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Truck almost drives into Tucson eastside apartment

close call for one Tucson family living in an apartment complex on the east side a driver almost crashes a truck into the family’s bedroom as the family tells News four Toussaint’s Priscilla Casper they are still haunted by this experience they’ll see only on 4 Oh a close call for this Tucson family living in a first floor unit of the Sedona Springs apartment near Wilma and Broadway Boulevard on April 17th around 7:30 in the morning mario smith says he was getting up from bed while his wife and 9 month old were still sleeping then all of a sudden I felt a whole building shake like an explosion they sound like a bomb about four of them boom boom I looked out the window and there was a SUV truck f-150 sitting maybe three feet away from my bedroom window where my family was sleeping Smith says he went outside to check on the driver the lady proceeds to try to back up my weight weight cuz if she backed up the this structure was supported by the truck so she backed up the whole structure was coming down on this he says once the ambulance left she got into another truck the same size and drove off he’s worried the next time she might drive right into his room a spokesperson for the Tucson Police Department telling K VOA no breathalyzer was done because the driver had no signs of impairment and no arrests were made sighting the driver jumped a parking block I reached out to the apartment complex they told me they’re working with their insurance company right now to clean up and fix the damage they couldn’t disclose if the driver lived there or not but did say she’s helping to pay for the damage reporting in studio Priscilla Casper news for Tucson

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