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UMSI PhD candidate defends dissertation remotely — from a bedroom closet.

(background) I just wanted to say good luck
my friend. Carol: Thank you! Children are very unpredictable I have a 4-year-old and a almost 2-year old and that was the most isolated, quiet spot where they most likely wouldn’t come looking
for me. I think my first feeling was, I hope that I’m not diminishing this event by doing it in my closet. But I also understood that everyone, we’re all in this together and that everyone would understand that this was the best solution to give a good presentation. After the presentation that day was very strange because there were mixed emotions, of first, elation – you’re so happy that you passed
your dissertation oscillating between that and some anxiety, because things are uncertain out there, and we’re all worried about loved ones and neighbors and our communities. And so I thank everyone who supported and
helped me through this, in particular my committee members. My advisors, Paul Resnick and Sarita Schoenebeck have been just the dream-team of advisors, I couldn’t have asked for more. And then just the UMSI faculty and students and everyone, it’s such a – it’s such a wonderful thing to see how we can all come together and help each other. (Paul Resnick) I have a bottle here of champagne, but I refuse to drink this alone. So I’m going to save it.

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