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Varudu Telugu Full Movie || Allu Arjun, Bhanusri Mehra, Arya || Guna Sekhar || Mani Sharma

Good marriage makes good couple Good couple make good children Good children make good society Good society makes good world Three! Just in three minutes…
continuously…shouldn’t miss one… lf any man does it,
l, Nisha will give him lip to lip kiss. lsn’t there any man here to get kissed? Kiss is planted with love. Kiss won’t generate love. We both don’t know when and
how the magic of love strikes us. Hail Lord Shiva! World is full of love… You’re free to fall in love… You’re the one to tie
the auspicious Knot… You’re a form of love…
My character is to love… Start loving from birth…
live the entire life in love… Love is a challenge…
losing to win is great… Love is our philosophy…
love is our doctrine… If love is your beginning and end…
love is non-duality…. Please don’t mind, l’ll take your plate. Look at this friends!
Looks like an ad! Had l got this idea, l’d have written
‘l love you’ on idly with tomato sauce. l would’ve poured sambar on it. Fancy number. ls it you? Cinema? Pub? Dinner? Love? Thanks for your choice. lf you send number like this,
it’s like call taxi or call g… The feeling you got on seeing me, l must also get the same
feeling on seeing you. lt’s love only we both get the
same feeling at the same time. l need to talk to you urgently. Who is this time? Hey Swetha? You and he… Yes Sandy, Abhiram has made marriage
arrangements tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning?
– Yes, we need all your support Routine problem.
Don’t you’ve any other solution? This is not routine problem,
Swetha’s dad is the Home Minister. Moreover he’s encounter specialist. Swetha’s marriage and
our death will happen at a time. That’s the real point of interest.
Why are you guys worrying? lt’s my plan and l’m taking the risk. What’s in love?
Any fool can fall in love. l mean you must have guts to go
against everyone and marry them off. All l’ve is guts. Tell me! Surprized,
why you haven’t yet named me? Nothing much, just hide Swetha and Uday in
your home tonight, that’s all. Home Minister is your family friend,
so he’ll not suspect you. Will it work out? Just now reached Sandy’s house. Going to a party at Srinath uncle’s
place, why not join us? No way! He’ll kill with the old tale
of his making it big time. l can’t tolerate it.
– Okay, l asked you just like that. They are safe, let’s go.
Tomorrow morning at 6 am, Sandy. You guys don’t get out of bed by 10 am also,
what are you planning to do at 6 am? Anyway he’ll not get a job,
he has decided to watch birds. Shall we go? l’ve a small suggestion for you.
– What? Looks like your sleeve is getting
smaller with passing time. l’ll listen if my husband tells,
not you. Gopi couldn’t tell you directly
and sought my help to tell you. ls it true, Gopi?- What’s this?
– ls it true? He’s creating unnecessary trouble
and you believe him! He’ll… How you’ve raised your son?
– You raised him. Why are you so worried?
lt’s me! She left her home for me,
can’t you get it? How much my dad will get tensed
and shake up the entire state? Mere thought of it
is giving me jitters. Don’t get tensed,
everything will go on smoothly. Be careful. Did you find the man who cut a girl’s
throat for not acknowledging his love? Found him sir.
But died in an encounter… He died! That’s all?
– Yes sir. l’m worried about repercussions. We are in trouble if we fail
to find him or if he’s killed. Don’t spare such rogues
under any circumstances. Entire state’s youth must wet their
pants on hearing about love. Got me? Come in Sandeep!
When did you come? l didn’t see you. lt seems you got a job in America. Your dad told me,
please take your seat. lt’s cool to celebrate,
have a drink. That’s respect!
That’s why l like you so much. Where is Swetha? Didn’t she come with you? Swetha will never come home. What did you say? Can we go in and talk personally? No problem, carry on. Swetha has eloped with
my friend Uday. What the hell are you saying, bloody? You know who l am, right?
Where is Swetha? Tell me! Swetha is with Uday, uncle. lf l book you under any case,
your career is finished. l know that very well,
that’s why l came to you, uncle. As a father your anger and
hurt is justified. As the Home Minister, you can find
Swetha using your network. You’ll get her married again
even if she’s married. You’ll have Uday get killed
in some encounter. Am l right?
– You’re right. Doesn’t your friend has
this common sense? Go and tell him about
my power and reach. Before l tell them about your power,
you must know their love power. What should l know about it newly? No need to use your intelligence
department to find Swetha and Uday. Just use your intelligence to know
who is Uday, that’s enough. You’ve crossed our age,
just go back again and think. Have you come here to give me
a ride on time machine? l’ll kill you, bloody! You can anything born on this earth, but one can never kill love,
not just men even God can’t kill it. Where is Sandy?
Still under rugs? Didn’t turn up from last night?
That’s worrying me. Look, Sandy is here. Why did you come so late?
He has brought a car too. Are you the conductor of this marriage?
– Sir…me… God, for himself… Shastry, check book if you don’t know,
don’t recite wrongly. Am l reciting wrongly?
Today’s youth can’t read or write Telugu. They have ruined the language.
He’s here to tell about Bhagavath Gita. My second language was Sanskrit. That’s the matter. lt isn’t pronounced like that,
but like this. That’s like my grandson! Have you taken today’s
medicine dose, grandma? Oh no! Of late you’re becoming
old absent minded professor. l’ve to remind you everything.
Get up! Take it! Look at this photo.
– How about this one? There are two girls in this. Will he like her? Why are you looking at
photos early morning? To select a photo for
the poster, right? Why are you taking sudden
interest in my publicity? Who amongst them is
very close to you? Close? lf l get close to one,
others will unite to kill me. That’s why l’m very close
with all of them. lsn’t it difficult with whole bunch?
You must be close with only one. How can he understand
if you say like that? Nothing son, you’re going to
America next month, joining work there,
am l on right track? you’ll not come back in next 5 years, so, we’re thinking of your marriage. Fine! l’m ready to marry. l thought it’ll be very difficult
to get his acceptance. l never expected he’ll
agree so easily. l’ll also get bored to
live alone in America. Tell me who amongst them
is your girl friend, we’ll talk to her parents.
– Yes, we will. See! That’s why this photo exhibition.
They all are just friends. l don’t have any lover or girl friend. What? Haven’t you fallen in love yet? How will you marry then? ls it international problem? You select a bride for me,
l’ll marry her. Will you go for an arranged marriage
instead of love marriage? There’s something fishy in it. He’s always in pubs and parties,
how can he be without a girl friend? Something is not right. Going to pubs don’t mean
l must have girl friends. Don’t l want a girl friend? l haven’t met a girl who could
make me skip a beat. So l’ve decided to marry
the girl of your choice. To which bygone era do you belong? 30 years ago l and your dad
fell in love, eloped to marry. Born in fast generation,
will you go for an arranged marriage? ls arranged marriage taboo
for the fast generation? Why? You want to curse us
all your life. Vasu, you remember, last year
l bought a shirt for his birthday, he threw it on my face, when he didn’t like my surprize gift,
