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Tour: St. James Apartments

[KNOCKING] BECCA: Hello! SARAH: Hi! BECCA: Welcome to our apartment. My name is Becca. I’m a senior, public
relations, theater, and Spanish triple major. SARAH: And I’m Sarah. I’m a senior theater and
advertising double major from Chicago. And this is our
apartment, so welcome. We’re going to show
you around St. James. St. James is a Bradley
owned apartment complex consisting of about 11 buildings
just four minutes off campus. It’s very convenient, and
we’re going to show you around. BECCA: Yeah. What’s really nice
about St. James is that it’s basically a gated
community of Bradley students. So we have all of the
security of Bradley here on campus, as well as,
our landlord is Bradley. So we’re not dealing with
any outside landlords, which is awesome for us. SARAH: And everything
is fully furnished. So all the furniture you
see, for the most part, comes with the
apartment, which is nice. And living with other
Bradley students is awesome. BECCA: It is great. SARAH: It’s pretty great. BECCA: We actually live right
next door to our neighbors. So a lot of times, we’ll
be standing in the kitchen, we’ll both hear the
bumble of them next door. And we kind of
knock on the wall– [KNOCKING] BECCA: –and sometimes
they knock back. [KNOCKING] SARAH: Yeah! BECCA: Yeah! And so those are our neighbors
and our best friends. It’s the best. It’s super nice to live in
the St. James apartments. Because we have so much
kitchen space, as you can see, we have plenty of
space to move around. We have counter space. My roommates and I do a lot of
cooking, so, especially baking. We tend to bake– SARAH: –a lot of sweets. BECCA: Lots of sweets. As well as, we
have a nice fridge that we have organized for the
three of us that live here, with all of our fun Bradley
magnets for our different clubs and activities up there. So, if you want to
look over this way, we have our living room here. SARAH: Super cozy! BECCA: We’ve decorated it to
be just like a little piece of our own home here. SARAH: We have a nice
little fireplace here that can give off heat. So when it gets cold, we don’t
have to turn up the heat. We can actually just use our
fireplace, which is awesome. And we have tons of fun
lights, which you’ll see around the entire apartment, including
this fun little halogen lamp over here,
courtesy of my father. It’s a lot of fun, and
we decorated a lot. BECCA: Yeah, absolutely. And during the holidays,
we have a gift exchange with our friends in which we
all sit around the fireplace, and we exchange gifts and
drink hot chocolate and stuff like that. So it’s nice to
have a living room space to be able to
have friends over and do those sort of activities. SARAH: So if you want to
follow us down this hallway. BECCA: We have lots of
storage here in the apartment. It’s nice to have
plenty of space. We have storage closets
here and down the hall. So, also, we use this
one kind of for cleaning. Our neighbors use
it as a pantry. So it’s kind of up
to you to decide how you want to make the
best use of your storage. SARAH: Absolutely. BECCA: And welcome to my room. This is my room here. So it’s nice that we all
have our own room here. So there’s three
of us living here and everyone has their own room. So I decorated it
to my own liking. Lots of different
theater things. I spent a semester
abroad in Spain. So I have lots of different
artwork from Spain and France on my wall. And it’s really nice to just be
able to get away for a while, and have my own space when
I need to really bunker down and do homework late at
night and stuff like that. So it’s great that we
all have our own room. SARAH: Let’s go
see the bathroom. Come on in here. We actually have one and
a half bathrooms here. You come through
here, this one is for Becca, Brooke, and myself. We say, wait. Stop. Are you Becca, Brooke, or Sarah? No? Proceed to the guest bathroom. And in here, we have our shower. You’re welcome to take a peek,
if you’d like, at our curtain. Very exciting. And if you look in here,
we have our guest bathroom. We like to call it
the tacky bathroom. Come on in. BECCA: We decorated it with
tons of different things that we collected through
the years, a lot of them from different shows that
we were in, but also, just photos of our
friends, fun fur. It’s our tacky bathroom. Everyone needs one. SARAH: Everyone also needs a
nice music box when they’re in the bathroom as well. We made sure to
represent Disney here. BECCA: We got it all. Our tacky bathroom has it all. SARAH: It does. Come on follow me
down this hall. Say hi to Spock along the way. And we’ll come into my room. Welcome to the corner room. I’m going to show you
around a little bit. This is my wall. Like Becca said, she
studied in Spain. I actually studied in
London for a semester. So this wall is completely
dedicated to London and Chicago CTA, because I’m
from Chicago, and I have this weird obsession with
public transportation systems. I think they’re really cool. So I did stuff with the tube,
which is London’s system. And just some artwork
that I’ve put up, as well as my music area if I’m
ever feeling inspired by music, or want to play. I have a closet right here. You’re welcome to peek inside. I organize things
more or less decently. Instead of a closet door,
I actually took mine off, and I hung this tapestry that
I got in Barcelona, Spain, when I was studying abroad. St. James rooms do come
with a dresser and a bed. Everything else
I brought myself, or I was given by friends. So I was given this
nightstand by a friend. As you can see, I love pillows. So I have an obsessive
amount of pillows on my bed. I love having the full size bed. It’s bigger than my bed at
home, so it’s really nice. I’m going to all miss it a
lot when I have to move out. And I also love
really soft things. This blanket is incredibly
fuzzy, and I love it. Over here is my travel wall. So we have pictures from
whenever I studied abroad. I went to Iceland,
Scotland, Amsterdam, Paris, Iceland again, Rome,
London, Berlin, Barcelona– there’s Becca
right there– and Belgium. So this is kind of my
blast from the past wall. Over here, I have
some of my artwork that I’ve done, some
things I’ve painted, drawn. And of course, this
is where I study. And so, a little
decorating tip for you. Mirrors make rooms
look a lot bigger. So when you put a mirror
especially, a full length one, your room will feel
bigger than it is. It’s great. All right. BECCA: And this is other
roommate Brooke’s room. And she said we were
allowed to show it. So you’re welcome to
come in here as well. And she’s really into
photography, as well as travel. So you can see her wall has a
lot of photos and maps on it. She keeps her room
pretty nice too as well. So she has a lot of
fun decor in here also. So, again, it’s just
really nice that we all have our own space, along the
hallway here, and the room. And it’s really nice to
just be able to knock on each other’s doors. And we’re all living
together, so it’s super great. SARAH: Another thing we like to
do, if you want to know or keep track, of where
your roommates are, I like to put a little
schedule in front of my door. I know Becca and I both
did this last year. So that way, if I’m
not home, Becca’s like, where’s Sarah right now? She can just look and be
like, oh, she’s in COMP 417. I don’t need to go
looking for her. She’s in class. BECCA: Can’t bother her now. She’s too busy. So thanks for joining us
on a tour of our apartment. We hope you guys enjoyed it. If you have any questions,
feel free to ask. We love living in St. James. This is our second year living
here, in the same apartment. It was a super easy move in. We have had just a great time
living here with our neighbors and with the Bradley
facilities that run St. James. And they’ve great to us as well. SARAH: It’s great. Thank you so much
for joining us. BECCA: Thanks guys. SARAH: Bye. BECCA: Have a good night.

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