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Video tour of a furnished apartment on Impasse Saint-Denis in Paris (Les Halles – Le Marais)

New York Habitat Video Visit – Furnished Apartment Impasse Saint Denis – Les Halles/Le Marais – Paris, France Hello and welcome to another New York Habitat furnished apartment video tour. Today were going to visit a one bedroom apartment located in the Impasse Saint Denis in the 2nd district between the Halles and the Marais, in the center of Paris. This furnished apartment is well located in this lovely and vibrant neighborhood. Let’s go take a peek. When entering the apartment you’ll find yourself in the warmly decorated living room. To the left, you’ll find two windows with views of neighboring rooftops. The living room is equipped with a small table and an armoire where you can store your belongings. The living room is also equipped with a sofa where you can relax, read a book or enjoy a glass of French wine, posing your glass on the coffee table in between sips. You’ll appreciate the artwork, the lamps and the unique furniture. Off the living room, you’ll find the entrance to the bedroom, which is separated by a curtain. The bedroom is furnished with a small desk, an armoire, a double sized bed, a large mirror and a small TV. Wifi internet is also available throughout the apartment. Our next stop is the kitchen. The kitchen has a small window and is equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, two stove tops and dishware. The blue and green tiled bathroom is located off of the kitchen. It is equipped with a bathtub and a shower, shelves and a sink. Now that we’ve visited the apartment, let’s explore the surrounding neighborhood. The apartment is located close to the famous rue Montorgeuil. You’ll find plenty of shopping boutiques as well as bars, cafés and restaurants. The old Parisian streets are full of life. Metro stations and other public transportation are conveniently located nearby, giving easy access to all of Paris. While strolling through the neighborhood, be sure to visit the Musée d’Arts et Metiérs. Inside this famous museum, found in an old abbey, you’ll discover ancient scientific instruments as well as notable inventions from the past. Near the neighborhood les Halles, you’ll find the unmistakable Pompidou Center. Unmistakable by its modern and atypical architectural style. Inside you’ll find the largest museum of modern art in all of Europe. The neighborhood surrounding the Pompidou Center is called Beaubourg. It’s a lively neighborhood where you’ll find great shopping, French cafés and pedestrian streets. Be sure to visit our website at nyhabitat.com where you will find more furnished apartments not only in the Marais, but all over Paris. Renting a furnished apartment is an authentic and economical way to make the most of your next trip to Paris. Well, that’s a wrap of our furnished apartment video tour today. We hope to see you soon in the always romantic capital of France.

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