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Vampire Real Estate Agent Sold Famous Oak Park Home For Sale

This is Joshua Inglis with exp Realty
and I want to sell your house! Hello it is I, Vladimir you thought I was
gone but I’m still here in Oak Park. Today I’m at a very famous builder and
developer called the Gunderson and Sons, they developed one of the most affluent
neighborhoods in all of Oak Park and Mr. Gunderson was a very good friend of mine, very good. And today to commemorate this house that we will be selling is this
bottle of wine made from a Realtor named Josh, 1985 very very good year! Now let’s
get this party started! If I can find my bottle opener on the
grave of Dracul, I forgot my bottle opener well let’s start the tour and
we’ll find one. Sometimes I will put my bottle opener in
this room because it is a very special room that Gunderson put a lot of
attention to detail in with the stained glass windows the tray ceilings and the
beautiful beautiful fireplaces and I like to sit back relax in the reminisce
of all my past conquests for example here lively remains of the great Genghis
Khan not so great after he met me. Hello Genghis we meet again 🙂 Sometimes I’ll leave my bottle opener in
this custom built in wood fixture designed by Gunderson there is so much
storage here and places to put all of my nice things ah like this this was given
to me by the great Marco Polo to commemorate the team of Italian
stallions I gave him but Marco Polo did not pay me. So now he’s next to Genghis
Khan above the fireplace. With six bedrooms two and a half
bathrooms three levels of living space a basement and a 90 wide by 135 long lot
this bottle opener could be anywhere my mind escapes me I’m no longer a spring
chicken of 895 years old. Don’t ever get old my mind loses me. oh yeah yeah yeah all of these running
around in this huge house is just wearing me out so I’m going to do like
we do in Transylvania and break this bottle over this beautiful staircase
it’s very good luck now step back, this may spray! Oh wait, here’s my bottle
opener always the last place you look now let us celebrate Josh. Nothing tastes quite as good as a fine aged realtor like Josh. Let me kind of get my lips a little red. This is a room I might leave my bottle
opener in because this, oops hold on. Let’s maybe not do that. Let us celebrate with the blood of Josh.

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