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Vienna Apartment Tour in Austria

Good morning good morning. Where are we and why are we here? Well, it is time for another apartment tour. We’re in Vienna, Austria. A city we’ve wanted to visit for a long time. Yeah, and yeah we’re staying in the 7th district. What is the neighborhood called again? We’re in Neubau. Ah, right. And we really liked this neighborhood. Very hipster. Super hipster. Oh my goodness. And not too too far away from the city center. Like we were able to walk to the center you
know. Usually like 20 minutes which isn’t bad. Yeah. But without further adieu let’s get the apartment
tour underway. Alright, so I’m right at the entrance right
now. Yeah. This is the door. That is the door. And it is funny because I don’t think I’ve
ever stayed in a place where the bed was so close to the door. Like literally check this out. Like so you walk in. So we’re on the corner. This is our bed. There it is. I feel like. Oh wow. I feel like this was a closet at some point. Maybe. This to be honest this wasn’t the sturdiest
bed. Like we actually felt that it might collapse
at some point. Yeah. Every time we climbed into bed at night it
was like creep creep squeak. But is somehow sustained us. Haha. For a full week. For a full week even considering how much
food we ate during this whole time. Yeah. We ate very well. Yeah, so that is the bedroom. Yep. And then the sliding door reveals the bathroom. So if you come in here I actually really like
the bathroom. Like the shower was nice and big. It had a tub. Good water pressure. Oh, we had cool views of the city. Tada. Views of the city from here. But our balcony had some much better views. Yeah. Wait until we show you that. Oh, and we had a washer. That is always a highlight. It is the smallest washer that I’ve seen in
a long time. It was a funny little washer. I’ve never seen one like this. Look you open it from the top. Huh. And then there is this weird contraption and
you have to like oh yeah. Go like that to load everything. Oh my gosh it kind of looks like a cheese
grater. Haha. A giant cheese grater. Anyways you’re going to have to try and close
it. There we go. There we go. That was the bathroom. That is the bathroom and we continue on and
guys this is become a new routine for us. Every we always do our apartment videos just
as we’re about to leave. So we’re all packed up. All packed up on our way to Bratislava. Our first time to Slovakia. Really pumped about that. Oh and these two cities are so close to each
other. Yeah, it is a one hour train ride. Yeah. It is only a one hour train ride so it is
going to be a nice easy transportation day. We’re not going to be tired from that. At least I hope not. Now this place had some pretty cool artwork. You can see right here. Yeah. And then over there. It was very eclectic mix. Yeah, the guy who owns this apartment is a
photographer so there is a bit of his artwork in the living room. Oh yeah. There is a cool old retro camera as well. Yeah, yeah this place also has a bit of a
vintage feel. It does. Look at me wearing flannel and leggings. Haha. Keeping it classy. This is our kitchen. So yeah this is the kitchen. We had an espresso coffee machine. We didn’t use it I was just using that instant
garbage coffee. Garbage coffee. I call it dirty water. Oh show us the magnets on the fridge. Oh yeah. These are cool. These are actually all magnets. You can write some funny sentences there. You could. And they are all Spanish. And again look up here. Other cool decorations. Yeah. Uh yeah, the kitchen was well equipped. We didn’t do any cooking while we were here
to be perfectly honest. No. But we did drink quite a bit of wine. Pfff. I just brought down 3 bottles. So yeah, we had one about every two days. Um yeah, it was a pretty good kitchen. Yeah. And the last part for me to show you would
be the living room. Living area. Living area was cool. Look at this. We had a nice huge couch over here. And so yeah this became kind of our office. Also where we watched Netflix. Netflix. Check out the cool Andy Warhol book. Andy Warhol. Giant size. We had another little desk uh which we didn’t
utilize at all. No, that was our charging station. That was our charging station. And then more artwork over here. Art all over the place. And if you check over on this side this is
where this is where we had our main work table. This is where we did our work. And then over here this is the vintage camera
so we had one more little chair. Yeah and then over here the cool cool vintage
camera. I kind of like it. Like all of these collectibles and antique
furniture. I feel like it is the kind of thing you’d
find in a flea market or something. And you know what Vienna has so many flea
markets so it kind of makes sense that people would furnish their apartment with antiques. Exactly. So the last thing for me to show you is outside. We had a huge balcony and the views from here
are so cool. Come out here for a second. You can see like all of the beautiful apartments
they have here. This is one of the most visually stunning
cities we’ve ever visited. Yeah. In terms of architecture it just like it is
so beautiful Vienna (Wien). And we actually booked this Airbnb because
we saw a photo of the patio. Yeah. With this balcony and we’re like yeah this
looks so cool. Unfortunately we didn’t utilize the patio
enough. We barely went out. It was kind of chilly. I feel like if you stayed here in the summer
this would be a really nice spot for breakfast. You have your morning coffee. But yeah, the views are a highlight and man
if you were here in the summer I think we would have been having all of our meals out
here. Yeah. And wine. We should have done wine and sunset. That is a regret I have. Anyways, let’s wrap things up on the couch. Alright. Alright Mister. So time to talk. Alright let’s wrap things up for our budget
for Vienna. Let’s wrap this up. So this place came to around $60 USD a night. Yeah. And you might think that is typically more
than what we spend on an Airbnb. But Vienna is a very expensive city. Yeah. It is probably one of the most expensive cities
we’ve ever visited in Europe. It is like right up there for everything. Meals are expensive. Um, attractions are expensive and also accommodations
is. Like normally for other apartments that were
of this size and quality a lot of them were going for $80 to 90 dollars. Yeah. So we thought we got a bit of a steal at sixty
bucks a night. And you know what? We had some friends who booked an apartment
very last minute and they ended up paying over 100 bucks for an airbnb which is like
what? That is Vienna (Wien) for you. Yeah. So we got a really good deal. Um, one thing that is really cool though about
this city is the city has great public transportation. Yes. With trams and also with U-Bahn so if you
are finding like the prices a little bit too high around the center you can consider staying
in more of the outskirts of the city. Even more so than what we did. Yeah. That would be my recommendation but yeah the
city is fantastic and we did have a really good time here. Mmmhmm. We sure made the most of it. We had a lot of meetups with friends. We did a lot of sightseeing and we also got
a lot of work done. So it was just like a go go go time here. Our week just flew by. And yeah we really like Vienna, Austria and
I’d definitely I’d definitely come back here again. I don’t know about you? Of course! Of course. Oh my gosh. Of course. I loved it. It is a beautiful city. You loved it too. Yes, but anyways now it is time to head out
to the train station because we are going to Bratislava. Bratislava. So tata. So stay tuned for our content from there. Yep. Tschuess. Cheers.

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