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UCF Housing – Rosen Apartments Community (On Rosen Campus)

Hey guys I’m Christina and I’m so excited to be taking you on this tour of the Rosen College Apartments. I’m currently a hospitality and event major and I take my classes here on campus. Through those gates at the Rosen College Campus where is where you’ll be taking most of your hospitality classes. Beyond this past this building is the Rosen College Apartments, where our residents live and it’s just a short walking distance over here to the campus across the street is the Publix where you can pick up your groceries which is super convenient and some other little restaurants in between classes if you wanted to go to them. To my right is the library and the bookstore where you can study and pick up a snack in between classes as well about two miles away is I-drive which is a great place to go on a Friday night Also beyond that is the Orlando Eye, which is an iconic symbol over here and you can see it from the campus so come along with me and we’ll go look at the Rosen College Apartments. So now we’re at the Rosen College Apartments behind me is one of our two residence halls and to my right is the Rosen community office. It’s open 24 hours a day where we will answer any of your questions or concerns and where you can pick up your packages prostaff is also here monday to friday 8-5 to answer any of your questions or concerns as well. In front of me is our parking lot super close to your apartment so easy access also behind me is the key card access to the building. The keycard access will be implanted through your UCF card and will be your access to buildings as well as your apartment. At the Rosen community office to my right you will also conduct your move-in and move-out. Now we’re at our Rosen community pool. It’s open from 10 am to 10 pm. In front of me is our parking lot to the left is our Rosen community center and more to the left of that is the Rosen Shingle Creek golf course and located further beyond that is the Rosen Shingle Creek beautiful view. The Rosen community pool is where we host many events, pool parties, and just other stuff to get all the residents together. Like last week we hosted our Rosen haunted hotel and part of it was here at the Rosen pool which explains the spider webs everywhere. So now that you’ve seen the outside let’s go take a look inside in one of our residence halls located right behind our Rosen community office in front of me to my left is our mailboxes. Each resident gets their own individual key and own individual mailbox during moving from our Rosen community office. In front of me to my left is also one of our student lounges, located on each floor, where residence can study, hang out with friends, watch TV and do other stuff to my left is the Rosen community center. Area council puts on events for all of the residents here and there is free food so come out and get some. Also your RAs may host floor meetings here, just meet and greet and get to know each other on the floor and now follow me to the tour room. So now I’m standing in the common area of our four-bedroom two-bath tour room. In the living room Rosen College Apartments provides the two chairs and the loveseat. We also provide free cable so you can host movie nights with your roommates and invite other friends over as well. In our kitchen to my left this is where we’ll provide the microwave, the dishwasher, the oven, the stove, and the full refrigerator and where you can cook your meals with your friends. The bedrooms are down this hallway, let’s go take a look. Now you can see the four bedrooms and the two bathrooms. As you can see in the bathroom next to me, we provide the shower liner. If you want to decorate anymore you want to talk with your roommates about that. Housekeeping comes in and cleans the bathroom once a week. They also mop the floors for you. The four individual bedrooms, each have their own key so each resident will get their own key to their own bedroom. No let’s take a look inside the tour room So now we’re in one of our tour rooms, in this room we provide the dresser, the desk, the chair, the side table, and the bed. You can put in a work order to raise or lower your bed to have storage underneath. As you can see it’s decorated, we want all our residents to feel like they can decorate their room as they wish so they can feel like UCF is their home away from home. So this is what the bedroom is going to look like when you first come in you can also bring your own TV because each bedroom has their own cable as well If you have any additional questions or concerns feel free to contact us. Thank you so much for coming on this tour with me. Go Knights. Charge on.

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