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Ukraine Apartment Tour in Kiev

Well, hello there. What are we up to today? Oh, hello. We are up to an apartment tour here in Kiev
(Київ). Yeah. We’re going to show you yeah our Ukrainian
apartment that we’ve been staying in for just over a week. Uh huh. And it is right behind through that arch. Yeah, and we’re on a beautiful street. Yeah, we really are. Like check out these buildings. Tada. It looks like it could be it looks like it
could be in Paris or Buenos Aires. Like, yeah it is pretty amazing. Alright, so let’s watch for traffic and lead
the way. I’ll follow you. Well, here is the building. Lots of construction happening as you can
hear. This building is not quite as nice as the
one that we just walked by. You can tell that is has got a bit of faded
charm here. Hehehe. A little bit rundown on the outside but it
is quite nice inside. Yes. We are only on the 2nd floor, which is a nice
surprise. We tend to always be on the 4th or 5th floor
and we have to carry up our big luggage. That is so annoying. So we’re happy to only be on the 2nd floor. Let’s go take a look. Let’s go in. You know what is the scary part? It looks like there was an electrical fire
over there. Anyways, let’s continue to the second floor. Sam has the key. Here is the key. In we go. I’m going to take you in and then you are
going to show us the apartment. Haha. Come on in. Okay, so time for the tour. We’ve just come in through the main door and
first up is the bathroom. Is the bathroom. We may as well show you the bathroom. Let’s go in. Come on in. Come on in. Come on in. Oh, the lights are already on. Good. Da dun. So we’ve got a tub and a shower. You kind of have to climb into this tub. It is pretty high. Yeah. More than what I am used to. Yeah, the shower is perfectly adequate. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite part of
this apartment. Like it did the job but um it was okay. It wasn’t huge. And moving on to the rest. What have we got? Sink. Toilet. A washing machine which is always super exciting. That is mandatory. That is a must for us now in an AirBNB. We need to have a washing machine. It is so annoying doing laundry otherwise. And that was the water heater. Yeah. So we always had hot water. Alright. Nothing else to show you. That is it. That is the bathroom. The bathroom is not the most exciting part. No, it is not. Lights off. Close the door. The most exciting part for me is just the
sheer size of this place. Yeah. This is a big a nice big apartment. As you’ll see. Tada. So this is our living area. And we’ve got some lovely teal couches going
on. Yeah. Bit of a retro vibe. Definitely a retro vibe. Maybe stuck in the 70s or 80s slightly. Yeah. But like it is a wide open space which is
what I really love. Absolutely. Yeah, TV we never touch the TV. We didn’t even check to see if it was working. No. There was like you know some storage space
we didn’t use that at all. No. Um, this was Sam’s little work station right
here. It was wonderful. Tuk tuk tuk. It was wonderful and for a little while we
were actually brought the table in the kitchen and we brought it out here when we were having
like a co-working space. A coworking space. As you fall. And I almost just fell because like if you
look down here there is a little ridge. Oh my gosh. But yeah, super high ceilings. Oh, it is a little echoey in here. Yeah, it is ridiculously high. So I’m 6 feet tall and it is like at least
2 and a half if not 3 of me to the top of that. It is not that much. I would say two of you. Two of me and a bit of change. Alright. Haha. We’ll say that. Yeah, so if you come this way we’ve got our
kitchen. Yep. So we have another table with some chairs
and little stools. We have like our coffees and our little snacks
here. So I do a bit of cooking here. I just made pasta but look at these pots. Oh yeah. They are like some heavy duty like old fashioned
pots. And this kitchen also has like a super 70s
80s feel to it too. Yeah. Check out that. Check out the microwave. Green. Yeah, green. I think there is green color reminds me of
vintage I don’t know why. Yeah, I don’t think this color is so popular
anymore. No. But yeah, a big fridge. We only have cheese and salami in there. So we don’t really need to have a look around. Yeah, that is very true. Um, yeah in terms of utensils there was nothing
in particular that impressive. You can just see that they had they actually
had nice they had everything we needed. We had wine glasses, we had lots of cutlery. Water. We should talk about water. Because we found out apparently you are not
supposed to drink the tap water in Kiev (Київ). So we were boiling water for the first few
days and then we just started buying these because they were super cheap. Yeah, I think like maybe if you’re local that
might be a different situation but it reminds me a bit of like when we were in Lima, Peru. Everyone was like don’t drink the tapwater
but all of the locals were drinking it. Yeah. Like you always ending up drinking some in
the shower or brushing your teeth. Yeah. That is true. I’ve never had issues. That is true. That was the kitchen. That is the kitchen. And then there is only one more room left. That is right. The bedroom. So come in. Come in the bedroom. Don’t trip. Aaah. Baaa. Just kidding. Hahaha. Actually I, you are such a boy like playing
with little cars. Psssh. Let’s confession time. We’ve both stubbed our toes really badly. Yeah, we kept tripping over it. We kept tripping over that. But yeah, we had a really nice big bed. It was really comfy. Yep. Um, lots of space for clothes. I’m just going to move over here. We actually bothered unpacking and like putting
our stuff in the bedroom. Oh yeah. Show how big the drawers are too. Like we have these. These are nice and big. So we were using those. Yeah, we’re all packed up. We’re actually just about to leave so and
then we had a huge wardrobe over here that we used as well. So we really appreciated the space. And sometimes we feel like when we’ve been
on the road too often especially if we’ve been staying in really small accommodations
we start to crave something that feels more a bit more like a home and this place was
big enough to give us that sense of feel. Like yeah, we actually like our we didn’t
feel cramped in here at all. It was a nice big apartment. Nice and spacious. Dadada. Maybe you can tell us about the price for
this place. Yeah, I’ll finish things up here on the couch. Alright, alright. So final thoughts about this apartment here
in Kiev (Київ). We really liked it. The location was fantastic. It was quite central. We were nearby like metro stations. We were nearby parks. We were nearby really good restaurants. Lots of restaurants, bars, cafes. Oh my gosh. So yeah, that was fantastic and also the other
really cool thing was the price. It was in the upper 20s like just under $30
US dollars and we found just by looking on AirBNB that you can get fantastic value in
say the 20 to upper 30 dollar range. You can get a really nice apartments. Big spacious also all different locations
throughout the city and so yeah if you’re coming if you’re coming to Kyiv (Киев)
you can definitely do it on a budget you don’t have to spend a lot of money like there is
no need to get like a 50 or 60 dollar place. Unless you want luxury. Yeah, for that price you do get luxury. I guess so yeah. You would at that price. You would at that price. But in the 20 to 30 range you can find excellent
value and yeah we would highly recommend this apartment. It was really cool. Everything worked. The internet was fine. Um, yeah just a great neighborhood and the
only thing we regret is that we don’t have a few more days here. Because we really liked the city and we would
have liked to stay in Kiev (Киев) a little bit longer. Yeah, one week flew by. One week just went like that. But it is time to move on. We are packed up so time to go. Next up is Lviv and yeah stay tuned because
we’ll also do an apartment tour there as well. Okay. Bye. Tata.


