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Tower Villas Arlington VA | 3800 Fairfax Dr | Arlington VA Condos

My condo is too small. There is no balcony.
I don’t get any amenities…all I see are cookie cutter floor plans. I hear it all.
And I hear it every single day. You’re looking for something so specific and you’re not
finding it. Well today, we are looking at something completely
different. Something that may not have been on your radar
before. Today we’re looking at Tower Villas in Virginia
Square. Tower Villas is located at 3800 Fairfax Drive
which is about a block away from the Virginia Square Metro Station servicing the Orange
and the Silver lines. Tower Villas was built in 1974, stands 18
stories tall, and has about 250 residences. First things first, you get a lot of amenities
at Tower Villas Residents enjoy a 24-hour front desk, a small
fitness room, a community room, and an outdoor pool. Take a look at this pool. One of the
largest you will see in the area. The first thing you are going to notice about
TV is how large the floor plans are. 1 bedrooms start at 940 square feet. While
the other one bedroom floor plans are over 1,000 square feet! I know of 2 bedrooms that
are under 900 square feet and under 1000 square feet. You’re really going to get large floor
plans in this community. 2 bedrooms start around 1,300 square feet
and there are also 3 bedroom layouts. All two and three bedrooms will have 2 bathrooms. All condos will have a balcony. Parquet floors
is what you will mostly see. Others may have updated to hardwood floors, while some may
have carpet. Kitchens are usually closed off. Depending
on how much work has been done inside the unit, you may find the rare updated and open
kitchen layout. Ok let’s take a look at the top 3 things
you need to know about living at Tower Villas. Ambiance. When you walk in, I’m not sure
how to describe it, it just feels older like there’s something in the air. And people
look at the outside when they’re driving by or walking by and sure it’s not about
to win any awards for aesthetics these days. I’m not talking about that. When you’re
in the lobby, when you’re walking around, checking out the community. TV has recently
updated their hallways. It just feels older. What I would like to see is a new lobby kind
of like what Hyde Park has done, Hyde Park a similar condo built around the same time
as Tower Villas. If you missed the Hyde Park video, I will link to that in the description
below. High condo fees. Wait a second, I just recommended
a renovation, and now do you think I am going to sit here and complain about high condo
fees? YOU BET I AM! How much should you pay in condo fees for a 1 bedroom condo? 300?
400? 500? How about 600? Well at Tower Villas, it is more than $600. Now to be fair, price
without value is meaningless. So let’s take a look at what that includes. All utilities.
Work from home? Living with someone else? That alone is about $100, maybe $150. Cable
TV is included. Again, we’ll put that at another $100. You also get 24/7 security.
Someone is always at the front desk. Now could you rationalize that
the value of that is worth $200/month? If
you can, we’re already at $450/month in value of services that you’re getting. And
then on top of that, there’s master insurance, maintenance, in-house engineer to fix things
quickly when they go wrong.think about it, that convenience alone could be
worth the high price in condo fees. The point I’m getting at is that
you CAN rationalize it. Maybe not EVERYONE
is going to need a giant pool and whatnot…I work with a lot of buyers that say hey, I
only want to look at condos that have a condo fee below $400 or below X amount. Well, fair,
but if you limit yourself to that, you could be limiting other opportunities. Because if
this condo fee is any lower, that sales price will start to jump up significantly.
Large floor plans. I’ve done videos before talking about large floor plans and how one
community might be larger than another. Tower Villas is probably in the 99th percentile
when it comes to how large their floor plans are. It’s doubtful that at similar price
and a similar location just 1 block to the Metro, you can find more square feet for your
money than at Tower Villas. Ok there you have it, the top 3 things you
need to know about Tower Villas. Just to recap, number one is ambiance, number two is high
condo fees, and number three is large floor plans. As always thank you very much for watching.
Until next time, create a productive day. Take care.


william milliron

Dec 12, 2017, 1:57 am Reply

Condo fee also covers a security guard who makes the rounds at night. Also our replacement reserves are fully funded. I don't think we have ever had a special assessment. We also have a schedule of in unit repairs that include plumbing and electrical at a fraction of bringing in trade.

Matt Leighton

May 5, 2018, 5:40 pm Reply

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