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Tour of my Home Bike Shop after almost 2 years

in April of 2017 I converted my garage into
a home bike shop, which means it’ll be two years old this Spring. Today, I’ll take you on a tour of the hack
shack, give you a run down on what’s working, and what I might have done differently. Before we get into any of that we’re gonna
do a small project, to address this pile of shoes in the corner. Some of these belong to my wife and I, while
others belong to our friends. Phil, these look like yours. Pinterest to the rescue. My wife was kind enough to give me a quick
and easy solution that she found on Pinterest. Just cut up a bunch of PVC, paint it, and
bam. You’ve got a shoe rack, right? It turns out you can only get 10” PVC at
a plumbing distributor, and you need buy a minimum of 20 feet of it. That means it’s expensive, and I’m going
to have a lot left over for future projects. It’s also challenging to cut straight with
the kind of tools you would expect a normal homeowner to have. In the end I made a little jig out of a ruler
and a marker to draw a line around it, and used a circular saw to cut it as straight
as possible. The precision eroded a bit with each piece,
as I’d measure the next cut against an increasingly jagged end. But it was close enough for a shoe rack. After a day of hauling, measuring, cutting,
cleaning, finishing, and painting a bunch of sewer pipe, I finally got to making something
pinteresty. These sheet metal screws ended up being perfect,
and once all the pieces started coming together, I felt a little better about embarking on
this project. Clearly I could have bought something for
a lot less at Ikea, or just built something out of wood for like $10, but this. Archaeologists will find this thousands of
years from now and wonder why someone went through so much trouble, for a shoe rack. As for the rest of the crap corner, I tidied
it up with some helmetor mounts. I also moved the ramp mount up to make way
for a skateboard rack, which cost me $3 in the bathroom section of my local hardware
store. And with that, the hack shack is just a little
more functional, organized, and cool looking. I’ve done a lot of things to stay organized
here, like using containers for fasteners, miscellaneous bike parts, and even GoPro accessories. Organization is the art of finding a home
for everything, but it’s always a work in progress. I added this tool chest in the middle of the
shop for extra storage, and in addition to helping me stay organized it has become a
great place to film things. I was happy to find that it came with a power
strip featuring USB ports on the side, but they turned out to be hot garbage. Same goes for this cheap bench vice. Had I known this would become the most used
tool in my entire shop, I would have sprung for a better one. Sure it clamps stuff down, just not with any
degree of precision. As for this cheap bench grinder, I can’t
say that it’s held me back in any way. Speaking of stuff on my work bench, a few
of you have spotted this enormous brass nut. My dad acquired this thing probably 20 years
ago while working in demolition. It weighs about 11 pounds, or 5 kilograms,
so I use it to hold things down, or as an anvil. Otherwise it just looks cool sitting here
on my workbench. This workbench was one of the first things
I built in this shop, and at some point I added this cover to hide all the bike parts
and extra tool boxes below it. Otherwise this bench has served me well in
its current state. I hope to see the day where the top is uniformly
grody from end to end, but for now it’s a work in progress. My original additions like the hex wrenches
drilled into the front, have worked out well, and I’m not sure I would have built this
any differently. As for the tool wall… well it’s worked
out okay, but I won’t be using pegboard in my next shop. It looks great from the start and makes it
easy to organize your tools, but the little holes deteriorate over time and should you
choose to actually screw anything into it there’s not much material to get purchase
on. Recently I dedicated the left side of the
tool wall for my YouTube plaques and sponsors. Underneath it, I have all my tool chargers
ready to go so I can always have fresh batteries in the hopper. But that’s not the only charging station
in the hack shack. Here, I can easily charge all my camera batteries. Or just plug the camera right in. It’s all powered by a big USB brick mounted
under the desk. To the right in this tool bag, I keep action
camera straps and mounts for quick access. Moving to the left is this storage area which
I’ve covered with a curtain, and my secondary bike rack complete with a guest spot. Today, I modified one of the hooks to accommodate
a fat tire bike by straightening it out and making it protrude further from the wall. You may be skeptical about whether this is
secure enough to hold a fat bike, but try getting it off and you’ll quickly see that
it’s more than adequate. As we’ve embarked on more projects, the
hack shack has accumulated some new tools. This heat gun sees a lot of use, and so does
this cordless hot glue gun which I bought recently. It gets really hot so the glue ends up being
much stronger than other got glue I’ve used. Surprisingly I also use these scissors constantly
for opening packages, cutting zip ties, and even brake hose. The little parrot beak shape lends itself
well to just about everything. Something else I use all the time? This retractable extension cord. I will never have a workspace without one
for as long as I live. Since the beginning of the channel I’ve
acquired an insane amount of stickers, and I’ve more or less contained them to the
surface this storage cabinet. This is the official sticker repository, and
if you accumulate as many stickers as I do, you know how nice it is to have a default
home for them. Inside the sticker repository are action cameras,
water bottles, gloves, and stuff. Moving to the left is a masterpiece, my garage
door designed by Sketchy Trails. I originally found out about Kristina through
Brian, who commissioned her to paint this for me. Some of you might recognize this scene. Since then I’ve hired her to make a variety
of things for the channel including the YouTube artwork, the Berm Creek Shirt, the refresh
of my logo, and of course this garage door which is composed of individual panels. It was tricky to get this all to line up perfectly,
but we actually got it on our first shot. As for this bike rack, I was a little iffy
about it holding up to the abuse of loading and unloading bikes, but to this day it’s
going strong. I was also cautiously optimistic about the
floor. This foam floor makes standing around for
hours on end, much more comfortable. It also helps with sound deadening. Through a year and a half of abuse this floor
has held up well physically. But cosmetically, not so much. It’s stained with everything from sealant
to construction adhesive. I could probably clean it up, but not without
a toothbrush and a three day weekend. Oddly enough, the spot that looks the best
is where I spilled a bunch of brake oil a few months ago. Were I to build another shop I would still
consider using it again, but maybe throw down a drop cloth to protect it when working with
nasty substances. So that’s a full tour and update on the
hack shack. If you want to watch the original build video
I’ve included it on the end screen. Also in the description are links to some
of the things in my shop, right down to that huge charging brick. If you have any cool additions or features
in your own shop I want to hear about them below. I think there may come a day where I’ll
need to start over, and convert an entirely new space into the set of Seth’s Bike Hacks. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.


