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Vlog 1 – Around the local area and bedroom

Now, after this, Im gonna just watch tele, -maybe play on playstation Last night I watched a rental on playstation StarWars, the last Jedi 2 O’Clock in the morning I thought it’d last ’till about 3, half 3 it lasted ’till 5 O’Clock in the morning I didnt get up, out of bed, ’till 4 in the afternoon You see how thick that gap is, theres two… two pieces of thick wood there, stuck together Ive got my PS4 headphones there and this is the view from… -the bed. So Ive got a Wii U…with a Wii built in Snes classic, a PS4 Pro thats a 4K Tv Music box, that blue box there on the top Just there are the rest of the games and if you look down here theres where the fan is This is where I keep my retro games Its supposed to just slip underneath It took me ages to get a box that slips underneath there. a few different classics there. street fighter…. This one is the Wii stuff Nintendo stuff there. See if I can just get one or two out there. Dahool, meet her at the love parade, I try to keep some of the classics Veracocha carte blanche and ive got a lot You can see how many there is there and another couple of piles of 90’s hits Ps1 mini Master System 2, Just a small amount that I used to like So Ive re-collected a small amount and a Super Nintendo Pro pad Just a small Wii collection Wii sports, Mario kart, Mario kart 8, Mario maker This is my favorite drink at the moment its Captain Morgan original spiced gold I like to have a shot of that with ice -every once in a while So basically Im trying to keep it down to the classics and Ive been travelling, twice actually This is a new plant I got The time is 2 O’Clock earlier at 7 O’Clock I went for a chinese all you can eat buffet with my parents, because it was my Dads birthday and it was very nice the cats here Ive just been playing on Snes mini since about 9 O’Clock ’till 2 O’Clock Now Im going to bed and then tomorrow is Tuesday.

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