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TU Cribs: Towson Run Apartments

Hi, I’m Melrose, I’m a junior at Towson University, and I live in Towson Run. So here on the first floor we have a lot of things going on. Over here our RAs and our Building Council put a lot of words up telling us what’s going on here on the campus and off campus as well. Sometimes you can find jobs on here. Behind me if you’ll look over here, we have our mail room so if my parents decided they want to send me gifts, that’s where I go get them. Welcome to the Multipurpose Room at Towson Run. In here we have a lot of activities going on. The RAs run a lot of stuff. A couple weeks ago we had “Around the World in 7 Floors” and all the floors were able to cook or have entertainers or music according to what floor they were assigned. So here are our group study rooms. We have desks and boards, so you can go ahead and use it as a group instead of going all the way to the library across campus. So this is our laundry room, it’s on the first floor. It’s really convenient because you can use you OneCard and swipe. You can put money on that and use that to do laundry. See you guys upstairs! Hey, welcome to my apartment! So over here is Mary Beth and Caitlin’s room. In this particular apartment I share it with three other people, so in total there is four of us. You can also live with one other person, so it’s a two-person apartment and then 8 people, so you’d share with 7 people. If you go in here there is a bed (two) for each person, a desk for each person, and then they share a bookshelf. So one of the plus sides of living in Towson Run is we get our own kitchen so I don’t have to worry about going on campus and getting meals. Jessica and I actually just went food shopping last week, so all that is full. So everything right over here is mine and Jessica’s. So in our kitchen we have a whole bunch of cabinets that myself, my roommates in both rooms split. We also brought a bunch of things- a toasting oven as well as a coffee machine ’cause 8 AMs are not my friend. We actually have a lot of family dinners here with all of our roommates. Sometimes we bring people in, we have some fold-up chairs sometimes as well. A couple weeks ago we actually had Thanksgiving dinner, we just missed the turkey. Welcome to my fantastic living room. I’m actually in the middle of making a lesson plan on art and geometric shapes. I’m an elementary education major so I have a lot of things that sparkle, stickers, all that fun stuff. So here is my room, Jessica and I actually share it. Over here– I actually work for the Disney store on my time off, so I’m a huge Disney freak. We have a quote from Walt Disney. So we split the room in half, this is my side as you can probably tell. And this is Jessica’s. I have a lot of pictures of my friends from home as well here. I’m super involved on campus. I work for the orientation team, so freshmen, you get a chance to see me soon. And I work for Student Ambassadors so I give tours as well. I have my room decorated pretty much all over. There’s pictures of friends from home. My three best friends who go to schools in different states, we all trade postcards, so they are all over my wall. So here’s my bed. I actually have to take a running jump into it because it’s so high, but it was worth the sacrifice so I could fit more clothing underneath. My parents like to send me stuff sometimes like Kool-Aid. I thought these were cool, they reminded me of when I was six. I keep chips, I keep matza which is Passover- thanks Mom. Gushers. All the stuff I probably shouldn’t be eating, but if I need to stay up all night and study, well here it is. So here’s our bathroom. We have one inside our room, and Mary Beth and Caitlin have one right outside theirs. It’s super convenient. We have a bath and a shower, so that’s great. We also have a lot of storage underneath the sink so all of my hair products are in there. Here’s my favorite part of the room actually, it’s our walk-in closet. It’s absolutely magical, and if I could fit all my clothes ladies and gentlemen, so can you. So come on in. Jessica and I actually split it, so on this side it’s all of my stuff, and on that side is Jessica’s. There’s shelves on either sides so when I need to switch into summer or winter clothes I can store them up there. All of my laundry and stuff also lives in there as well. So super big, really convenient. Hey guys, it was great seeing you, but I gotta go write some lesson plans, so you gotta get outta here. But it was great, have fun!

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