will he like my selected lifetime gift? You’re right, you don’t know
about latest fashion, don’t know about latest trends, shirts or cell phones can be
exchanged or left unused, but life partner isn’t like that, must be very careful while selecting, l fear of selection going
wrong in tension, so l’m leaving that
responsibility on you both. By any chance are we responsible
for refusing love marriage? What’s your opinion about
our married life? l think l was in eight class, one night you threw a chapatti on
mother’s face for not in round shape, mummy wasn’t any less,
she hit you back with a spatula. lt lead to big trouble. You showed me lraq war in home. That night sister Sindhu
and l never slept. We entered hall next morning
fearing terrible but… The scene was completely different. Both were happily talking to each other
as if nothing had happened last night. Still l can’t understand how you
both compromised that night. Apart from those little arguments, l haven’t seen any couple more
understanding than you. l too want to be like you. What happened to you then? We expected you will
bring a princess, but you’ve left the responsibility
of finding a bride on us. You played some trick
and trapped mom. You got lucky, crow. Anyway l’m not as talented
as you are, Gopi. lf Vasu had brothers like me then,
you would’ve got the stick. Why not now? You come to beat me
for eloping with your mother. l did what l ought to then,
that’s why you’re here now. Who are you guys?
Why are you standing there only? My boss won’t step out until
inauspicious time elapses. lnauspicious time has elapsed! Who are you? Hey granny!
When are you kicking the bucket?- What? l mean when will you die,
what’s the doctor’s opinion? l’ll die in near future, l want to see
my grandson’s marriage before it, have you made a request like that? You’ve guessed it right, boss. lt’s all experience. l can judge by reading the faces. lt’s my responsibility to ensure marriage
and your death happen at right time. What the hell are you saying?
l’ll break your teeth. lf you want take a month or two
or even a year’s time, but don’t use abusive language. Who is this idiot?
– Marriage fixer Dilip Raja. Who is the groom?
This young chap? Over age no problem, l’ll manage.
– No, this old man’s son. By any chance is the groom like him?
My commission will go up. No, my son is very handsome.
– So, he’s after you, since you say he’s handsome,
let’s find a world beauty for him. Your experience?
– Over 10000 marriages, want to complete a lakh in 5 years and
enter Guinness Book Of Records. Please give me that. l think you’re more interested
in this than records. By the way, are you married? When l was about to marry…
– My boss is true professional. On getting better commission,
he got her married to another man. Give them more details. l got it. Madam’s breakfast is worst. You want your son to marry and eat
good food cooked by daughter-in-law, right? We want a daughter-in-law,
not a cook. l tested your psychology
about marriage attitudes. Please little upma. Quick marriage?
– You don’t know what it is? Meeting on internet, get engaged using webcam, marry in a flight,
l mean marrying in sky! Press, TV publicity free. Marriage in sky? You don’t like it,
then go for marriage in water. Bay of Bengal? Pacific ocean?
Musi river? What are you saying?
Marriage in water? l think you don’t like that too, how about marriage in cemetery? Not just marrying in the witness
of fire but dead souls too. You’ve an advantage too. You don’t have to fear
about wife or future. We’ll tell the place of marriage,
just show us the girls. lf you’re so clear about it,
l’ll show you good proposals. Those girls? That’s why, l never show the
photos to groom’s parents. Show it to the groom only. Will you set a marriage in one hour?
How much time to disconnect? He asked about disconnection
before connection. That will take less than half an hour. My brother is separation specialist. He gives 25% discount to my clients. l liked your five basic
elements concept. Air, water, fire, earth,
what’s your choice? You decide it.
– Why should l decide? You decide in which element
you’ll become a part of it. Why should l become part of it? So, no one to shed a tear also.
So, l can kill you immediately. Mother…just a minute. Both of you please come here. No problem if you’re late to office,
please come here. Tell me… First you relax. What’s this mom? ls this the way to find a bride? When l could browse internet
and find a job, can’t l chat and find a bride for myself? This is not right. Go personally and find a bride for me. Birth or death isn’t in our hands, marriage is the only occasion
we choose ourselves, we mustn’t miss the happiness and
festivities accompanying it. What we couldn’t give to our parents 30
years ago, he has given us an opportunity, we must keep his trust. l’ve seen love failures taking to drinks,
why are you drinking after marriage? Not only him, l too want to drink. When you both had same tastes
before marriage, l was surprized, is it this one? What happened?
– We don’t have any problem. lt’s you! Do you know what he’s doing? He has almost stopped drinking, right? Shut up! Sandy is going for an
arranged marriage! Bloody! lt’s my marriage.
Why are you guys shocked? We had great expectations on
your love marriage, that you will elope with
CM or PM’s daughter, bomb blasts and hot chases, l had great plans for your marriage. So many girls are swooning over you, why are you going for
an arranged marriage? You’ll not know what you’re
missing is the thrill of love. Love is not a thrill but
a great feeling. Don’t shut me up. ln my opinion when two people like
each other at the same time, it’s love. ls it any accident when two
vehicles hit at the same time? First you like someone,
it will turn into love later. Yuck! l can’t fall in love
for the sake of love. l must get that feeling. When l see a beautiful girl,
l feel just a wow! l don’t get the feel, love! You know the advantages
of love marriage? You’ll know what your wife
likes before itself. Wife can know what food
husband likes before itself. Family background and
bank balances will be clear. lt’s not in arranged marriages.
Will you be happy with it? Correct! l never thought in this angle. l may be wrong in deciding this. Your parents’ marriage is
love marriage, right?- No. Your parents?
– No. Arranged? How can there be understanding
between your parents then? Aren’t they fighting each other everyday? Aren’t their lives full of problems?
Tell me. Can’t you understand after seeing us?
That they are very happy. That’s it. Can’t you understand how successful
my parents’ love marriage is after seeing me? Not only that my sister’s too
is love marriage. So, l respect and like love
marriages more than you all. Whether it’s arranged or love marriage,
there are bound to be some failures. Problem isn’t in the marriage. lt’s in understanding each other
and finding true love. Then, why don’t you fall in love?
– Don’t l want to fall in love? Till now l never had that magic feeling. So, l left the choice to my parents
who understand me best. But till now you said
you’ll do anything for love. l still stand by my word,
l’ll do anything for love. lf l fall in love,
l’ll go to any extent for my love. Sister, please show me. After great difficulty we selected
a girl for you, Sister, give it to me.
– Will you say okay seeing the photo? Catch me.
– Sister, please….stop. Brother-in-law, tell her. You too brother-in-law. Sister, stop. Show me. Let him see it.
– So easily? Mother, you tell her. On one condition,
