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Touring Brian Atwood’s $6 Million NYC Apartment | Dream Digs

Narrator: Today on
“Dream Digs” we go inside the $6 million New York City apartment of shoe designer Brian Atwood and his husband, Dr. Jake Deutsch. Atwood is famous for dressing
Victoria’s Secret models and fashionistas in his fabulous footwear. His husband, Dr. Jake Deutsch, is a physician specializing
in emergency medicine. Together this on-the-go couple built their puppy-filled dream
home from the ground up. Jake: Welcome to our world.
Brian: Yes. Jake: Blow-drying high heels, and puppies. Aly: I’m Aly Weisman,
and this is “Dream Digs.” Today, Brian and Jake are going to show us the best seat in the house, their most prized possession,
and their biggest splurge. Today, we’re outside the
two-story New York City apartment Atwood shares with his husband to see where the shoe
designer puts his feet up. Both: Hi. Brian: Welcome to our apartment. Jake: Come on in, let’s show you around. Brian: Come on! Aly: First up is the living room where they show me the
best seat in the house. Jake: And actually when
you’re in the room, kind of a perfect perch
to see what’s happening in our little nook.
Brian: Yes. Aly: It’s a tiny, two-person antique sofa that cost $4,000. Jake: But I think that the
key with painting it dark and then putting some
beautiful furniture here, the scale of the furniture
was super important because if it was too
big, it would look weird. I’ve seen lots of
shenanigans on this couch. During parties, canoodling for sure. Brian: Canoodling. Aly: With its 30-foot ceilings, the living room immediately
grabs your attention. The puppies don’t hurt either. Jake: The ceiling height, of
course, is super dramatic here. So that’s why the drapes
became a focal point. You know, they had to actually
bring in a cherry picker in order to get up there
because there’s no ladder that’s big enough to do this, so. Brian: And it really adds to the drama. Gives the room so much drama. The sweeping fabric that
goes up 30, 35 feet. Aly: The couple worked
with interior designer Andre Malone to make their
vision for the space come alive. Jake: Very comfortable, masculine, sort of urban, a downtown vibe. Brian: Glamorous with
the trees, very tropical. Jake: At the same time kind
of just nailed our aesthetic and sort of captured what we
were hoping to bring in a home. Aly: What’s the craziest
thing this room has seen? Jake: A party with people
swinging from the chandeliers. Brian: But there’s no chandeliers,
I was about to say that. But swinging from the palm trees. Jake: We’ve had parties with the DJ here. Like house parties and people walk in, and they’re like this feels
like a party from a movie. Brian: I mean people are
on the mantle, it’s fun. Brian: Now you have to see the kitchen. Are you ready?
Aly: All right. Both: Let’s go. Brian: Welcome to the heart of the house. Jake: Yeah, everybody
ends up hanging out here. And to have this big of a kitchen in New York is pretty special too. Aly: All right, who cooks
more between the two of you? Brian: I’m kidding, I order Postmates. Aly: OK, so what’s your
favorite dish that he makes? Brian: Let’s see, your
chicken and cranberry. Jake: Oh, really, OK. Aly: Can we see what
you have in your fridge? Both: That’s what’s in the fridge. Jake: Pink Champagne.
Brian: Anyone? Both: All right.
This is our dining room. Brian: Seats eight people,
but we’ve had 20 here. Jake: What’s really cool is
it’s a salon, kind of, design. Art goes from ceiling to floor. Lots of our favorite pieces of art. Brian: Vintage photographs
that we collect. Jake: We do have these vintage Versace… Brian: We love Versace.
Jake: Home Brian: I worked there for
nine years, so I better. Jake: Yeah, you were
the original American, the first American that Gianni hired. Brian: First American
that Gianni hired, yes. Jake: He was a model.
It’s such a cool story. Brian: I really used modeling as a vehicle to meet the designers
that I wanted to work for and, you know, you’re
the struggling artist, and all of a sudden Picasso calls you and says, “Guess what,
you want to work for me?” It just doesn’t happen,
so it’s pretty amazing. Jake: Yeah.
Brian: Amazing story. Aly: When the couple isn’t
hosting dinner parties, they cozy up on the second floor. Brian: This is our man cave. Jake: Wow, that was dramatic. Brian: That’s good. Aly: OK guys, I found this. What is this? You have some explaining to do, I love it. Jake: Brian.
Brian: Yes, I made that, we were rhinestone cowboys for Halloween a few years back. Jake: So we made these
costumes for rhinestone cowboys that were covered in crystals. But, of course, Brian had to
use all Swarovski crystals. So it was a [DIY] costume
that ended up being $3,000. ♪ Like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ Jake: How are those guitar lessons going? Brian: Very well, can’t you hear? Aly: It was here we found the couple’s most prized possession. Brian: Prized possession, how ’bout that? A 60-centimeter vintage Birkin. It’s good for a PJ,
definitely a PJ type of bag. I’ve seen it online
for as much as $12,000. Brian: You just can’t find this size, so who knows what it could be? Aly: When it’s time for the two to relax, it’s back down to the master bedroom where they also store
their biggest splurge. Jake: And as far as our biggest splurge, well not my biggest splurge,
Brian’s biggest splurge. Brian: It’s casual. So this is our biggest
splurge, I found this in Milan. I don’t know how many that were made, but it’s just great for the mountains. It’s Prada, it cost $20,000,
and I wear it all the time. It’s great when you’re up
skiing and keeps you warm. Aly: Another prized possession in New York City is outdoor space. Jake and Brian have a
2,000-square-foot terrace that wraps around the entire
first floor of their apartment. Brian: Casual table for 14. Jake: Table for 14, marble
had to be craned up. In New York, to be able
to have a space like this, to walk outside even in the middle of the winter, it’s an escape. – Not only do their puppies, Zeff and Ti, love it, but the couple love to entertain outside during the summer months. But we couldn’t come
to Brian Atwood’s home without trying on some
of his famous designs. These are so much better than the black shoes I walked in with. With my new and improved footwear, it was time for me to hit the road. Thank you guys so much. Jake: Everybody leaves with a fur coat. Brian: Good luck, honey.
Aly: This has been really fun. Brian: You look fab.
Aly: We appreciate it. Brian: Thanks for coming
by, see you later. Jake: Bye, guys.


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