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Trogdon House- 1963 Mid Century Modern Home For Sale in Spokane Wa

the Trogdon house really is an important
piece of Spokane’s architectural history it is built into the hillside amongst
the rocks and trees and located in the historic rock wood district on Spokane’s
South Hill and the home is the sole occupant of an entire block of syringa
street since it was built in 1963 the home has been preserved in excellent
condition from the street view you can appreciate the homes clean architectural
lines asymmetrical windows and low pitched roof
there’s noticeably minimal ornamentation and windows however inside the home is
bright and open and has floor-to-ceiling walls of glass that look out toward the
surrounding hillside of rocks and trees and over the neighboring rooftops this
home is all about connecting the inside with the outside the exposed aggregate
on the front steps continue through the entryway to an open tread stairway which
doubles as a light shaft with a massive skylight on top which provides light to
the interior of all three floors William Trogdon got his master’s degree
in architecture from Harvard University where he won several awards and was
given scholarships to study architecture throughout Europe William then attended
the Bauhaus School of Design where he was handpicked to study under Walter
Gropius who remains today one of the most
influential architects of the mid-century modern design movement
William designed several significant projects in Spokane including the 1965
airport terminal several churches and many significant private residences
including the final renovation for the Joel Affairs house although his
portfolio of projects vary widely the one thing all of his projects had in
common as they were all mid-century modern design
Dorothy Trogdon was also a talented architect and interior designer who
undoubtedly influenced the Trogdon home’s design including the revolutionary
amenity of the laundry facilities being located on the top floor instead of the
basement a feature which was highlighted in the July 1966 edition of Sunset
magazine the architects William and Dorothy Trogdon were both significant
contributors to Spokane’s commercial and residential design history and this home
in particular was special to these master architects as they built it for
their own family residents this is really an exciting opportunity for us to
be able to offer such a significant piece of Spokane’s history and we’d love
to tell you more about it for more information please go to MCM dash
navigator NW comm or give us a call at five zero nine eight nine three two zero
zero one

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