if your brother-in-law gets promotion, you must walk to Tirumala
and tonsure your head. Okay? l’m ready to marry,
won’t l be ready for a tonsure? First show me the photo. Are you ready sacrifice hair to
see your future wife’s photo? l can’t you shaven head, see this. Take it. Take it. Sit here. What if l don’t see the photo? What if l don’t see the photo? l can see her face only, right? l’m sure you would’ve selected
a good girl. What are you saying?
Won’t you see her photo? Son, l beg you,
you’re shocking us continuously. Please take a look at the girl’s photo. See! l beg you, please don’t raise
our tension. Take look at her!
– Look! Grandma! According to tradition
when should a groom see the bride? According to tradition, my grandfather saw
my grandmother in marriage canopy. Fantastic idea!
l’ll also see her there only. This is more thrilling than love marriage. l’m sure he’s gone crazy.
He’s gone crazy. My marriage should also happen
like the one in this photograph. What?
Like my grandmother’s marriage? You’re asking a marriage that
was celebrated 100 years ago. lt was a 16 day long
marriage festivities! ln that marriage was 5 days affair.
– 5 days! Grandma’s marriage! A big marriage canopy! A vast pedestal! Brothers…sisters! Aunts…uncles!
Paternal aunts…maternal uncles! lt used be a grand spectacle! 5 days marriage? Mummy, my marriage also
must be like that. 5 days? Can relatives stay for so long? Why not?
Can’t our relatives do this for us? Just one is quite difficult,
5 days is practically impossible. l’ll put a ring to some girl
in America and kiss her. Marriage will be over in seconds.
– No please. Let’s go for 5 day marriage
as you wish. lf not he’ll kiss an American girl. l didn’t understand when he
turned cross while delivering him, though he’s grown up,
he’s still like that only. Grandpa! – So, you’re learning to
be a householder. This is my childhood style. lf any guests come l used
to give water to wash legs. You’re also doing the same.
Little bit trendy now. ls it? Welcome, brother and sister-in-law. Though nearing a century,
you’re still very strong. What’s the secret of your health? My grandson gives me
medicine three times a day. That’s the secret.
– Medicine? What’s that? Give us also. You too want it?
– Here it is! This is it! Thank God! You’ve come! Father-in-law.
– Are you fine, dear? Welcome, uncle.
– Can’t bear him anymore, aunt? He wants every relative
must attend the marriage. l don’t know how l’ll manage it. Why are you so adamant? l’ve given her all the addresses l know. They are running around. lnfact l got married taking
half day leave from office. Would anyone go to attend someone
else’s marriage taking a week off? l don’t care about all that,
l’ll marry only everyone makes to it. lf not l’ll cancel it. Sister! lt seems it’s a 16 day
marriage festivities! Yes, actual marriage is
5 day long in it. Yes, marriage canopy is
amidst green fields.- Granny! lt seems we all must go
in the same dress. Greetings. Keep the bags inside. Welcome! Are you fine? Greetings…. Very happy…very very happy… l expected you’ll go at
jet speed like Allu Arjun, l didn’t expect you’ll plan systematically
like Allu Ramalingaiah. My friend too tell the same thing. Why youth like you is going
backwards in time? lt’s not going back,
it’s bringing back the olden times. To say it in simple term, recycle! Where life begins, after some time
it must reach the starting point. Granny, have cool drink.
You didn’t have anything since afternoon. You’re very caring about me. First day chief guest,
second day ordinary guest, third day unwanted guest,
l expected such a treatment. Did you’ve such bad idea about us? You too have little. l expected you’ll show differences between
relatives of husband side & wife side. But Vasundhara looks
after everyone equally. Were you having such
cheap idea about us? Don’t worry, just playing with you. Look!
– ls it? Yenki’s marriage cost dear to Subbi.
– This is it. ln the name of your marriage,
your aunt made me shell out Rs.25000. You’ll anything whatever
your tongue wags. Table full of tasteless food and
love less husband are of no use. l married him because he’s aunt’s son. What we eat daily is any special,
is aunt’s son a husband? Like old husband even on festival day. Hear this one. Long back a maiden, l thought ‘Garbhadanam’ means
eating something not this torture. Another man when he was called
to bedroom for the first night, said, he has got no time and use
someone else as standby and finish it. Out sourcing? There was his brother, he was
asked to say something good. He asked, where’s the bride widow? When asked by sister-in-law to
come to romance her. Brother-in-law asked,
what benefit would l get? l never said like that.
– Why would you say like that? You’ll say it’s not proper to
romance aunt daughter. Stubborn husband will cry if l pinch also. Don’t use the occasion to pinch me. l know only this proverb,
please don’t mind. This is what you call pinching the
child and then rocking the cradle. Did you say about my wife
or a proverb? Proverbs come from our lives only. lf you see Arundhati star in marriage,
you’ll not get such doubts. Where did he see Arundhati? When asked have you seen Arundhati? lt seems he said l didn’t see
but saw Rs.6000 loan. l was lucky in this matter, uncle.
l could see only Rs.25000. Even that Rs.25000 was my dad’s. Marriage homes must be happy
and filled with laughter. Will gossip fill our stomachs?
Let’s hit the dinner table. Everything is ready. Why haven’t mom and dad
returned from the bride’s place? They will come.
– Children, come. Hey groom! Just got a call that
your visa is ready. Tie the knot and leave to America. Sister, don’t worry,
mom and dad are back. What’s this?
– What? Everything is turning like this.
– What happened? You said you’ll not see the bride. We went to show your photo to the bride. What happened? Didn’t she like my face? Go ahead, l’m not that
handsome anyway. We told her that you’ll marry
without seeing her photo also. She said she’ll not see your photo and
wish to see you in marriage canopy only. My type! Perfect match! Don’t know what’s in store
for the future! Till now he was alone,
now another is joining him. Such a type of girl in
these times, very strange. lt’s strange all the way. Yours is love marriage and
your son’s is arranged marriage, bride and groom agreeing to marry
without seeing each other, it’s strange all the way. Where’s the bride’s photo? Will you atleast show her to us? No way! My son is cool,
why are you so itching to see her? Along with him all of you must
see her in marriage only. That’s will add great thrill
to the marriage. 5 days marriage,
mother of marriages… A Telugu marriage where the bride
and groom never met earlier… A marriage wished by the groom,
Lord Rama’s marriage… Bride is none other than
Goddess Seetha… Vast canopy to fill the sKy…
festivities galore the earth… Opulent marriage…
propitious all the life… Dragon flies hovering over
maidens’long plaits… Beautiful girls’ walK will
give jitters to swans… NecKs of the maidens get hurt
with jewels… Heart beats of the young men race up… Pitching of the auspicious mast
soaKed in turmeric in the courtyard… Start of the marriage ceremony
as women tie festoons of leaves and flowers… With so many women around…
handsome groom is enjoying… As they give him a head bath…
myriad of pleasant feelings hits him… As they apply oil,
youth is displeasured… As youth gets displeasured,
heart gets illuminated… Groom’s people, very Kind people
arriving for the marriage… Neither they Know coffee nor upma,
leftover food is feast to them… We are not qualified enough
