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Toronto Apartments for Rent – Apartment Hunting: Found It! 100 Wellesley street east

100 Wellesley street east. Found it! So I’m
moving to Toronto and I want to do it right. After a quick Google search, I connected with CAPREIT.
And the website made it easy to search for apartments in my price range. Booking a tour
looked just as simple. I was excited to decorate the space. I knew exactly what I was going
to do with it, even before I saw it in person. I love the floors. The parquet floors are
totally vintage chic and totally the anchor for the Pinterest decorating I’m gonna do
to this place. I wanted to meet some real people though, so I booked a tour through
the website, and I showed up to meet my new 100 Wellesley family. On the CAPREIT website
I saw the floor plans and got an idea of what to expect. I felt like I had already been
to the building. Arriving for the first time, it’s already feeling familiar. Ok, 100 Wellesley
definitely has a condo lifestyle feeling to it. Everything on the rooftop has an incredible
view of downtown Toronto. And the rooftop is home to the mini-gym, the glassed-in saltwater
pool deck, and the outdoor rooftop patio. I can see Church street from here, where all
the Toronto Pride celebrations and nightlife happens. I’ve already spotted some of the
patios I will definitely be enjoying in the warm weather. Just sayin. I felt welcome to
the community right away. I knew I had a good feeling about this place! My imagination is
literally diving into the idea of living here. My favourite part about 100 Wellesley is the
view. I met one of the current residents in the elevator during my tour, and she said
the view gets even better at night. I think I knew right away – this is going to be my
place. I showed up for the tour, and things were so easy. Where I’m living is close to
everything. It’s almost hard to believe that this morning I started looking for an apartment.
100 Wellesley street east – looks like I found it!


MarySmithMS MarySmithMS

Sep 9, 2017, 12:37 pm Reply

I am also searching for an apartment in Toronto. Can anyone suggest that from where can I get apartment within $1000?

Larry Rubin

Jan 1, 2018, 10:55 pm Reply

no saltwater pool, pool is freezing cold, and hydro will cost u big money..

valerie webster

Mar 3, 2018, 10:16 pm Reply

east end in Toronto near beach not downtown?

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