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Hi, everybody! We wanted to give you a tour of our flat. This is the entrance. (Penny meows) It has two key holes. One up here and one
down there with these really old fashioned keys that
are super cool. And then to the left is the bathroom. The switch, once again, is on the outside. The whole place has high ceilings. This is the room with the bath; BATH room. Pretty standard, but really nice sized tub. (laughs) We keep the towels on the door. Penny’s still in there. (thus leaving the
door open) We have a rack here for all of our coats and
scarves and penguin hats and Gryffindor hats. The cats stuff is once again in this hallway. We just liked that last time. Notice the glass doors…. again. Can you guess what this one leads to? It’s the loo. We have the light switch on the outside again. Just a toilet and a sink, separate taps, and this huge window that is incredibly drafty. So we keep this door closed. Over here we have the door to the bedroom. This is a double bed. Joe picked out the duvet cover. Unlike our old flat (at our airbnb) we don’t
have the built in heaters and radiators so we have this portable one. It has oil inside
of it that the electricity heats up and then we can turn this off and it stays hot
and that oil never has to be replaced. It actually produces a lot of heat. I don’t
really recommend putting anything over top of this. It may pose as a fire hazard. I would assume. It gets really hot. This is the cat crate that they flew over
here in. One of the two. And Elly and Penny like to sleep in or on
this. The window with the view to our garden. Usually we keep this closed. Right now it’s raining, but earlier it was
snowing. But we usually keep this closed so we can
have a lie in. Unlike Rory’s duvet cover, ours has these
cute little buttons. This is Hunny. And our closet is right through here. We had a dresser in here, but we ended up
using that to hold our tv in the other room. This closet on either side has all these shelves. Joe still needs to finish unpacking. (laughs) Something that I thought was kind of funny,
all of the doors have these glass panels above them… but the shower room’s were actually painted
over So why would they paint over that when the
glass door leads to the loo?… I don’t get the logic. I don’t know. Unless you have a latter. This way’s to the living room and the kitchen. We have a pantry here for storage. This flat is about £550 a month which equals $800 a month in US Dollars. We always have to have this chair here so
the cats can jump up in the window and right now we have this cable holding the
window shut. We’ve talked to our landlord. Hopefully they’ll
fix this soon. We have our table that we rarely ever use. Once again, another heater. So our entire
apartment is heated just off two of these. We have another crate for the babies. And then my school bags, our Japanese textbooks and I had to bring at least one Harry Potter
book. So this is my first Harry Potter book. And then all of our camera equipment. We kind of store that here. We have two throws to cozy up under. Our living room is connected to the kitchen. Our refrigerator is kind of outside the kitchen, but it works. I want to get some magnets so I can put some
of my photos on here. Of Dante and Nyla And we have pictures of our old roommates. Miss you guys. In here. It’s a bit small. Um, but we have
our brand new oven because our old one didn’t work. Knives, an electric kettle, which rocks, a
microwave. Plenty of room for just two people. It’s actually a perfect size for us. Once again, no dishwasher. But we do have a washer/dryer here. And all of our pots and pans and silverware.
Everything’s in here. It’s very small, but it works perfectly for
us. We don’t need anything bigger than this. Something different here than at our airbnb
we actually have to flick this switch to heat up the water that’s used for the sinks. Not for the shower.
That comes from a separate water source, but this is kind of like the electric kettle. You flick it on. It boils the water and then it stops once it knows that the water is heated up. If you leave this on, however, it’ll just keep cycling and using up electricity. So we turn this on maybe every other day just to have the water warm enough to wash your hands and do the dishes for about an hour while it heats up and then we’ll turn it off again. And that’s it really. It’s our little flat. It’s perfect for us and we’re happy here. We hope to have some visitors over soon. I hope you enjoyed the tour and we miss you. We love you. Bye. MWAH!

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