to sing about their greatness… Neither they Know marriage band nor lute,
cheap dance is more than enough… We are not qualified enough
to sing about their greatness… We never asKed you any dowry…
get our boy educated with FA and BA… We want a mirror with stand
from Chennapatnam… Get a matching cot for it… We want a couple of
Panupooru arm bandanas… Get a matching wrist watch for it… Where’s the good girl friend I liKe… My teenage is excited
to meet her here… Marriage is trouble or problem
or anything else…love marriage… Life is damaged after
honeymoon is over… Acting on their own will and wish… Nipping the tail… If things go wrong,
where’s the way out? Krishna barrage! Betel leaf isn’t bitter…
add a piece of nutmeg… If you add calcium,
it may burn your mouth…. Bride may laugh at you… After getting camphor, betel leaf & nut,
get on to the jasmine bed… You can share the milK with her… If she agrees you can sleep with her… By morning the dot on your cheeK
must be on the bride’s face… This new couple is will happily
together all their lives… The bride blessed to you is
one of a Kind in this region… As priests chant hymns and you tie Knot,
it’s good times for you and your family… Be generous on us, O prince! Sitting delicately in a basKet, O bride! ShaKing gently liKe a flower… Shining pearl,
bright liKe diamond, O bride! O my dear moving force…
flying divine swan…. Hitting me liKe gentle dew… Becoming my eye and my vision… Anything can happen, we may unite… May be sKy can cover up
the earth hereafter… Closing the distance between us… My first love has crossed the
boundary of dream into reality… Falling in love at first sight,
love goads us to exchange hearts… I dreamt and become
a poet on seeing you… I’ve become real after seeing you
with curtains up… Did this spring call you? To unite with this song… Waves of love is seeKing
your companionship… It has realized the relationship
now after eons… May spring time come for us… May our hearts and souls unite forever… I saw you for the first time…
I became your lover… I dreamed about you…
I’m now with you… You are in me and
I’m yours in you… What?
– ls everything there?- Yes. Grandpa…grandpa…are betel leaves ready?
Where is it? lt’s needed here urgently, get it fast. Chanting these hymns, tie this grass
around the bride’s waist. What’s that? You know ‘Bhagavath Gita’ so well,
can’t you chant a Sanskrit hymn? lt was second language,
so l learnt only one to pass. lt’s symbolic gesture to tell you must
be my partner in all the good l do. ‘Bondage of sharing equally’ Sanskrit isn’t my second language, after knowing it’s 5 day marriage, it was interesting,
so l collected all the information. That’s all. Please introduce her to us. They are my close…waste friends. No, not us, introduce bride’s
friends to us. Definitely, first their husbands
and then my friends. Like groom like bride!
Didn’t l say they are perfect match? Sandy cuts our dialogues,
she’s much ahead cutting our tails. Did you expect to get
such a beautiful bride? Brother-in-law is more handsome
than my sister. Where is Sandeep? Brother-in-law! Be careful! ls everyone safe? Check if Deepthi is inside.
– Check carefully. She’s not here. lt seems not inside.
– She’s not outside also. She must be inside only. Forget her! Forget her! Greetings.
– Greetings. Where is Sandeep?
– There! We traced the lnnova with
9999 number plate, it’s a fake number. We’ve shown state wide
criminals photos to Sandeep. He said he isn’t in that list. They have abducted her
before marriage, they could be your enemies too.
– My enemies? Bride’s parents, he’s Commissioner. Had any trouble with any youth
who was after your daughter? Sorry, l didn’t mean like that. l thought it was better to
investigate from all angles. Nothing like that, not because
she’s my daughter, Deepthi is an angel. Her only concentration was on studies. lf it was for ransom, we would’ve
got a phone call by now. We didn’t get it, it means
it’s more dangerous. But this doesn’t look like a
regular criminal’s handiwork. Somebody has planned it well
to look like an accident. Luckily no life was lost. You must solve this problem,
Sandeep must go to America next week. Come. Don’t know what went wrong,
marriage got stopped midway. The sacrificial fire must burn
for entire 16 days non-stop. Marriage is stopped, do we need to
keep the sacrificial fire burning? Don’t say it, it’s wrong, already
a bad thing has happened, if sacrificial fire is put off midway,
it’s bad omen. Don’t say like that. Look, any great achievement will
face many obstacles, as many obstacles you face so great
will be your achievement. ls it travel agency? Where is the blue bag?
– l don’t know, find yourself. Confirm Sandeep’s ticket, cancel the ticket on Deepthi
and return the passport. That ticket is cancelled. Greetings Commissioner. Any trace of my daughter? We’ve solved many complicated
cases in hours. No progress in the case
even after a week. Sir you are… We’ve studied psychos
and criminals list, someone is very strong
against this marriage, unable to trace out where he has
taken her and what he may’ve done? We suspect if she’s alive. Sandeep is going to America tomorrow,
we came to meet him. We’ll inform you immediately
on getting any clue. Calm down…please calm down. Be brave. Police have given up,
it’s better we too give up. Please don’t mistake me
for saying this, Deepthi is also like my granddaughter, if she goes missing,
what can anyone do? Why not get that quick marriage broker and
get Sandeep married before he leaves? You said what l thought. lt’s marriage only after
one ties the knot. Even it one tied the knot, legally they must
walk the holy seven steps together. lt isn’t a marriage and
the missing girl isn’t your wife. First let him go to America
and get out of it. Our bad luck mustn’t affect
your son’s life. How long can you wait for my daughter
nobody knows if she’s alive or not? Hubby! We did arrange a grand marriage,
but got stopped before tying the knot. lt means they weren’t married. We don’t have any objection if you
fix another marriage for your son.- Okay. What the hell are you saying? ls it marriage only if l tie the knot? Are the rituals before it nothing? You gave her in marriage to me,
l accepted, has it got no meaning? You made us place jaggery and
cumin seeds on head. Was it a dolls play? Nobody knows the meaning of Deepthi’s
look on removing the screen, is it you my friend for whom
l was waiting till now, a happiness, a surprize, she conveyed through her eyes,
l’ll surrender my life to you. Till now magic of love
never touched me. That magic of love feeling…
l felt on Deepthi at the first sight. Sister, you said you got the
same feeling in library. You vowed to leave with him
going against parents. l never understood the
power of first look. Uday, you said about love at first sight,
when we ragged Swetha. l used to think how could one
fall in love at first sight. But l can understand now, that magic one moment which can bring
two hearts together for lifetime, you had it in library,
for you while ragging, for me under the marriage canopy, l fell in love with Deepthi at first sight. Whether tradition or law accepts
or not, Deepthi is wife. Whether l tie knot with her or not… Hearing their words l’m scared
if sister is alive or not. But hearing your words
l feel she’s alive. Like in fables you read, l’ll bring your
sister even if she’s beyond seven seas. Well said grandson! When you chose traditional marriage,
l thought you were doing it for fun, love sprouted from that tradition, and
