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VIETNAM’S LARGEST MARKET – Ben Thanh Market Ho Chi Minh City – Cheap Shopping in Vietnam

what’s up guys welcome back to another video! Today we are here at Ben Thanh Market which
is Vietnam’s oldest and largest market. It actually started in the early 17th century
with just a few roadside sellers right by the Saigon river. when the French colonized Vietnam they moved
all the vendors into a building. Well, that building caught fire unfortunately
and then they moved to this, huge, very central location in the early 1900’s and it’s been
a staple in Ho Chi Minh city ever since. So we are walking in right now, we’re gonna
show you guys around and it’s really cool because theres an inside market and later
on when it gets dark they do an outside market and we’re going to show you both. So this place is just packed with anything
you can think of. There’s over 3000 vendors here and it’s a
mixture of jewelry, clothing, and food and electronics. Anything you can think of they have here. And there’s even a wet market in the mornings
they will sell fish and poultry outside but that ends pretty early like before noon. They also have Stacia’s favorite, Durian. I’m allergic to Durian. It’s terrible. I tried, I tried. Excuse me. They’re just ruthless, they just cut right
into you. Yup. There’s so many things here. I got my first purchase, I got a pair of Nike
Dry Fit which are definitely fake but they’re 8 bucks and I just needed a pair of shorts
to work out in and the sleep in or something so you can’t go wrong because normally they’re
like 60 dollars. Ryan was able to haggle for this shorts, and
you can do that in the whole inner part of the market. So prices are generally pretty inflated for
tourists and you just try to cut them in half and come to a mutual agreement on price but
if you don’t feel like haggling, a really cool thing is that the outside perimeter of
this entire market is controlled by the government. So it’s fixed pricing. So you’ll see people in blue t-shirts selling
items and you cannot haggle those prices but that might be a less stressful shopping experience
if you want to come here but don’t want to get bombarded with people trying to sell you
stuff. You guys know me, I prefer the haggling because
you can get some sick deals. So these sections that you walk through, these
little alleys, they’re so tight you gotta like squeeze through. I am so big. People are trying to fit by me and they can’t
fit by me and I’m like bumping into people with my shoulders and my backpack. it’s pretty crazy. But this is just nuts they have so much stuff,
it’s so cool. So this is kind of like the Chatuchak market
in Thailand but I gotta say I think the prices are better. I think we’re definitely getting better prices
and a lot of Vietnam made stuff is much higher quality and I think that’s a good thing. So we’re trying to find just some travel shirts
and shorts and things like that to wear. Oh my god, it’s so tight! Okay, of course, Stacia’s favorite spot of
all markets. We have arrived to the food section. I don’t even know where to start. I don’t know much about Vietnamese food or
what to try but now I’m just going to look and see what looks good. It’s also pretty stressful because as you’re
walking around people are like shoving menus in your faces, they’re like “wanna eat, wanna
eat?” and they’re showing you, pointing to things. I keep getting bumped into. Like these little old ladies are coming up
behind me and they’re just hitting me on the back so I can move out of their way. I don’t think I’m going to eat in this section
I did see a lady on the other side who had this really yummy looking soup. She wasn’t heckling anybody to patronize her
soup stand so I think I’m just going to go to her and casually sit on a mini stool and
eat some soup. We found the soup spot. She just looks so nice. It looks like a very popular place. We got our little baby stools. I don’t even know if I can sit on this thing. Oh good lord. This is a soup called Banh Canh Cua and I
don’t know much about it but it’s a thick noodle based soup with prawns, chicken, tofu,
scallion, and possibly egg as well. I’m excited. Wow, so I read that this is one of the most
popular slurping soups in Vietnam. The broth itself is a little bit oily and
super spicy. Almost like a really dense seafood or chicken
broth I can’t tell which one it would be. Yeah the noodles are great, they’re a little
bit gelatinous and they’re really thick. They’re made with both rice and tapioca flour
so they aren’t super heavy like a wheat noodle. Yeah, really fantastic. The scallions or chives add a lot of freshness
and I like that there is a different mix of proteins in here so you can choose to eat
the tofu, chicken, or prawn which I’m going in for first. Look, the head and everything. Really good, this was a good choice. So now we’re walking around the outside section
which is all the fixed pricing and this is what Stacia said, the part that’s run by the
government. There’s employees and they’re all wearing
like the blue shirt so you know you can’t haggle in these areas and that’s it. The price is the price. It’s definitely more chill in this area because
your’e not dealing with people that need to make sales and they’re pulling you aside,
