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Tour of Our London Apartment

that’s a nice spot if you want to like pose for a painting right yeah there you go that’s that’s the painting right there today we’re going to Parliament and so I’m up a little early getting ready for the day while the kids are asleep and we’ll wake them up in a little bit and we’ll head over there but I just want to show you where Duncan slept last night because they didn’t bring us a crib so we had to make do we meet him a little little place in the corner of our bedroom and shut all the doors made sure that the whole room was baby safe before going to sleep just in case he woke up and didn’t didn’t wake us up all right everyone’s awake now as you can see and we just got off the tube and we’re going to meet somebody you’re just gonna show us around the hole it meant you see the Parliament how do you feel about it you like the tube you’re making a lot of faces today there is and look behind you I know they’re they’re doing some refurbishment on it but there it is right there they’re just like fixing it up to make it look nice see it much better from over here now we’re on a bridge over the Thames we’re on it okay apparently we’re not supposed to be on this bridge we’re supposed to be back where we started so we’re gonna go we’re going back all right we just finished in there and it was super cool got a tour of the place by someone who works there and honestly thank you to Emily for showing us around we had so much fun it was so cool to learn about the tradition and also the politics and how how it all works and functions it’s a unique system and it is kind of like how we do things in America but if you add like a bunch of history and traditions and it was beautiful in there I wish I could have I could have filmed it but they don’t allow cameras past a certain point you can’t make videos in there so I got a couple pictures of the first two rooms [Applause] and then after that I we couldn’t take pictures or film but they were beautiful like gold and paintings and the tile work and the chandeliers anyway it was super cool now we’re gonna get some lunch and then I think we’re gonna do some touristy things around the area so won’t you chewiness we’re in leister square at least leister square I don’t know how you say it but we’re in this place and it’s super cool here [Music] and Jessa’s looking into getting tickets to a show we’re gonna miss the show Duncan I know Duncan is too little so I’ll probably stay home with him but just is trying to get tickets for herself and the other kids all right this is a little out of the ordinary for us but I think we’re just going to go back to our flat and hang out there and not go on an adventure everybody’s pretty tired I think we’re all tired after the time change and all the stuff we did for summer in the city which was an excellent but you get tired afterward and I think we’re just gonna take a day and just chill out a little bit which will be really nice [Music] what are we doing and walking with gotta get some food done sure that’s it are you going on the store yeah we’re gonna get some groceries and head back just go walk this way to get dinner last night and I stayed with the baby this guy and she was telling me that the street is super cool and it is it really is have you been having fun shopping yeah we’re picking out all kinds of stuff Parker’s been a huge help Duncan has been entertaining one thing that I was hoping for was to use a cart because this guy’s heavy but to use a cart you have to put on a pence I don’t have any coins I have no cash at all just a card so I’ve been carrying him alright that was pretty successful I got everything on our list Parker was a huge help hooker thank you for being such a help you ready to go home and do some laundry [Music] realize that I haven’t really shown this apartment yet or flat as it were so maybe we should do that first off one of my personal favorite features the center doorknob alright first off we’ve got Bailey’s bedroom she clearly made her bed this morning she’s got her own personal sink in here with a mirror that looks at her as she looks at her she’s got some fun art on the wall bird pillows these goes straight onto the street you can see straight in here during the nighttime we keep it shut and then the boys room is right here so they have two beds this is nice it’s a corner unit which means I think we have a lot more windows than the other units so we have these windows on the side walls here that go out into the the alleyway so cute I just I can’t get over how cute the like streets are and I’m not seeing cute in like a condescending way so if you’re from here and you like well yeah it’s cobblestones just like how it is I just think is lovely I like it a lot where I’ll be spending most of the evening I think because there’s a washer and dryer so get a little laundry done before we leave I went to the store and bought laundry liquid delivery there’s some in there already so on like maybe I should have done that maybe I should have checked before I went shopping all right now we got a little flight of stairs [Music] art there’s a bathroom right here it’s got a tub and a sink and toilet obviously this is the living area so we’ve got a Jessica who is living her best life there’s a little television we haven’t played with that at all yes Duncan played with the remotes using them as phones and made the TV go all sorts of colors and then we’ve got the little street out here it’s so cute it’s all cobblestone and lovely and these cool chimneys that kind of look like Winnie the Pooh’s honeypot we got a table and then we’ve got a kitchen area so there’s this nice countertop fridge right here freezer right here dishwasher sink stove our little alleyway here this I think opens up and you have about a six inch balcony six inches deep and I feel like I don’t think I can even hear some sort of force it there’s like a lot which is good because I feel like Duncan could definitely fit between these bars we have a plant here part way up the stairs let’s go up the next flight of stairs so it’s three stories so this is the second story but technically it’s a third story if you’re from America and this is our bedroom brought us a crib so that’s good news Jessica nice right here this is a nice spot if you want to like like pose for a painting right yep there you go that’s that’s the painting right there and then we’ve got this thing here I’m not quite sure how this opens oh very easily it’s cool right over here we have a creepy crawl space so if you want creepy crawl spaces that’s the place for you and a little desk area over here I’ve been doing some like journaling over here you need to show them the bath stopper can I show them my bladder that goes to no no put it back put it back any decoration it is not for touching another cool slanted window there’s another one here in this bathroom nice bathroom here I let’s talk about what we learned today we learned that due to refurbishment Big Ben is covered in clogged we learned that Bailey has a mirror that looks at her when she looks at it to look at her and friendly we learned how to pose for a painting thanks for watching everybody we’ll see you next time [Music] [Music] [Music]

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