you’re so responsible for that love, l came to know just now. What you said a little while ago is true, placing jaggery and
cumin seeds isn’t child’s play, it isn’t fun too, when you mix jaggery and
cumin seeds, it’s energy, a magnetic force is produced
from that energy, it produces magnetic force! Likewise an attraction develops
between wife and husband. What our science says? The divine spiritual energy enters from here, it’s always closed, when jaggery and cumin seeds
are placed here, it opens up, spiritual energy above will reach
the centre of forehead here, when they see each other,
each other’s energy will merge into one, that’s first sight,
that what we call magic of love! lt’s love which unites two hearts forever. You will come victorious! You will live your wife. The vows you made,
they will protect you. Forget her! Forget her! Till now didn’t find any trace
about the girl? What is your department doing?
ls it working or sleeping? What are you trying?
To find ways to close this case. You may say some psycho killed her
and didn’t find body also. That’s all, okay?
l know your working style. Governments change
but police are the same always. Going over speed, slow down. When my daughter went missing,
Sandeep informed her whereabouts. Not the police. His future wife is missing
and l’m unable to help him. l must help him, mustn’t l? Where is Sandeep? lt’s been 3 days since he
has come home. He gave up job in America for Deepthi. Poor boy! He mustn’t get into trouble
going in search of her. Nothing will happen to him,
he saw her for just a moment only, but has fallen in love so deeply, Sandeep will come back
with Deepthi only. Why are you here on roads instead
of in America with new wife? What did you say?
5 day marriage! On which day it got stopped? Noodles mustn’t boil for more
than two minutes, three knots of marriage mustn’t
take more than 3 minutes. lf you go on road, it’ll be traffic jam,
ogle the girl in next car, marry her in the parking lot, if you go to watch a film,
love the girl sitting next to you, tie the knot during interval, make love before the
end card appears. l mean… lf people can’t go to marriage,
take marriage to them. That’s it. That’s why l found a way
for people like you. l’m fixing marriages in college itself, collect details, if it’s okay,
fix marriage in college bus. Follow me, you’ll have great future. What is he doing? l think he’s planning
to bump you off. Why a plan to kill me?
Just a punch can do it. Your level is very low,
so arranging separately. Just missed the candidate,
come immediately. l’ll tell you. What were and how you’ve become?
l can’t see you in this condition. ls it necessary to risk your life?
Let’s go back to Hyderabad. Don’t know when and
how you’ll get attacked… Let anything may come. l too want that to happen. They must come out atleast to kill me. That’s enough to know the
whereabouts of Deepthi. You don’t know where is she,
where will you start searching? You all go back but
leave the bike for me. Please come back with Deepthi,
she mustn’t miss you. This is not a dream…our meeting
is real and our love is true… I’ll fight the world I see and
go against the time which I don’t … Though you are not with me,
I’m in you… I’ll secure you liKe the eyelid
protects the eye… I’m with you always…
I’m liKe your shadow… I’ll become your partner at the horizon
where earth and sKy meet… O my dear, you’re wish and boon…
I want your companionship… O my dear, give life to my love…
What am I to do alone in this world? My love for you is forever and
hold the flame come whatsoever may… O my dear, I’m ready to give
my life to get you… Chasing the lightning liKe clouds…
My heart is all charged up… I lost you in the last minute…
Why did you vanish into thin air? I’ve dared to challenge
this world for you… I’ll maKe this world open the doors
and unite with you at any cost… Why don’t we know her?
She changed bus here to reach town daily. Golden angel. She forced us to send our daughter
to school instead of making her work. Sister is very good lady,
she presented this rose plant to me. For attending school regularly. Bye mother! Don’t know what difficulty
she’s facing, she had married without
seeing the groom, There’s an Anganwadi teacher
in next village near the temple, teacher and Deepthi used to
travel together to the town You may get any information from her. By the way, who are you sir?
Police? The man whom your golden angel
married without seeing. Got scared! lf you don’t listen to me,
l’ll throw acid on you. l’ll throw acid! Scared? Remove hands! Got scared? Leave me.
– Remove hands. Got scared? Remove hands.
Look…look here! Got scared? Tell me!
Remove your hands. Please don’t harm me. Remove hands…got scared? Will you throw acid on her?
You go! l’ll take care of him. How dare you tease girls?
Are girls so cheap to you? Will you throw acid on her? lnfact those girls must
throw acid on rogues like you. Even encounter death to
rogues like you is justified. Are you new to this area?
How dare you attack me! Move! Move! Sir, the girl who was here just now…
– Anganwadi teacher? Went home just now. Anganwadi teacher? Where is her home?
– Near that temple. Madam, Anganwadi teacher’s house…?
– This one only. Don’t know what had happened,
just now police came and took her. Daddy, call the Commissioner
immediately…. Sandy is here!
– How are you my brother? How are you my son?
– Got any information? Your information is correct,
l think teacher knows about Deepthi. You traced her out before us. We tried to get information before
you but she’s tight lipped. l’m sure she has some information.
Actually we should… l’m an Ogre, devotee of Satan. Will you deny eternity to me
for not having heavenly ambrosia? Even Gods who had ambrosia
will meet end in the great storm. But Lord Shiva who has taken
the poison will defy death. Enemy of the death! Lord Shiva is eternal! Team DG lf a man with poison in neck
can become eternal, why shouldn’t l be? Every cell in me is filled with poison. lsn’t that qualification enough for me? Goddess Abhisarani! Goddess Sharvani! Goddess of Mantra and Tantra! Devil, she-devil, ghost, demon,
elf, fiend, monster, Ogre, Satan! Evil powers! Announce to the world, l’m eternal! Evil power! l don’t have death! l don’t have death! l don’t have death! They stopped the bus for this play,
you got me into this. How much more time will it last? Already we are very late. l think bus will not start
even after the play is over. People are mesmerized. People at home will
be tensed if l’m late. MLA Kondaraju will honour
Diwakar on the stage. He will honour! You mustn’t do the honour,
it must be done by that girl! Let’s go and sit in the bus, come. Anybody can act but only Diwakar can
put life into those characters. He’s overdoing everything.
– Who is he? He behaves like a psycho and
none to beat him negative characters. Yes, indeed he’s going
overboard in everything. He wanted to get honoured by you,
how dare you refuse! You’ve committed a mistake. Where ever he plays a drama,
you must attend and honour him. Follow him.
– lsn’t it, brother?- Come here. Wrong, don’t talk like that.
Deal women smoothly. She didn’t like my acting,
so she didn’t honour me. Tell me…why didn’t you like it? Tell me, who l am? True! l myself don’t know who am l? Some say l’m a Mayala Maratee, some say l’m Sangram Singh, Duryodhana, Betala, Keechaka, they call me by many names, till now l was slave to those roles, now…just a while ago,
l came to know who l am. That too because of you. Man…l’m a man! l’m totally fallen for you. Engine has heated up. l want to drive holding the steering. What a figure! What a pride! You didn’t like my acting. But as a man l’ll satisfy your urges. Tonight let’s satisfy our urges. Nothing will happen if you