grabbing your arm like do you need shirts? Do you need shorts? I’ll get you whatever you want. That was insane we are leaving right now. I mean, it had to have been maybe bigger than
the Chatuchak Market I’m not sure. Yeah I don’t know, I think it might be a little
bit smaller than the Chatuchak Market but it was more dense with people and vendors. The vendors were even more pushy than they
were at the Chatuchak Market. Very push. So a little advice, don’t try anything on
unless you’re planning on buying it because they’re not letting you get out alive, seriously. They get pissed, yeah they get really pissed. Now we need to get some food, so we’re gonna
take a break and just relax and we’re gonna go back to the night market and kinda show
you guy around there too. So we just came to this place Journey’s Sandwich
Bistro. Oh my god it is so good they have the healthiest
food. They have these cold pressed juices that we
got, Stacia got a big salad and I got this French baguette, a Vietnamese baguette, with
chicken and a salad. And it’s right across the street from the
Market so after you eat all of the traditional yummy Vietnamese food and you wanna cleanse
a little bit just walk right across the street and eat this. Yeah this is perfect it’s so healthy, we needed
healthy food. So we just finished up dinner, that was freaking
amazing. You guys gotta check out that spot if your’e
in this area it’s called Journeys Cafe, Journey’s Sandwich Cafe, it was epic. It’s like 730pm right now and people are just
getting everything opened up and started so I guess it’s like 8 o’clock pm is when the
night market actually starts. This night market is huge! It’s like two full streets that go all the
way down and they wrap around too. So I wasn’t expecting the outside night market
to be this big. Not only does the outside of the actual day
market open up and become shops, the two streets alongside the market are filled with vendors
and motorbikes. Pretty much all the same stuff you can find
inside you can find outside here too. It’s cool because you kind of get to escape
the heat of the day and walk around and shop at night. So if you want your fake Gucci bags and fake
Louis Vuittons this is the place. Guys it’s like bag central here, this is like
my dream even though everything is fake. So one of the major differences for me between
the night market and the day market was the day market had okay clothes, they weren’t
super stylish or anything like that. They had a lot of good sports shirts and shorts
for Ryan, but womens clothes were lacking. However, the night market has some really
amazing styles for people like my age. Really stylish stuff and it’s pretty affordable
too so if you’re looking for clothing shopping I would definitely choose the night market
over the day market. So the difference between walking around this
night market area as opposed to being inside during the day market is that you have much
more room. You have full streets that you can just wander
around and have your space and kinda just take in all of the different vendors. But you have to watch out for all the bikers
that are on the road here there’s so many of them and they get so close to you. The vendors at the night market are still
just as ruthless as the day market vendors so you can’t escape that. yeah like you’ll be walking by and they’ll
be like oh would you like a shirt?How about a shirt, I have your size. Then they’ll like grabbing your arm and stuff
so they are definitely ruthless. But hey, you gotta sell right? Stacia is back here somewhere trying on clothes. Where you at girl? So right now we are on the second street so
there’s two streets, oh my god there’s three streets. There’s another street now that we just found
there’s 3 really long streets and they connect with each other and you can just walk around. Theres just these stores and vendors and shops
everywhere. This is really awesome. It’s a good night market and there’s tons
of food options too and they don’t seems as aggressive as the day market food vendors. So maybe if your’e hungry the night market
might be better for you. I think the night market is much better than
the day market, that’s just my personal opinion. I like seeing the old architecture of the
day market, I really like that. Obviously there is no air conditioning so
it gets a little hot and it’s very crowded. I think the best thing to do would kinda be
what we did today. Go to the day market around 4pm, spend an
hour and a half to 2 hours walking around, go grab a drink, and then wait for the night
market to kick off and hit that up as well. Yeah this is definitely the way to do it. But, I would suggest maybe not coming on a
weekend because it’s Thursday night and it is busy! It was busy in there all day today. So if you came on a Saturday or Sunday, oh
my god it would be so insane. So this place is freaking crazy you guys definitely
need to come here. If you want a bag or jewelry or a belt or
pants, anything like that, they have it. It’s awesome. Of course, most of it is fakes but they’re
good quality fakes because most of the stuff you buy in the US is already made in Vietnam. So we’re calling it quits here for the night. If you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up
button on your way out and we’ll see you guys in the next video. Seeya!


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