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Apr 4, 2019, 12:05 pm Reply

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Apr 4, 2019, 10:01 pm Reply

cheap tools are cheap for a reason. always buy good tools if you know youll be using them regularly

Madison Heape

Apr 4, 2019, 6:45 am Reply

Bacon is why the label maker is one of the most important tools in the shop its is in almost any vid or the labels are handy in the vids lol love the brass nut

Madison Heape

Apr 4, 2019, 6:48 am Reply

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crazypig _

Apr 4, 2019, 4:58 pm Reply

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Zac_ Fred_123

Apr 4, 2019, 7:16 pm Reply

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Apr 4, 2019, 10:13 pm Reply

Thanks for the vids Seth, I'm going to use your garage setup as a guide for my new home, gonna have to do it in stages though


Apr 4, 2019, 8:57 pm Reply

Man that's a great looking shop. Respect


Apr 4, 2019, 5:24 pm Reply

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Apr 4, 2019, 4:15 am Reply

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Apr 4, 2019, 5:51 pm Reply

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Jean Rivera

Apr 4, 2019, 11:29 am Reply

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Dat skinny nibba

Apr 4, 2019, 3:09 am Reply

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Apr 4, 2019, 11:58 pm Reply

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Apr 4, 2019, 9:42 pm Reply

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Published on Jan 2, 2019

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May 5, 2019, 2:50 pm Reply

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May 5, 2019, 2:44 am Reply

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Dominic Rinaldi

May 5, 2019, 7:19 pm Reply

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Lukas A.

May 5, 2019, 1:00 pm Reply

How do you successfully heat up your garage in winter times without a gas oven or a small (and maybe inefficient) electric heater?
I got a petroleum heater, but the smell and the gases are a pain in the ass, so it's not possible to heat up the garage to a comfortable temperature


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Christian Burrell

Jun 6, 2019, 6:53 am Reply

Thank you Seth. Your videos of the shop inspired me to build my own repair shop in my garage. You’d notice some similarities between my designs and yours. But “Crisco’s Crankworks” is uniquely my own. Next time you are in Utah, drop me a line on your way to Eric Porter’s place and come see. I’d love to put a photo of us on the wall.


Jun 6, 2019, 11:21 pm Reply

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Jami Moilanen

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Jun 6, 2019, 7:00 am Reply

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Jun 6, 2019, 4:55 am Reply

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Jul 7, 2019, 1:02 am Reply

Something I use more than expected is a pair of hemostats with curved and ridged jaws. Perfect for pulling and placing ball bearings, holding cable and tubing in place, and untangling grass deep down in cassettes, to name a few. A magnetic parts cup is also essential, and cheap (I see you, too park it in your vice's anvil).

You have insipred me to get a ceiling mounted power cable!


Jul 7, 2019, 3:59 pm Reply


Jack Day

Jul 7, 2019, 4:30 pm Reply

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The California Angler

Jul 7, 2019, 8:36 pm Reply

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Forged Anvil

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Jul 7, 2019, 6:11 pm Reply

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Jul 7, 2019, 7:16 pm Reply

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