a shop you can do it It’s like so brand-new like the treads are so good that it’s like picking up dirt and stuff from the sidewalk like All these flowers, it’s kind of pretty Ooh, this is Nomad pizza, I went to eat here once with my biological aunt and uncle And they were like very vegan accommodating. I’m pretty sure they called ahead which is super cute, but I’m pretty sure we we ate well Here is the first pile of dirt from one of the mats in the Bronco, it’s really bad Like This is huge So, I think I’m going to conclude today’s vlog, I think it was good I got to talk about some things I wanted to talk about and I ended up at the shop, which is totally cool I had a really cool day with you guys getting my bike fixed and walking around town getting a little starbuck end up at the Bronco and Today was really cool Started off, you know accidentally going to work, but I’m super excited. I hope this video is good, good audio good visions of Philly But yeah, I love you guys so much. Thank you for the support. If you don’t like vlogs I’m sorry. I was just out of office today. AKA my house, you know no rush on videos Rather I’d rather make good videos that I love than pump out videos just to satisfy a demand I think that’s better and it’s something I have to tell myself too But yeah, thanks for hanging out with me today. I love you guys if you’re new to the channel, feel free to subscribe or check out my vlog playlist if you Find yourself enjoying vlogs. It’s been a little while. Alright, I love you guys bye

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