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ULake Apartments (USF) – LiveSomeWhere 360 Video Tour

Hi, welcome to the LiveSomeWhere 360 tour of
University Lake Apartments. Here, our properties built on a five acre lake. All
of our buildings not only surround this lake but they also face towards the lake.
So you’re going to have a lake view no matter where you are on this property. Our property is a resort-style property, meaning that it has a lot of amenities to offer you here. All the way in the back we have a
sand volleyball court our property here also includes a
sidewalk that goes all around this lake here so able to walk around the lake
whenever you please. Alright guys so here not only do we have a full-size
basketball court but we also have two full-size tennis courts as you can see
here that we’re standing on. We also have a pet park right next to us.
In our pet park our dogs are able to get together here
and play around and at the privacy of your own home. Now here we don’t have any breed
restrictions, no weight restrictions, so you’re able to bring any type of breed
here. We don’t have any charge for you here at all. We do have a pet deposit as well as a
pet rent please feel free to ask more about that. Welcome to one of our three saltwater
pools. Here all of our pools are located near the buildings. So you have one on the
left side of our property, one on the right side, as well as one all the way in the
back. So you will always be located near pool here at our property. Here we have the state of
the art 24 hour fitness center here at University Lake Apartments. You can find your cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights. We also
provide you with mats as well as some different types of yoga balls to be able
to provide you with the best possible work out. And last but not least we have our TV
here to provide you entertainment as you go through your workout. Hi guys and welcome to our two bedroom
model here at University Lake Apartments. Here all of our kitchens are already
upgraded with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. You’ll also see that each kitchen also
includes a washer and dryer. They will have a closet door. If you are interested in doing the furniture package here at University Lake you’ll see the exact
furniture that you will recieve with the apartment here. The dining room table with the two
chairs, your’ll alsol receive the love seat here. The leather chair, the end table, as well as
entertainment set. We actually don’t provide the electronics
to go on the entertainment set here. As well as if you’re looking at doing the
one bedroom apartment that would actually stop right here, and this hall way would
just continue. Our property here also provides different flooring, so you’re also
able to do all tile flooring inside the entire unit. Or you can also do the tile
out here and carpet in the bedrooms. What you see here is the bamboo flooring
that we have and carpet in the bedroom. Now we’ll go ahead and check out our
first bedroom in the two bedroom apartment. In this bedroom as you saw when you came
in we do include a two rack closet in this first bedroom. It also includes the bathroom inside the
bedroom. Now here the same furniture that you see
in both bedrooms will be provided. That all includes the full size bed, the double stack dresser which unstacks
and can be placed underneath the bed. As it’s a high-rise bed. And if you do the
two bedroom we do provide you a desk. Now we’ll go ahead and head into the
second bedroom. The second bedroom does tend to be a bit
bigger. We do provide a walk-in closet in the second bedroom. You’ll still have your bathroom inside
the bedroom and all the exact same furniture. The full-size bed, the dresser, as well as
the desk. Here, we also have two separate a AC’s for our two bedroom apartments. Meaning that you and your roommate could
have set at different temperatures for the rooms and be comfortable in your own
room. Thank you guys so much for joining us here, LiveSomeWhere 360 tour.

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