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Top 7 Questions NOT to Ask While on a Flat Visit for Rent in Barcelona

Hey guys, welcome back to SuiteLife TV, I’m Maddie And I’m Chris. Last week we talked about the
questions you should asked your agent while on a flat visit for renting in Barcelona.
This week we’re gonna do the opposite. We’re gonna tell you which questions you should
not ask your agent while on that visit. We’re gonna interview our resident expert
Benny. We’ve made some researches and we came up with the 7 top questions people ask during
a flat visit for rent in Barcelona and Benny’s gonna tell us why they should ask these questions. Hey Benny, thanks for being here Thanks for having me So, should we just jump to it? So the first question we came up with is:
How long has the flat been available for. How long has the flat been available? That’s a terrible question. It seems completely natural, everyone ask it, people are curious. Ok, the reason why people it’s a bad question though is because you will never get a straight answer. So if a flat’s been available for a year, you know, and the agent tells you “you know what? It’s been available forever, I can’t rent this place to save my life”. You are automatically gonna have a negative impression towards the flat and you’re gonna wonder what’s wrong with it, right? And so, you just never gonna get a straight answer.Whether it’s been available
for 6 weeks or 6 years, the agent is most likely gonna tell you “oh, it just came available,
the tenants just left and there’s so much demand, you’re the first visit” to put pressure
on you because after all, the agents are sales people and because of that it’s not the best question to ask. Thank you for that So, the second question we have found is:
are there other people interested in this flat? This question seems like it might influence
people, is that true? Yes that’s very true Chris. Asking on a visit,
are there other people interested in this property is a big no-no. It’s sort of like
the last question which is that you never gonna get a straight answer, and you never
gonna know if you’re getting a straight answer, so it’s better not to ask it. If you ask the
agent, for example: “are there other people interested in the flat?” and he says, “no,
not at all, nobody wants this flat” that would hugely dissuade you from taking the flat.
You’ll think about it twice, you’ll think why does anybody want this flat? Does it have
something wrong with it? And so, inevitably that never happens. If you ask that question,
they’re going to most likely lie to you. If it’s been available for 6 months, they’re
gonna say: “yeah, it just came available and the tenant just moved out, we have tons of
demand for this flat”. After all, again, they’re sales people and they want to sell you a product
and so they will lie to you to install in you a false sense of emergency and that’s
why it’s better just not to ask the question. If you like the flat then move on it, take
it. If you don’t, don’t but you shouldn’t be influenced let’s say by what other imaginary
people thought about it. Thank you Ok, Benny, another popular question that people
love to ask is: can I move in with my pet? Yes, what percentage of people move in with
pets? Really hard to say what percentage of people
move in with pets because, I would say, most people don’t mention that they have a pet
before they move in and, as possibly sneaky as that sounds, that’s what I would suggest
to most people. See, the standard rental contract in Barcelona, and in Spain, does not have
a specific clause outlining pets. And so, you have a pet, a little free creature that
you love and you want it to live with you and if you mention that to people on visits,
they’re either gonna have a preference or not and some people are gonna say no pets
and right away, you’re cutting yourself out of a lot of possible properties. So, what
I suggest to people is that they don’t mention their pets, they do the visit and if they
want to take the flat they ask before they make the reserve and commit financially to
the apartment for a copy of the contract to see if they have put in a no-pets-allowed
clause. If they haven’t, reserve the flat, sign for it and after you moved in, bring
in your little fury pet. If not, you’re gonna run into people who just tell you that you
can’t have them and you’re gonna lose a lot of flats that you could have loved. Oh yeah Hey Benny, so next question on our list is:
how are the neighbours? I mean, you as an agent, is it actually really
popular for an agent to know how the neighbours are? No. That’s a short answer. But no it’s not
possible. People ask…it’s a very popular question, how are the neighbours, and we understand
that people want to know but it’s sort of one of those things in life that’s just about…sort
of like a leap of faith you know. Um, it’s a question that, again, not like the other
ones where there is a reason for the agents to be dishonest with you but normally they
just have absolutely no idea. If you think about it, they list the property, they go
and take photos and take some info. And then they’re only in the property when showing
it, which could be only fifteen minutes every so often. They don’t spend the night there,
they don’t live there, they don’t test out the apartment, they don’t walk around and
speak to all the neighbours and interview them and have coffee with them. So, either
the agent’s gonna tell ” oh the neighbours are great” or he’s gonna say “I’m sorry I
don’t know”. Again, it’s another question that you don’t want to ask because you’re
not gonna have a real answer. Yes, that makes sense Pretty useless question to be fair! Ok Benny, so next one on our list is, oh wow,
can you take out all the furniture? But Benny, do people really make appointments
to visit a fully furnished flat and ask to take out the furniture? You’d be surprised but it happens everyday!