don’t go to home for a night. Don’t do it for free.
Take anything you want. Just one night! Evil power! l won over death, l thought there’s
nothing to win over in this world. There is evil power…there is… Woman! l must win over her! l wanted her for just one night only. No, that’s not enough now. This evil Ogre desires a woman
and has fallen in love. As many nights she has in her life,
l want every one of it for myself. My strength and her pride
are perfect match, evil power! Love at first sight is routine,
love at first slipper shot is variety. lt’s not love but birth
of a new character. Though he has come out of the stage,
Kapalika is still hanging on to him. Don’t know what will he do now. What? ls it sultry? From now onwards only AC buses
must ply on this route. Don’t do it for one night,
we have many nights in future, go, drop them. We thought he’ll get sense
if hit with a slipper, we never expected
he’ll go to this length. Till now we didn’t knew him,
now that we know let’s get him, sir. We couldn’t do anything till now
because we didn’t knew about Deepthi, now we know she’s in Diwakar’s custody,
why don’t you make a move? We didn’t knew anything about her,
so we had some hope, after knowing… …it’s better to forget about her. Nobody can ever touch Diwakar.
He’s no ordinary man. l don’t care who he is!
All l care is what he has done. Kidnapping Deepthi is enough
to show him hell. KK brothers mean king of hell! Prabhakar and Diwakar!
Show them hell is impossible. Worst example of children growing
into demons from a broken family. Prabhakar and Diwakar are
illegal children of their father. Both ruling party and
opposition party are their slaves. Prabhakar is happy if people
are afraid of him. But Diwakar has a strange weakness. Playing drama! Even in real life he behaves like
the villain roles he dons in dramas. Does your old hands still
have the same strength? Was it these hands that signed
to cancel our bus permits? l’ll now cut your hands into pieces. Give your hands to me, Thakur! He’s a human beast who can tame
a raging bull with empty hands. Evil power! He doesn’t care about law or death. To say clearly,
he has no control on himself. He behaves abnormally. Though we know Deepthi is with him,
it’s not easy to free her from him. Who is paying you salary?
Govt. or Diwakar? You’re licking his boots! Show your police power on
criminals not on innocents. You may have your reasons,
but it’s my Deepthi who is with him, l’ll not care even if
God of Death himself comes. Why am l telling you this? lnstead of doing a police job
why not you better do… l know how to bring back my Deepthi. Don’t become a criminal
in the rush of blood. You get back her if you kill him. You may have to spend
your life in jail. Please don’t spoil your future. lf we fail to take action,
call us whatever you want. Just give us one chance
to do our duty. Home Minister! How dare! l made you the Home Minister, will you let your police come after me? Hold on for just a minute, Prabhakar.
Don’t raise your BP. Somewhere a mistake has happened, how can police dare come to your home? Are they here without your permission? Don’t narrate tales to me. ln next elections my people
will not vote for you, they will run buses over you. Give the phone to the officer,
l’ll talk to him. Who are you? You? What’s this rashness? Do you think yourself
a police hero in uniform? Sir, that is… You must feel…
that’s the power of the uniform. You’re the first officer to there
with a warrant. Don’t discuss like politician,
bash those two bastards like policeman. You do your duty, l’ll not stop
officers discharging their duty. Don’t show happiness on face,
keep it sullen as if l’m scolding you. Give the phone to that bastard! Did you tell him?
– l told him clearly. Just a formality, they’ll see
around your home and leave. l’ll take care of the later problems.
– Okay…okay. lt’s locked! Open it. l can open it but you can’t bear it. You’ll get scared seeing
her pitiable condition. Go…go and do your duty. Open the door. l’ll not open it.
Do what so ever you want to! Once l confirm who is inside,
l’ll do what ever l can then. ls it the way to talk to an artiste
because you’ve power? l’m telling you,
my girl is inside. She’s safe.
Write a report and leave. Will you open it or
shall l break it open? Will you break it?- Yes.
– Let me see it. Take their cell phones and
break the wireless sets. Bloody, take it down! Go! Study the sections and book the cases. Go!
– We’ll go. We’ll come back for you!
You’re finished! l’ve removed the chassis number
and replaced it with fake. Where? How? What happened sir? ACP’s jeep has met with an accident
while coming from KK brothers’ home. ACP and all others with him are dead. lf you covet another man’s wife,
you’ll get ruined. You’ll pay dearly for your sins. Experience! What a lovely experience! You’re avoiding me without
knowing the bliss in my arms. Why are you so proud? You’re just a slave in the harem. The only qualification you’ve
is l desire you, if not what great qualification you have? may your husband be God, may your husbands be angels,
holymen or Nagas or anything else, may they be ogres, demons or devils, but l’m mightiest of the
mightiest Keechaka. Don’t know how much that demon
is torturing my daughter. He would’ve molested her,
she would’ve lost her chastity. Nothing will happen to Deepthi. Chastity isn’t a matter concerning body. lt’s about the mind. lf her body is hurt, a doctor can
treat her back to health. Her pure mind will be
waiting for me only. No need for the wife to commit adultery. People desert wives purely on suspicion, though a father
l’m not so broadminded, your grandfather was right, a man’s true character comes out
only during difficulties. l know if you study well you
can earn degrees, l just came to know you become
broadminded with culture. One step further, l’ll kill you,
or else l’ll kill myself. You’ll never get me.
– No…no…you must be safe. Losing your life or mine is same. Okay, if you’re not in mood now,
tomorrow… lf not tomorrow, day after tomorrow… Can’t l wait for you? lf it was for a night only,
l would’ve had you by force. l want all your nights for me,
that’s why l’m tolerating your abuses. Take rest! l’ll bring Deepthi. l’m not saying just as responsibility, l’m saying it with love. Not with laws or sections,
one hit will bring down his evil empire. My rage will not only make him
cry save me, even his evil power will. Who are you? l came to introduce myself. Show him our power, boys! lt’s a week, you don’t eat or drink,
or even sleep. Though lost weight,
you’re still beautiful. l was expecting you’ll give
yourself to me. lf not l always have the right to force. l’ll molest… Still having hope that he’ll come? No phone calls, get out. Prabhakar brother has used
the word urgent for the first time in life. Tell me, what’s it?
– Brother, a man is here… Not a man, say correctly. Groom…Deepthi’s groom. lt seems he’s the groom. You’re nearing your death! Leave her! Leave Deepthi! lf not your brother will die! Yes, death has come very near. Go! Go! Brother, don’t leave her, kill him! Brother, she made me remember
that l’m a man. Though you brought her for yourself, you have her first, then l’ll have her. Like we are partners in business,
let’s share her too. Done? Though Draupadi was won by Arjuna,
all 5 brothers shared her. Though l played so many dramas
based on Mahabharata, l forgot the basic concept of it. Even Vali and Sugreeva
