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TPC GOLD – How does it feel like being a property investor?

My advice would be to go into your local nature reserve and find a… flowing stream. Okay? And just where the water goes over the rocks and it goes into the clear where where there’s a really strong current, I’d encourage you to get into the water and swim upstream. And experience what that feels like because when you invest in property.. (Ben: In the summer cause it’ll be really cold) In the the summer is fine Ben but you need to be comfortable with swimming upstream because you touched on it. where most people you will spend most of your life with… We’re lucky. We rub shoulders with investors all the time. But you even say in your PICA catchup Ben, most of the PICA people like to get together because so they can talk freely to other people without fear of judgment or whatever. You are going to be swimming upstream if you’re investing in property because it’s a small percentage of the population who do it and an even smaller percentage of the population who follow the very basic fundamentals so they can do it. So you need to be comfortable swimming against the tide is my advice because… If you listen to this podcast, we will equip you with all of the mechanics. We’ll give you all the frameworks. We give you the structures and the ideas. We’ll do webinars, We’ll try and give you as much technical information as we possibly can, but we cannot teach you to swim upstream. You actually have to do yourself. Yup, taking that action Bryce. Taking that action. Tune in more on www.ThePropertyCouch.com.au!

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