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Video Tour of a Furnished Studio Apartment in the East Village (Manhattan – New York City)

New York Habitat – Video Visit – Furnished Apartment East 7th St and Ave B East Village – Manhattan, NY Hello and welcome to another New York Habitat furnished rental video tour. Today we will be touring a furnished studio apartment located on East 7th Street in the East Village, Manhattan, New York. Let’s check it out. This furnished studio apartment is located on the 1st floor of a walk-up building, equipped with an intercom buzzer for security. This small studio apartment can accommodate up to 2 people. When you enter the apartment, you’ll find yourself in the kitchenette. Because the space is so small, you won’t find a full kitchen, but you will find basic necessities for cooking, such as a small refrigerator, microwave, broiler, toaster, and coffee maker. There are basic dishes and glasses provided as well. Also in the kitchen, you’ll find a closet you can use to hang your clothes. The closet also has a padlocked door leading to the owner’s living space. You’ll also find a small dining table with two chairs in the kitchen area. Next to the kitchenette, you’ll find the shower area separate from the bathroom. It features small tile floors and a brick wall. It’s equipped with a sink and a shelf. It’s furnished with a bathtub, a towel hanger, and curtains separating it from the kitchen area. Facing the bathtub, you’ll find an open wall unit and a small dresser where you can hang your clothes and store your belongings. Off the wall unit, you’ll find the living area. It has a window facing the street and is furnished with a double sized bed. Of course, pillows and sheets are provided. There is a mounted flat screen TV with cable provided for your entertainment. Wireless Internet access is also available. Well, let’s step out of the apartment to explore the surrounding neighborhood. This studio apartment is located in in the heart of the East Village, a fantastic neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. where you’ll find many restaurants, bars, and shopping. Just one block from the apartment, you’ll find Tompkins Square Park. One of the most famous public parks in New York City. The park offers many features such as sitting areas, a dog run, playgrounds, and basketball courts. The East River Park is located a few blocks away. There are tables with chairs provided to sit back and enjoy the beautiful views of the waterfront. The East River Park is also a nice spot for exercising. It has a sporting field, basketball courts, playgrounds, and jogging tracks. You’ll get a great view of the Williamsburg Bridge from the park, so it’s definitely worth a visit. Don’t forget to visit our website at nyhabitat.com where you’ll find more lovely furnished apartments not only in the East Village but all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Why not book a furnished apartment with New York Habitat for your next trip to New York. Well, that’s a wrap of our New York Habitat furnished rental video tour today. Thank you for watching and we hope to see you soon in New York City.



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that voice ugh

New York Habitat

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Hi, thanks for your comment!

You can get more info about this apartment (pictures, description, reviews, price…) in the link below the video.

Le us know if you have any questions 😉

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buzzing that park has not only tables, but chairs provided too!!!

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This place is gross

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A piece of shit.

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what is this like $1000/month??? LOL

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