did same in Ramayana. You’re dead, bloody! How dare he teaches me epics about
Vali and Sugreeva sharing a wife. Doesn’t he know Sugreeva
planned and killed Vali? Had you that common sense
you’d be alive now, brother? Will you leave your brother
as orphan, brother? Our father died in your hands,
you died in my hands, why should l live now?
Why should l live? l must live for her. lf anyone else desires what l like,
l’ll not spare even if it’s my own brother, l’ll kill him. Till now you got saved hiding
behind a woman like a eunuch, l’ll not give you a second chance, Did you see how he jumped?
– He’s mad man! Poor man! How long can he swim? This is my domain! lt isn’t a thrill to kill a lion in kitchen, but killing a deer in forest
is very thrilling. l like hunting before killing. Start!
– Already started! Your brother’s body… Let’s finish him first and
then cremate him leisurely. l’ve only one enemy now. lf my desire has to be fulfilled,
l must offer a human sacrifice. You didn’t even tie the knot,
what am l to you? l don’t know. But l feel like giving my life for you. You didn’t go away,
you came back for me. That’s enough for me. Madam, anyone here? Body is cool. Looks like she has been
starving for many days. These tablets…
– Find her! Find her if not Diwakar will crush
all of us under his lorry. Find her…what are you doing here? Are Diwakar’s men searching for her? l beg you, if they see me,
they will kill me. Please leave the place with her. Go away! One minute! This saline will keep her alive
for sometime. Take her to a hospital immediately. Catch them! What’s this?
– Break them. Ensure boss doesn’t come here. lf he sees this,
either he’ll kill himself or us. Have they gulped adhesive
to stick like that? What else you want? Run boys! Girls are like this if they like a man,
they will go any far. Chastity isn’t matter concerning body. lt’s about mind. l wanted to announce my choice. l kissed you. You know only that. Your love has taken me to that far, with pure heart l’ve consummated
our marriage in my imagination. l don’t care if anything
happens to me now. l don’t know if l’ll live
with you all the life, just few moments with you is enough. Search…find her! Till now death was after us,
now we are after death. Bloody useless buggers! Didn’t find them?
– No. Didn’t find them?
– No, boss. You must find them,
if not you will die like him. Will you die for me? Even death can’t separate us, right?
l’m ready. Come out from your hallucinations! You lived in dreams till now
imagining yourself in roles. l’m reality,
standing right before you. Do you’ve guts to face me? You don’t have guts that’s why you
kidnapped Deepthi from marriage. l’ll tie the knot with Deepthi in the
same place where it was stopped, lf you’re a man dare stop it. Try to take away Deepthi from me. lf you don’t have that guts… …kill me right now here! Before anyone dares touch me,
l’ll kill half of them before l die. That is manliness! Deepthi is ready to die for me.
That is love! Nobody can stop a man or love. lf you’ve the guts,
if you’re a man, let’s meet in the marriage. He’s like Lord Krishna ready to wage
war as Sathyabhama drives the chariot. You mean boss is demon Narakasura!
He’s finished! Team DG I came at your call, do you’ve to step
on threshold and close the door? After winning the war,
do you want to have you? It’s fun all the night…
I got your call… When I call out to secluded place,
don’t stop liKe that… Don’t exhibit your prowess,
it’s a folK art… Kiss from is mouth watering…
if you say no how to I quench my thirst? Boundary doesn’t you must stop…
no doesn’t you’ve to postpone it… Hot blossoming flower…
may I pricKyou? LiKe a wish if you want it as gift… Don’t let me shed my shyness
by crossing boundaries of decency… You’re a swing of bliss…
won’t it maKe me crazy, my dear? Don’t Kill me with your romance…
the maiden has waved the green flag… I’m the mischievous lover boy,
may I become yours? Prabhakar has many followers. Looking at them i feel they are
not here to pay respects, there’s something else.
What is it? lf we know it earlier,
how can he be Diwakar? We can judge or stop an angry man, but a silent man is most dangerous. lf you’re a man,
let’s meet in the marriage. l can’t manage this alone
for tomorrow’s marriage. Don’t know who is doing what. Hey fool! Where are you taking bananas?
Keep it there. Go. Are you done with making laddus?
Will you please stop eating first? Those girls are spoiling it,
clean and keep it safely. Why did you change your
get up, Dilip Raja? Not just get up,
l’ve changed my mind set too.- ls it? Marriage in town and dogs are barking. Why are you so busy here? Granny… Your bucket is ready,
will you kick it for fun? l don’t mind if you kick me,
youth will feel if you kick my bucket. What are you doing here? You don’t like such traditional
marriages, right? Why wouldn’t l like it? Entire state is waiting
for this marriage. l’ll watch your marriage
and change my attitude. This marriage will go on smoothly,
you don’t worry, dad. lf danger comes unexpected,
you may not face it properly, if l invite danger on my own, l know how to deal with it. WalKing moon…lightning plait… May she’s JanaKi herself…. World will praise you couple… If it blows you can meet,
shine liKe sunray of summer… Fairer than the fairest… Can demand dowry for walK… She’s gentle liKe butterfly…
bride is a treasure herself… Groom is parrot… Love is delivering today… Hands full of grains…
stealing moments of happiness… Bashing beauty turned pinK…
cheeKs turned red… Untouched youth’s bounty
behind the raised hands… With stealing glances young maiden’s
shyness is playing hide and seeK… The hand coming to unite is lily plant… Joining fingers is moonbeam… Yearning eyes are petals of lotus… When eyes meet it’s sunbeam… Evil power! lt’s not great to take her
when she belongs to no one, must take her when she’s proud
of becoming someone’s wife. That is manliness! This is not property to usurp,
this is bond of relationship. My husband will reply for
the insults heaped on me. Like the third step of Vamana
sent Bali into earth, l walked 7 steps with my husband,
his eight step will crush you. Marriage is first step to keep this
world clear from demons like you. You said it right, dear. Good marriage makes good couple Good couple make good children Good children make good society Yes, good society makes good world You’re inciting me with your words. l’m furious. Not just with desire on you but anger too. l’ll go on honeymoon with
your wife after killing you. You’re telling a lot about love. Come, l’ll bury your love. The more you try to bury it,
the more it gets entrenched. ln heart! Nobody can uproot it! Are you challenging me for love? lf you’ve guts, tear open my chest! Come on! Evil power! Just because you’ve hands,
you can’t tie the knot, to protect your wife
you need strength in your hands. you don’t have that strength,
why do you want love and marriage? Come! Our marriage shall be forever and ever. Hey evil power! Come up! Evil power! You’ve proved nothing can stop love. You married her with love and
saved the world from demon like him. Darling of mother and
parents’ lucky charm… As she leaves to her ln-laws place… As she bids adieu to mother’s place,
parents are in tears of love… The man who married is
sea of love… When those tears of love
merge into the sea of love… Affections are silently
singing song of love… They are as charming as romantic
poems of Srinadha Kavi… You’re the wealth, welcome dear… Fresh leaves… You’ve got yourself a man like Lord Hari… Lucky charm of mother’s place…. Walk into ln-law’s place with right leg…


