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Tour of a Social Apartment in Tokyo | Shared Living in Japan

– Good morning guys! Alright so today’s video is
sponsored by Social Apartment and I am so happy that they
invited me here because this is something I’ve
always wanted to experience but I never got a chance to
in my life unfortunately, so today we are going to
experience what it’s like to live in a shared living space. I am so excited, I have
always wanted to do this. I feel like it’s a really
awesome way to meet people and make friends and I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun today. The lobby area is just so nice looking. I am so excited to see my room and explore the rest of the place, so I’m
gonna give you guys a tour. We’re gonna talk to some
people that live here and I think it’s gonna be
lots of fun, so let’s go. So now we’re gonna enter
the lounge/living area. Oh my God. – People play that. – That’s awesome. – We’ve had people
(mumble) games up in here. – So they provide video game consoles; there’s a Wi, U, a PS4 and
a big gorgeous pool table. I haven’t seen one of these in a while. This is the kitchen area,
where people who live here can come to cook. Wow! I love
how everything’s provided. It’d be really easy to move in here. You wouldn’t have to worry about bringing a whole bunch of things with you. So as long as you just generally
clean up after yourself. – We provide the dish soap and everything, sponges and everything, so
when you have used something, we ask that you clean it, put it away; but in terms of cleaning out
the sink, mopping the floors, cleaning out the fridge,
those kind of things, we handle all of that. I
remember my first apartment. – Yeah. If you haven’t
lived in Japan before, this might not look like
anything special to you; but having this countertop
area is such a luxury. In Japan, it’s very often
a sink about this big and then, maybe, like one burner. And then that’s it. There’s
no countertop in between. (Spooky music) So this is great, this is lots of space. Do lots of people make a big nabe and then share it with others? – Yeah, so we have a lot of nabe parties. – Cool. And here’s the
espresso machine that I probably cannot figure out how to work, but it looks like it
makes delicious espresso. – There’s actually a
waiting list for them. – No way, wow! Two hundred dollar toaster, where else would you
get the chance to use a $200 toaster. – Obviously a microwave. – Microwave. – And I love that we have an oven here. – Yes, I love that you have an oven. I can’t live without
one, ever since I got one my life has been so much better. So everyone gets their
own storage box to store dry food, cooking supplies
and stuff like that; so you don’t have to keep it in your room and clutter your room. – Alright, we’re going to
explore the Working Lounge now. (Girl whispering) – They have a studio
space here where you can come and get some work
done. If you’re like me, and you don’t get anything
done in your own room, this is perfect. They’ve
got one Mac computer that’s available for everyone to use. – And copy machine and printers
for everyone to use as well. – Awesome. – Up on the 10th floor, they have a bar. It’s a seated bar area
where you can just hang out and chat with people. Any
drinks you find in here are free to take. You
can just help yourself. People just come and
bring stuff and leave it for everyone to share.
There’s a microwave and a portable burner if you
want to whip up some food on the counter here. At nighttime, it gets really lively in here,
especially on the weekends. – The view from the bar
at nighttime is gorgeous. They don’t mention this
on their pamphlet but the building is located
right in the middle of three Poke stops. – Alright, now I’m gonna
take you guys up to my favorite part of the entire apartment, the rooftop terrace. Look at the view! You can see the skytree,
the skytree is so beautiful at nighttime, guys. And down below here, all these
trees along the river are cherry blossoms, so in the
spring it must look amazing! They have all these seated
areas so you can come up here and bring food and they
also have a barbecue here that you can use whenever
you like and have a barbecue with everybody and they
also have all the tools and everything that you would need to do that. – Also on the top floor
is the laundry area, which is completely free
for residents to use; but they also have a
special laundry service where they will do your
laundry for you twice a month, wash it, dry it and fold it up. I thought that was really neat. – We’re about to go into
our room for the night and see what it looks like. Everything’s gray, guys, it’s gray. – They have both furnished
rooms and non-furnished rooms. You have your own personal,
tiny kitchen set here so you can cook in your
room if you would like to; but of course there’s the
gorgeous kitchen space downstairs. And the fridge. The washroom area has a
toilet, a sink and a shower; so you have everything
that you need in your room. – And here’s the bedroom. It’s so pretty. I’m loving the gray decor. There’s a closet here, air conditioner, a definite
necessity in Japan. And we’re up on the 10th
floor so we have amazing view of the park outside. Wow, we’re so high up. I love it, it’s a nice size
for a Japanese apartment. The floors are gorgeous,
everything is so new. – We’re taking a rest
in the room for a while and while I’m sitting here,
I just want to give you guys my general thoughts on the
living space. I love this place! It’s so nice. Everything is so clean and everybody who is using
the space makes sure they clean up after themselves.
They’re really respectful and as we were walking through
the building, all the people that live here were
greeting us, saying Hi; and it just feels like
such a warm and friendly atmosphere and I think it
would be such a great place to make friends. I get
lots of questions about how to make friends living
in Japan and, myself, as someone who doesn’t like
to drink and go clubbing, I really don’t have many tips other than meet people at school,
meet people at work, but now that I know that
a place like this exists, if you’re worried about
coming to Japan on your own and not knowing anybody, living
in an apartment like this would just be perfect for you. You would have, like, over
100 other people living with you that you see every day. In the kitchen, in the
lounge, out on the deck, and you can just chat
with them and I feel like it would be so easy to
make so many friends. Everyone is just so sweet. It’s just such a great group of people. It’s a Friday afternoon, so
lots of people are at work or at school and there
aren’t too many people in the shared areas at the moment;
but apparently Friday night can get kind of lively
so I’m looking forward to seeing who’s hanging
out at the bar later on or going to go to the cafe
for dinner really soon and try out some of those sandwiches. And I can’t wait, cause
