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Tour of the King’s Apartments at the Royal Pavilion

We approach the King’s Apartments through
a section of the servants’ corridor, the corridor ran the whole length of the Royal Pavilion
and allowed the servants to move around without being seen. It’s easy to recognise when you’re
in the servants’ corridor because it’s furnished with glazed tiles, a utilitarian material,
in marked contrast to the opulent decoration of the main rooms. We enter the King’s Bedroom through a disguised
doorway, a jib door. Jib doors are used a lot in the Royal Pavilion so that doorways
do not spoil the look of a room, they don’t interrupt the decoration. Today the jib door
that leads into the King’s Bathroom can be seen. The bathroom contained a marble bath
some sixteen feet by ten feet, it could hold some six thousand gallons of water. It could
be salt water or it could be fresh water. Unfortunately the bath was demolished in the
late 19th Century, following the sale of the Pavilion.

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