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Feb 2, 2019, 6:07 am Reply

Asalu Idhi Telugu marriage oo, Kerala marriage style oo, north side style wedding oo ardham ayyi chaavadam ledhu. Yedho chaavu santhaapa sabha laaga andharu aa white coloured dresses, Veela okkari over actions ,yedho Mars meedha marriage avuthunnattu aa graphics. Chi Chi. Worst direction.. Worst movie…..

abhiram aaron

Feb 2, 2019, 2:01 am Reply

Fight extra ordinary

Sarfuddin Ansari

Feb 2, 2019, 11:14 am Reply

Hindi me lao

vaishu vaishali

Feb 2, 2019, 9:55 am Reply

Super movie

prince mahesh

Feb 2, 2019, 8:20 am Reply

Nice movie

Aparna Hari

Feb 2, 2019, 8:47 am Reply

Love you allu arjun

Pasapusuri Suripasapu

Feb 2, 2019, 9:00 am Reply

Arya acting sprd


Feb 2, 2019, 10:22 am Reply

Movie super naaku chala anta chala nachindhi naaku ilana pelli chesukovatam ishtam really superb

Dunga Ramu

Feb 2, 2019, 8:25 am Reply

Calmekala and

Ganesh Jadhav

Feb 2, 2019, 4:29 pm Reply


Choudary Anzoo pragathi

Feb 2, 2019, 2:09 pm Reply

.ca,n you plz upload anaganaga o dneerudu movie

Chethan Chethu

Feb 2, 2019, 3:36 pm Reply


neetu pillai

Feb 2, 2019, 3:22 pm Reply

Dat nisha looks like aiswarya rai

Sandeep Kumar

Mar 3, 2019, 7:01 am Reply

Mujhko ek hi film Hindi me chahiye bolne wala camera Ki Hai

babjan durgam

Mar 3, 2019, 11:18 am Reply

Extradinary film

uday kiran

Mar 3, 2019, 6:29 pm Reply

Nice movie it would have reallly good if whole movie dealt on culture and marriage relationship instead of going on action mode after interval..

Subas Chandra Jenna

Mar 3, 2019, 4:31 pm Reply


Pranith Baddam

Apr 4, 2019, 1:07 pm Reply

Arya and rao ramesh scene, I just loved arya's acting

Prahlad Kamsani

Apr 4, 2019, 4:38 pm Reply

Dimpesadu x men lo Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman climax fight… Maararu Ra inka

Mohith M

Apr 4, 2019, 5:03 pm Reply

Loved AA and Arya acting but story like modern ramayana

Abhirami Abhi

Apr 4, 2019, 4:36 am Reply

One of the best cinema in the film carer of All Arjun. Love you a lot sir

Ganesh Kumar

Apr 4, 2019, 1:41 am Reply

I really love this movie
But I don’t no why it didn’t do well

Babu Malagaveli

Apr 4, 2019, 4:58 pm Reply

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karthika v

May 5, 2019, 8:10 pm Reply

Upload the full movie in tamil pls dubbed the movie

Mobin rowdy

May 5, 2019, 6:24 am Reply

Movie is osm.heroine is superb??

Sweety Praisy

May 5, 2019, 1:51 pm Reply

It's a nice film abt the husband and wife how they should be

Ramasamy avudainayagam

May 5, 2019, 5:28 pm Reply

Nakkooda ilage pelli cheskovalani aasa, allu annya laga varudu kavali ventane cheskuntanu

super Anna Ahmed

May 5, 2019, 7:01 am Reply

Good movie super jai allu arjun

Ayesha Samreen

May 5, 2019, 4:52 pm Reply

who is watching in 2019. it's super hit and romantic love story

Chicken Ache

May 5, 2019, 6:28 pm Reply

i dont speak moon runes

Raghu Rebel

May 5, 2019, 5:02 pm Reply

Lovely marriage like


May 5, 2019, 6:57 am Reply

Allu is awesome.????


May 5, 2019, 6:58 am Reply

Any allu fans here?. Hit like here.????

Chitra Paramaguru

May 5, 2019, 10:53 am Reply

This movie and the story are really interesting and really amazing. It's really very good love story. In this movie arranged marriage is also good. And show love at first sight. Mr Allu Arjun and other actors are acting very good. It's really interesting movie. Well done. From ??

Srinu Armoor

Jun 6, 2019, 9:30 am Reply

It is the super movie allu arjun

Hari Hari

Jun 6, 2019, 4:38 pm Reply

Movie kekaa background music super nijamga ecinema andhuku file iyumdho

Sri Sravanya

Jun 6, 2019, 8:24 am Reply

Allu Arjun fans like here

p rajanna konakanchi

Jun 6, 2019, 2:43 pm Reply


Sachin Sachin

Jun 6, 2019, 4:10 pm Reply


Pritam Purkait

Jul 7, 2019, 8:07 am Reply

Ei movie hindi dubbed hoga ????

Mavuduri Prasad

Jul 7, 2019, 5:19 am Reply

Plaf movie

Nandeesha G S

Jul 7, 2019, 11:49 am Reply

I love you baby

Addakula Appayya

Jul 7, 2019, 4:30 pm Reply

Supar movie

Addakula Appayya

Jul 7, 2019, 4:31 am Reply

Manchi movie chala bagundi

Alekhya Sai

Jul 7, 2019, 10:47 am Reply

Lovely movie

mekala srikanth

Jul 7, 2019, 5:57 pm Reply

Like the s Ramayanam story….

rocker xy

Jul 7, 2019, 6:15 pm Reply

3:18 feel the bgm?

Gideon Niaje

Jul 7, 2019, 5:02 pm Reply

Wow now that's a super movie

Bismi Raja

Jul 7, 2019, 3:43 pm Reply

Boring film

Saraswathi Chandan

Aug 8, 2019, 7:00 am Reply

A good concept n beautiful story. Awesome movie

Kiran kanna jr

Aug 8, 2019, 9:24 am Reply

Super arjun garu

Mariam Fofana

Aug 8, 2019, 12:30 am Reply

Hey guys, where's the English subtitle ?

Otiato William

Aug 8, 2019, 2:14 am Reply

2019 august??? I'mma watching the captions. love it

Baadshah Gracia 27

Aug 8, 2019, 11:32 am Reply

Kannad sristi full movie please upload to u tube

Satish Ks

Aug 8, 2019, 4:29 pm Reply


Praveen Kumar

Aug 8, 2019, 6:15 pm Reply

Fantastic movie and true love story

Kalu Kalandi

Aug 8, 2019, 11:10 pm Reply

So beautiful movie
Very nice story love u

Suresh Naik

Aug 8, 2019, 1:50 pm Reply

Interesting about the marriage super movi

Naresh Makwana

Sep 9, 2019, 5:37 pm Reply

ईश मूवी को हींदीमे देखना चाहते है

Narayana Bariha

Sep 9, 2019, 5:15 pm Reply

Allu arjun best

premalatha m

Sep 9, 2019, 7:31 pm Reply

This is one of my favorite movie I like and love different kinds love stories all girls should get a husband like sandeep allu too good.. Godavari movie also…

Dinot croos

Sep 9, 2019, 9:03 pm Reply

Fuck this shit

Imran Shek

Sep 9, 2019, 6:35 am Reply

super hero allu arjun super movie ???????????

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biju bks

Oct 10, 2019, 8:40 am Reply

I LOVE ALLU'S MOVIES….and this movie shows whats real love is….I love this movie a lot after his movie Happy Be Happy…??❤

Nanditha Hegde

Oct 10, 2019, 4:37 pm Reply

What a real love I like it

Kenneth Chase

Oct 10, 2019, 5:31 pm Reply

Best love nu sonna athu ithu mattutha

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