I love a good sandwich. Alright, we are downstairs at the cafe now and we’re gonna grab some drinks. They have a really cool menu. I think I’m gonna go for
the elder flower sour with grapefruit. (Man speaking Japanese) – They’re making all their
original syrups for the drinks in house here. (Techno music) (Woman speaking Japanese) – That is a good sandwich. Alright, it’s just starting
to get dark outside and people are gonna be
coming home from work so we’re gonna go check
out the lounge area; see what everyone’s up to down there. – We found someone cooking dinner. (Woman speaking Japanese) – We have now joined a
group of wonderful girls who are making yaki
soba. It’s so much fun. I love this place, I don’t wanna go home. (People speaking Japanese) (Laughter) – We’re having an awesome time
here talking with everybody. We’ve made friends from
one, two, three, four different countries so far. We’re hearing all different languages. It’s so much fun. So there’s about ten people
in the kitchen right now just cooking and chatting
and apparently it’s gonna get busier and busier as the night goes on. They told me that the peak
will probably be around midnight. It’s about 10 p.m. right now. Alright, we’re back in
our room now and I think we’re gonna go to sleep.
We’re getting pretty sleepy. We had a blast downstairs with everybody. I’m having so much fun here, I’m gonna be sad to leave tomorrow. But we still have some
time in the morning. We’re gonna wake up and have breakfast, see what’s going on in the kitchen and hang out with everybody a bit more, so I’ll see you guys in
the morning. Good night. Good morning, guys. We’re downstairs in the kitchen area now and it’s time to try out the toaster. I brought my bread. Ooh, someone
else is making something. I’m so excited to try the toaster. Apparently it cooks your toast with steam. So you fill up this tiny,
little cup with water and empty it into here. – Ooh, it looks nice. Whoa. Whoa. – Ta da! Okay, let’s try this toast. It looks really nice. Mmm, it’s crispy on the outside, but still really fluffy
and chewy on the inside. Alright, so we’re back at home now. I didn’t want to leave, to be honest. We had such an awesome
time, it was a lot of fun. And we were only there for one night and we already made friends
with five different people from five different countries. I can just imagine what
it would be like if I spent a whole year or two there. A few things that stood
out to me were there were lots of Japanese people living there, so if you are coming to
Japan and wanting to make Japanese friends, I think
this would be a really, really good way to do that. They’re interested in learning English and you can learn Japanese from them, kind of like a language exchange. It’s just a perfect
opportunity to do that. There’s so many chances
for you to just sit down and chill with people
and chat, cook together. Really easy environment to make friends. I can give you guys some
details on the price now and cover some questions
that you might have about living there. The price is approximately
1,000 US dollars a month; and if you’ve never lived in Tokyo or looked at prices of apartments in Tokyo, that might seem kind of expensive, however that is the general price of
an apartment in this area. You’re paying the same as you
would for a regular apartment, but you have all the bonus
features of the shared living spaces and the laundry service and the opportunities to make friends and all the really cool appliances. So it really amazed me
that they were able to keep the price as low as they do. As for the length of time
that you can live there, the shortest amount of
time is three months, but that would be perfect
if you are coming on a tourist visa. You could
rent this place out for three months and not have
to worry about insane hotel or Air BnB costs for such
a long period of time. And because they have the
furnished rooms as well as the non-furnished rooms,
it’s like staying in a hotel, but cooler. One question you guys
probably have, I know I would wonder this, is if you’re
allowed to have friends come over to your apartment.
Lots of places like this will not allow you to have
friends come over to visit. And especially not let them sleep over, but that is perfectly okay in this place. They say they welcome it, they love to have the social environment, so friends visiting is okay,
friends sleeping over is okay. The first night is
completely free if you have someone stay over, you
don’t need to tell anybody. But if they are planning to
stay for a longer period of time say your friend’s coming
to Japan for two weeks, and they want to crash with you, you will pay a small
fee of 1,000 yen per day for them to stay there just
to cover the cost of utilities and stuff that they would be using, that’s like $10 per day.
It’s really, really cheap. There are one-year and
two-year plans as well, so the longer you stay in the apartment, the cheaper your rent will be per month; so they give you a little
bonus if you do agree to stay for one or two years. One other thing that I
found was really awesome with this place is you
can apply from overseas, so you do not need to come to Japan, get a hotel while you’re
searching for an apartment, and deal with all that
stuff once you’re here. You can plan it all from home overseas and get it all set up and
then you can just move right in when you come to Japan. Anybody who’s lived in Japan before knows that getting an apartment here
is such a pain in the butt. They are so strict with foreigners, there are so many apartments
that just say flat out no foreigners, don’t want
any foreigners living here. It can be really stressful. I also really like the cafe downstairs, the sandwich was amazing.
It was so good, guys. They have a really creative drink menu, I really enjoyed the drinks. And residents get a
5,000 yen credit to use at the cafe every month. I
thought that was really neat, so you can get a few free meals there, you can get like a drink every
day and it would be covered. I thought that was nice. Alright, guys, so I guess that’s all I have to share with you today about this place; so if you
have any other questions, please ask me in the comments and I will try my best to answer them. I will also leave their website down below so you can read a little
bit more into detail about the prices. I had
such a fun experience and I really, really
recommend looking into this if you’re thinking about coming to Japan. I’m so sad that I didn’t
have this opportunity when I was first starting out here, because I think it would
have been a wonderful way to 1) make new friends;
2) practice Japanese; and 3) just have like a welcoming, helpful environment when you’re
just getting started up in a new country. That
can be really important. Anyway thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys soon. Bye! (Techno music)