Um, this is another question guys that you shouldn’t ask on the flat visit, you should
ask it before. There are two types of rental apartments in general in Barcelona: there
are furnished flats with all the furniture in them and there are unfurnished flats without
the furniture in them. A very common thing that people do is: they will look online at
a furnished flat, make an appointment to see it, show up and then that point is when they
decide to say “could I rent it without any furniture at all?”. The reason why we don’t
ask that question in a visit is because, 90% of the time, the person can’t take out all
the furniture because they just have nowhere to put it, right? Unless sometimes if it’s
a big company, it can happen but the percentage is very small. And if you hunt an unfurnished
flat and you’re looking at furnished flats or vice-versa, what we suggest is to ask that
question when you’re making the appointment. You call the agent and you say “listen, I
love this flat, I need an unfurnished flat, will there be a possibility that they take
out the furniture?”. In that way, you don’t make an appointment wasting your time, wasting
the agency’s time, wasting everyone’s time. Ok, so our next question is: can I move in
in 3, 4, 5 or whatever months? Benny, would you say that it is common for
people to look for a flat too early? Hm, it’s very common Chris. I have to say
that it’s human nature to wanna do things early, gotta jump on things, got it out of
the way especially if you’re moving to a new place. But people do tend to look too early
so a common occurence is that somebody would come to a flat visit and they’ll ask “can
I move in in 3 months? I love the place, I want to take it but I can move in in September”
and now it’s June. So that is a bad question to ask on a visit because by that time it’s
too late. The way I explain it to people is that the market, especially the rental market
in Barcelona, moves very very quickly and what that means is that, if you’re looking
at a place that’s available, it’s available now to move in to now. So we suggest to our
clients that they don’t start their search much before 4 weeks, before the day of entry.
And the reason is because otherwise they’ll sort of be speeding their wheels and wasting
their time because if you see a flat now, that’s available now and you say “I want to
move in in 3 months” you have to look at it from the owner’s perspective, to put yourself
in their shoes and say “ok well if this were my property, would I want to leave it sitting
empty, loosing money so this person in however many months down the line can move into it?”…no.
So that’s why we tell people that that’s a bad thing to ask in a visit because you should
ask it before. If you’re looking a bit early, call around and ask them “hey I’m looking
to move in at this time, is that ok?” If it’s not they’ll tell you. Most of the time it
won’t be and you should start looking at a more appropriate time but that’s a bad question
to ask in visit because you vowed in there, it’s already too late and you’ve wasted everyone’s
time. Wow, that sounds like a really important one.
Thanks for clearing that up. Ok Benny so we’re down to our last question,
which is: although the flat is a long-term rental, can I have it for short term? And what’s the deal about long-term, short-term,
mid-term rentals here in Barcelona? What is the deal, that’s a great question.
The deal is this: there are sort of 3 types of rentals in Barcelona, the most common being
long-term rentals which would be 1 year plus. Then you have the tourist sector which would
be anything under 1 month. And then you have what we refer to as mid-term rentals which
really is sort of a grey area in the city, and it’s harder to find. Most people prefer
long-term rentals. So, the wrong question to ask in a visit once you’re already there
is “can I rent the flat for 3 months?” because most likely you’ve come to look at a long-term
rental and they’re not interested in a 3-months contract. You have to think that after 3 months
you’re gonna move out, they’re gonna have the place empty again, loosing money. So most
owners want to rent for as long as possible. So if you are looking for any less than a
year, what you should do is ask that same question not in the flat visit but when you
call on the phone to make your appointment and you say “listen, I’m looking to move in
this day for 3, 7, 9 months, whatever, is that agreeable to the owner?” and they’ll
either tell you yes or no. In that way, you don’t have to waste your time in the visit
with that question if it’s not possible. Very interesting. Well, thank you very much Benny for being
with us today and giving us your perspective on these very important questions. And thank you guys for watching this video.
If you need more information about Barcelona’s real estate market or Barcelona in general,
make sure you visit our website: suitelife.com. I’m Chris I’m Maddie, and this is Benny And you’re watching SuiteLife TV!

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