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TransAction Portal – Personal Property Reporting Excel Export Import Function Instructions

If you would like to make updates to
your return using a pre-populated Excel template, begin filing the return for the
desired county. Complete the requirements, registration info, and properties pages of the return. When you get to the summary where all your equipment will be listed, click on the “Export to Excel” botton. A pop-up message should display, giving you the option to either open or save the Excel template spreadsheet. Click on the “Open” button. Note: If the web browser you are using
has a pop-up blocker enabled you may need to disable the pop-up blocker or
allow pop-ups for this page in order to open the excel file. If a “Protected View” message displays towards the top of your spreadsheet, click on the “Enable Editing” button. If a “Security Warning” message displays toward the top of your spreadsheet, click on the “Enable Content” button. There should be a separate worksheet tab listed for each of the eight different equipment table types. Click on the “Furniture and ‘Fixtures” tab. The worksheet should display a listing of
all your previously reported furniture, fixtures, and miscellaneous equipment. If you no longer have a piece of equipment, double click in the “Deletion” column next
to the piece of equipment that needs to be removed. Notice a green checkmark now appears in the deletion column for that equipment. If you need to update the information for an existing piece of equipment, click into the column for that equipment that needs to be changed and make your correction. Notice: A green checkmark will appear in
the update column when finished If you need to transfer a piece of equipment
from one property ID to another, double-click in the transfer column for
that piece of equipment. A green check mark should appear. Copy the property ID
that the equipment should be transferred to Click into the property ID column
for the transferred piece of equipment and paste the new property ID. Update the location column for the piece of equipment to reflect its new location To add a new piece of equipment, go to
the bottom of the equipment list and enter the requested information into
each of the columns in the first blank row. Do not leave any blank rows between
equipment as this will not import into the system correctly. First enter the property ID. Enter the asset number if applicable. Enter the equipment location.
This is a required field. Choose the closest option from the table
drop-down list. This is a required field. Enter the quantity.
Enter the item description. Enter the year acquired.
This is a required field. Enter the acquired cost.
This is a required field. Repeat these steps for any other
additions, deletions, and updates that you need to make. Review the
remaining equipment type tables by clicking on the corresponding tabs.
Repeat the process for adding, deleting, or updating assets on the remaining
tables as needed. Once you have finished making your updates,
click on the “File” button. Pick “Save As.” Choose the location where you want to
save the file and give it a name. Click the save button when finished. Log in to your TAP account again and
return to the summary page of the County return you were filing. Click on the “Import from Excel” button. Click the “Browse” button in the pop-up box that
appears and then navigate to and select your completed Excel template file.
Click on the import button. Your updates should be imported into the system.
Review and complete each of the eight steps, verifying that the changes you made have
imported correctly. Select the “Furniture, Fixtures,
and Miscellaneous Equipment” table. A table listing all your equipment should display. Review the table, verifying the changes you made. Any itmes with an error will have an orange circle
and an exclamation point next to it. All errors must be corrected before this
step can be completed. You can click on the “Show Errors” option at the top of the table to filter the list to show you only the pieces of equipment with an error. Click on the property ID link for the equipment that has an error. A pop-up box will display specific to that item. Any missing required fields will say
required and have a yellow triangle in the upper left corner of the box. Required information must be entered
before this step can be completed. Enter the required information and
click “OK” when finished. Click on the property ID link for any
other pieces of equipment in error. Any fields that have invalid information
entered will be highlighted in red. Correct the invalid information and
click “OK” when finished. Once all errors have been corrected,
click th “Show All” link to display the entire list of equipment again. Once you have finished reviewing the
equipment table and all your updates are correct, check the “I have reviewed the
information in this table” checkbox and then click the “OK” button to complete this step. Notice: Now there is a green checkmark
next to step one, indicating the step has been completed. Repeat this process to
review and complete the remaining seven steps. Once all eight steps have been
completed, you can move on to the next page and submit the return. This concludes our instructional video. Thank you for your attention. If you have additional questions you can call us at (406) 444-6900 Thank you.

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