Jun 6, 2017, 12:18 pm Reply

Shared living can be an awesome experience, I spent about two months sharing living space with some 150 individuals and If I got to choose what format I'd be living in then it would have to be shard living. It gives you the warmth of friends and family, the security that comes from you knowing your neighbors well and they knowing you in return which is something that comes naturally from sharing some of your living space with others! Great video Sharla, Thanks for sharing this with the world!


Jun 6, 2017, 12:26 pm Reply

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This is totally unlike shared living spaces here in the UK, especially the parts where I live. The rooms are genuinely small and there's usually one oven for everyone to share downstairs and a very disgusting bathroom and most people steal each other's food and rarely there to make friends hahah. This seems like such a beautiful place!

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This place is amazing! I would love to live there. I was thinking of living there if I am a English teacher.

I have a question, do they have someone who works there who speaks English when renting a room?


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I live in one of Social Apartment's apartments and can really recommend it. Lotta fun and yes easy to meet new people. They even promote that you bring people over (usually share houses prohibit or limit visitors) so it's not always the same people around!

The image of a share house usually isn't very positive ('share houses are dirty' 'a lot of weird people' 'locations is bad' etc) but whenever my friends come over they're really impressed/jealous of where I live and realize the stereotypes aren't true at all!

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Guys….. I lived in a social appartment in Tokyo (the same exact company sponsoring these videos) for two years and it was aweful…. dont make that mistake. these sponsored videos are SPONSORED therefore people get paid to say good things about them but like most things in Japan the reality is faaar from it…

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Hi! Not sure if anyone can help, but if so I will be very appreciative! I am hoping to study abroad in Tokyo and am in the midst of doing the application for my home university. I've been looking at share houses due to on-campus accommodation being super expensive. On the Social Apartment site it says that to apply for a share house, along with other documents you need to provide an alien registration card. However, from reading immigration stuff online, I thought these were only administered once you have entered Japan? I'm not sure how these things work, seeing as I will l want to book accommodation at least a month or 2 in advance whilst I'm in the UK.

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Nov 11, 2018, 10:40 am Reply


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Evolution of Everything

Dec 12, 2018, 6:35 am Reply

Checked out the website and a couple of red(ish) flags:
(1) There's an initial cost – deposit, guarantor fee, first month (prorated) and second month worth of rent – you might be looking at like 3000 dollars to actually move in.
(2) When you move out, there's a fixed 'cleaning fee' of 30,000 to 40,000 regardless of whether you clean your room – wtf?
(3) Some places don't include the cost of your utilities
(4) They still do the dumbass key-money thing.

Good points –
It isn't necessarily the price she quoted (if you're not in Tokyo). There are places in Yokohama for about 60k per month but that doesn't include utilities. It's great and all but it's a lot of money.

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