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TU Cribs: Residence Tower

Hi guys! Welcome to ‘TU Cribs’! Hi my name is Caroline. I’m a resident
assistant here in Res Tower. So an RA basically is someone who helps engage
community to enforce its policies and helps us out with roommate conflicts.
There’s 14 floors in this newly renovated building. Here in the first one
you can find the lobby, the kitchen, the community center desk and a classroom.
You’re gonna meet two of my residents on the eighth floor upstairs Kate and Tina. Let’s
go meet them. Hey guys! Welcome to TU Cribs. My name is Tina. I’m a freshman
from Boston Massachusetts and I’m majoring in exercise science. My name is
Kate. I’m from South Jersey. I’m a freshman as well. I’m majoring in health
administration management. We’re so excited to show you our room. Let’s show
you around. So this is my side of the room. I went
with a gray and pink theme. I really recommend bringing some hangers
for pictures. I love just looking at them when I miss my friends and I also have
some of my teammates on the wall since I am part of the swim and dive team here at
Towson. The dorms actually do come with wardrobes. It’s just really helpful. It
allows for a lot of space and they also have three drawers. Like Tina said we
have our wardrobes and they do come with a lot of space. They’re very deep so you
can hang stuff on the back of the doors and I hang my jewelry organizer and over
here I have a hook for my laundry bag. So these beds actually raise up to 30
inches and I can fit at least like four good-sized bins underneath and this is
where I keep most of my clothes and food. So the room does come with a fridge and
microwave and also a freezer. You don’t have to bring anything like that. So this
is my area where I sit and study and this is how I decorated my desk. I just
have my calendar and I have like my makeup and other organizers. Residence
Tower actually not like any other dorm. We do have quads and you have nine people per quad. So you have four doubles and you
have one single and each bathroom our quad has a bathroom that shares two
stalls and two shower stalls. So I’m very much of a homebody and it took me a
while to adapt but the good thing that you can do is definitely get involved in
a lot of clubs or go meet a bunch of people on your floor and I’m very very
fortunate that my floor is awesome and they always come out in the common area
and we always have fun and do other games and stuff like that. Hope to see you
on campus next year. Bye!

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