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Oct 10, 2017, 12:43 pm Reply

I love this "spooky" buildings in Eastern Europe that look like they're falling apart on the outside and then everything is renovated on the inside and you get really high ceilings which are so rare in other parts of Europe!


Oct 10, 2017, 12:52 pm Reply

Guys yous honestly have the best life , thanks for sharing glimpse of your adventures ?

Emily BH

Oct 10, 2017, 1:13 pm Reply

Looks like a great deal! How does it compare to a room in a "nice" hotel as far as cost per day?


Oct 10, 2017, 1:32 pm Reply

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How Would Koreans REALLY Say That?!

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Oct 10, 2017, 6:04 pm Reply

This is nice apartment for Kyiv (this is actually how we call our city). And yes, you 100% should not drink tap water in Kyiv. Locals did not drink tap water.

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Jekwin mekwan

Oct 10, 2017, 7:24 pm Reply

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I hope you understand that not in every city of Ukraine the tap water is so bad. The thing is Kyiv takes it's tap water from Dnipro river, but for example in my town Smila, we take our water from the artesian well, so it tastes just amazing.

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OMG, I'm from India but I live in kharkiv and I was in Kyiv in August and I stayed at the exact same apartment. The location is great and the host was very kind to me. I can't believe you guys stayed there too.

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Correctly write and say Kyiv! KYIV.

John Rudiak

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Have you ever figured out why there is that door stop that exists between the rooms? All apartments have those annoying things.

John Rudiak

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expanding universe

Jan 1, 2018, 3:47 pm Reply

Actually, the overall interior of the apartment is pretty much the typical Ukrainian 90s-00s style. If it was from the 70s-80s it would have looked like this: https://fishki.net/2236644-interyery-sovetskih-kvartir.html. It's great that you have found a nice place right in the center of Kiev for a good price!

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Hello sam and audrey. I love watching your videos. I am travelling overseas(from australia) for the first time in december this year and am planning on going to france, italy, romania and ukraine. Any tips for a first time traveller?
Regards calum

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This couple doesn't understand the European architectural system. A lot of European cities have beautiful facades which face the street. These facades are designed for the express purpose of hiding the more mundane , utilitarian, functional, and less attractive buildings located behind it. This is actually pretty smart because not only does it keep your city pleasing to the eye, it also makes it an attractive tourist destination.

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Nadiya Voronova

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Remember that this is a VERY OLD building, about 200 years old. It is not always possible to make a good repair in such buildings, they are simply forbidden to remodel, as these are architectural and historical monuments under the protection of the state.


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This apartment is located in a house that was built before the revolution of 1917, in fact so there are high ceilings (so it was decided to build). You are lucky to live in a historic architecture. In the days of the Empire in these houses lived the rich people ))

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